The Mother of God can be adored as “Maria Bambina” in the city of Milan. There is no trace of this Queen of a New Age religion in the Holy Bible.

Maria Bambina is the Queen of Heaven, worshiped even as a child by the Pope.

The church of Santa Maria Fulcorina, The Cathedral  in Milan holds the origin of Marianism, and is the very shrine of the idol of ‘Maria Bambina”.

The Catholic Church do not only venerate and adore adults. The Vatican even worship the claimed to be “Mother of God”, in the form of a statute of her claimed body during infancy.

Lets read from the official website:

The devotion to Maria Bambina in the city of Milan can be traced back to 1007, the year in which the church of Santa Maria Fulcorina was dedicated to the “Mystery of the Nativity of Mary.” Eventually the church became the Cathedral Church of Milan, Saint Mary Major. In 1251 Pope Innocent IV granted in perpetuity a plenary indulgence for those who visit the Cathedral on the feast day of Mary’s Nativity (September 8th).

To those who feel that “marianism” is not a part of mainstream Catholicism, think again. The late pope Paul II was a devoted worshiper of Catholic Mary, and did pay the shrine of Maria Bambina a visit.

Pope John Paul II pray at the shrine of Maria Bambina in Milan.

This is a statement from John Paul II made in November 1984.

“This mystery [of the Holy Childhood of Mary] seems to be very little known. I think you have a great task…….. to deepen the appreciation of the mystery of Mary’s childhood.”

Pope John Paul II,
[speaking to the Sisters of Charity of Milan)
Sisters of Charity Motherhouse
Milan, Italy
November 4, 1984

We need to investigate, and look at more photo’s:

To make this issue a matter of complete confusion. Maria Bambino can be found in many shrine around the World. And while Maria Bambina has blue eyes in Italy, she is a black eyed baby girl in Mexico.

Since “Maria Bambina” is the very foundation of “Catholic Mary”, we can clearly see that the Catholic faith is a cult, and the first massive New Age Movement that took Christianity astray around 400 A.D.  Since “Catholic Mary” is a gnostic personality, surely her son is also a gnostic copy of the Messiah.

The Cathrdral of Milan that keep the idol of Maria Bambina.
Maria Bambina comes in many versions in Italy. Most of them have blue eyes.
The idol of Maria Bambina in Mexico comes with black eyes.
The idol of Maria Bambina in Italy comes with a glory inform of a metal ring.

The doctrine behind the adoration and veneration of Maria Bambina does not have support in a single letter in the Bible. The formation of this idol, protected by a Catholic Church in Milan in Italy, is fully based on the gnostic book called the “gospel of James”.

What does the “gospel of James” tell us?

This book explains that Mary had a miraculous birth, and remind a virgin all her life. Her children mentioned in the canonized Gospels, are explained to be the children Joseph had from an earlier marriage. He was a widower, and remarried the young Jewish virgin. This gospel written down around 150 A.D, claims Joseph never had sex with his second wife.

The problem with this doctrine, is that not a single letter in the Bible can be used to support such “Christianity”. To the radical opposite it is blunt blasphemy, to suggest that the Jews would adore and venerate this Jewish girl, even before the Angles appears to her when she is a teen.

An idol of Maria Bambina owned by the Ilano Family of Imus, Cavite.

On Sicily in Italy, there is a festival where the idol of Maria Bambina is venerated, adored and worshiped. The idol is carried on the shoulders of local Roman Catholics.

A bald idol of Maria Bambina on the island of Sicily.
Catholic priests lead the Italians into the perfect parade that expose their pagan religion worshiping the bald idol of Maria Bambina.

These images from Ciminna can be viewed on this site.

The Jewish virgin Miriam was never worshiped as a Queen, nor a holy Jewish baby girl. It is laughable to suggest that this pregnant teen would be lifted up high in the ancient Jewish society.  It was an offense to even suggest that a virgin could become pregnant. Even today, teenage pregnancy is not saluted as something desirable.

And if any girl today, would have come home and told her parents that she has become pregnant without having sex, she would quickly have been admitted to a mental hospital.

If such a girl in 2010 has added to the “story” that she had become pregnant by the Holy Spirit, she would probably been driven to suicide or killed. Even in the most nobel and religious Catholic family in Italy.

Shame on all Catholic teachers, who have made their faith a complete falsehood and blasphemy against God of the Bible.