Teresa of Avila was cut into pieces by priests and bishops. The Pope still proclaim the “saint” as a role model for the “Church”.

Two Carmelite nuns kiss a metal frame, which contains bones cut from a corpse not later that 1914.

Pope Benedict XVI believes that 16th-century Saint Teresa of Avila is a model for current efforts to launch the New Evangelization.

“The ultimate goal of Teresa’s reform and the creation of new monasteries in a world lacking spiritual values was to protect apostolic work with prayer,” the Pope said July 16.

Source: CNA.

My comment:

I will forever wounder what the purpose was, of putting gold rings on this metal frame?

People who do not know the history of the canonization of Teresa of Avila, will easily be deceived by the Pope.

But first lets take a look at some pictures from Spain, where most of her body parts are kept in different towns and cities.

The hand of the “saint” is kept for veneration and kissing in Spain.
A picture of the Fascist dictator of Spain together with the “holy hand”.
A Camerlite nun carries the bones from the corpse.

Lets read what a Catholic source has written about the tragic circumstances that lead to this human being being quartered, cut into pieces.

This is recorded om Marypages.com

 She died in 1582. Her body was exhumed several times after her death, and each time found sweet-smelling, firm, and incorrupt. Her heart, hands, right foot, right arm, left eye and part of her jaw are on display in various sites around the world.

It is off course strange that a corpse can be found “sweet smelling”.  Especially because the last exhumation took place as late as in  1914,  That was 332 years after her soul departed, and body supposed to be laid to rest.

But why cut the deceased person into pieces, and distribute these pieces of dead humans “around the world”?

 Jeremiah 25:6
Do not follow other gods to serve and worship them; do not provoke me to anger with what your hands have made. Then I will not harm you.”

You have to be pretty wicked and rather insane to cut the eye out of an exhumed body. In particular the eye, who might not see much after being in the grave for hundreds of years.  And in this case the “left eye”

What happened to the right eye, is not mentioned in any Roman Catholic source.  And I have search for this answer in quit a bit of them, in a bid so solve this mysterious cut. My best guess is that the right eye had rotten.

 Hosea 13:2
When Ephraim spoke, men trembled he was exalted in Israel. But he became guilty of Baal worship and died. Now they sin more and more; they make idols for themselves from their silver, cleverly fashioned images, all of them the work of craftsmen.

Her er some more pictures:

The bones from the right arm of this “saint” in contained inside a glass tube, and presented on a golden stand.
Also the heart of this corpse were cut out and kept for display and adoration.
The left eye of the “saint” might be found in this collection of her relics. But not able to confirm.

Earlier I have questioned why Roman Catholic priests keep on cutting the heart out of the remains of human beings.

What should be the purpose?

This claimed saint also had mental problems. But that is not a matter for this article. But you can read about her illness in a previous story on this blog.

The ancient Egyptians believed that people who disturbed the sleeping souls in the graves, released curses on their own head.  Not even the pagans in Egypt will approve off the grotesque grave looting performed by the Vatican priesthood.

It is difficult to find suitable words for the level of perversity in this kind of activities. But what I feel, is that God of the Bible will give such individuals sufficient time in Hell, to reflect on what they have done.

Be careful, so you do not end up in this hot and godforsaken place your self. Repent, and give your life to Jesus of Nazareth.

Written by Ivar