Basher al-Assad accuse Jihadists for gas-attack on their own

Syrian soldiers find chemical agents in rebel tunnels near Damascus- state TV.

The Syrian civil war is the ugliest we have seen since Rawanda.
The Syrian civil war is the ugliest we have seen since the massacres in Rawanda.

Syrian army soldiers have found chemical agents when they entered rebel tunnels in Damascus suburb of Jobar, Syrian TV reports, adding that some of them started suffocating.

Soldiers “entered the terrorists’ tunnels and saw chemical agents,” state television quoted a “news source” as saying. “In some cases, soldiers started suffocating while entering Jobar,” it said. 

”Ambulances came to rescue the people who were suffocating,” it added.

The source added that army troops were preparing to storm the suburb where rebels are believed to be based, Reuters reports.

Rebels fighting to oust President Bashar Assad accuse government forces of attacking people in the Damascus suburbs with toxic gas. At the same time, the ruling regime has dismissed the accusations.

However, some Western powers suspect Assad’s forces to be behind the attack that the opposition claims killed anywhere between ‘dozens’ to ‘1,300’.

Source: Russian TV

My comment:

I have been careful, not to comment on the use of poison gas in Damascus. But common sense would warn us from accepting claims that a secular military dictator would use sarin gas in his own capital.

Not even madman Saddam Hussein used nerve gas inside Bagdad.

Islamic forces who slaughter Muslim brethren, and even blow up mosques shouting “allah U akbar” have zero credibility, when they claim that the Syrian government is behind this attack.  To use press-releases of Islamic forces as source of information, in as useless as any propaganda. Syrian media reports included.  In all wars, truth is the first victim.

Personally, I would not be surprised if this is yet another Fascist styled provocation, Muslim militants using gas on Muslims, in a bid to put the blame on Basher al Assad, and trigger NATO to intervene. Somehow blunt liars and evil doers shall unite, move across  the Golan Heights, in a bid to remove “illegal Jewish settlements”.  Before they face the Mountains of Zion, they will pass through the fields of Armageddon.

It is wise to read about the outpouring of God’s wrath on the Earth, and ask a critical question related to doctrines:

Could it be God who is behind the wrath and sufferings, we now see in the Middle East?

 Revelation 16:15-16
 ‘Look, I come like a thief! Blessed is the one who stays awake and remains clothed, so as not to go naked and be shamefully exposed.’  Then they gathered the kings together to the place that in Hebrew is called Armageddon.

We know that terrorists like Hamas has killed their own children, and paraded the dead bodies in the street of Gaza, in a bid to get Western media putting the blame on Israel. Such is the nature of extreme evil.

Written by Ivar

11 thoughts on “Basher al-Assad accuse Jihadists for gas-attack on their own

  1. I’m no Assad fan but like the Taliban, Hamas and Hezbollah etc, these rebels are of the same mindset and happilly use their own people as collateral to try and sway opinion. Both sides are full of vicious butchers but sadly its the norm amongst certain countries with a certain religion.

  2. Syria has for decades (centuries?) been a totalitarian dictatorship. And as such it hasn’t been easy, if ever you were to ‘get on the wrong side’ in voicing your opinions.

    Untold stories float around of how people could be taken by the security police, and never seen again, just because they happened to sit in the same room as someone ‘suspect’.

    The Assad clan (present president Bashar, and his father Hafez before him) have developed an elaborate system of multiple divisions of secret police, who all spy on each other.

    People used to joke, that all taxi drivers in Damascus have two jobs – one as taxi driver, and the other as informer/spy…
    I don’t know that it is a joke.

    Since the Assad clan belongs to the Alawite minority (a sect come out of islam, but not quite recognized as muslim, since their religion is syncretistic), this fact has proved a measure of protection for other minorities, such as the christians and the druze.

    And now, with the ‘arab spring’ even that protection risks being taken away. (It’s about the same story with Egypt.)
    What do they say? ‘Out of the ashes – into the fire’.

  3. Not even madman Saddam Hussein used nerve gas inside Baghdad…but he sure had a lot of use in Turkey and the up there around the Kurks…..thousands of people were killed ….under him…

    1. Dear Andrea


      The idea that Basher al-Assad using chemical gas in Damascus, is as baloney as Obama using the same in Washington D.C. Al-Qaeda will surely use such weaponry both places.

      Yesterday, President Putin of Russia had the following message to Obama, and his supporters: “This idea about the civil war in Syria is utter rubbish”.

      Saddam surely used gas against the Kurdish people in Northern Iraq. Just like Uncle Sam used Polynesia as a nuclear backyard, when Pentagon was no longer permitted to pollute the desert in Nevada. The number of American cancer death victims are unknown.

      Also be aware that the USA has killed and slaughtered 10 times people than Basher, if you look from the Vietnam war up to the year 2013. Now, they both wants to use the same methods.

      1. Hei Ivar

        Jeg tror heller ikke den syriske hæren sto bak dette kjemiske angrepet på sivile i Syria. Jeg leste på at problemet er at syriske “aktivister” er et propaganda verktøy for vestlig etterettning og kan være kilden til de kjemiske vånene, ikke syrias Assad regjering. USA har blandt annet også brukt giftig stoff i amunisjonen i Irak. Noe som heter deplitium uranium eller lignende. Dette er bare ett eksempel på USA sitt hykleri! Det kan være USA og eller andre vestlige land og eller Saudi-Arabia som har gitt kjemiske våpen til opprørerne i Syria slik at de skal bruke det for å drepe sivile i Syria for at vesten skal ha et påskudd til å gå til krig i Syria ved å påstå at det var Assad regimet som sto bak, noe som jo er løgnpropaganda. En klassisk false flag/inside job med andre ord! Slik som terrorangrepene var i USA i 2001! Nå har jo Assad regimet i Syria vært og er en motstander av Israel og det samme var jo Saddam Hussein regimet i Irak. det kan se ut som om Gud bruker ugudelige regjeringer slik som USA for å straffe nasjoner som er blitt for ugudelige og de som straffer de ugudelige nasjonene vil igjen bli straffet av Gud gjennom andre nasjoner igjen tenker jeg. Et godt eksempel på dette mener jeg Israel var i det gamle testamentet når Israel ble for ugudelige brukte Gud andre ugudelige nasjoner for å straffe Israel og at de nasjonene som straffet Israel ble straffet av Gud av andre ugudelige nasjoner senere. Gud har jo ikke forandret seg. Jeg synes det var en tankevekkende artikkel Basher al-Assad accuse Jihadists for gas-attack on their own og du har en god kommentar til denne artikkelen! Du er ihvertfall også en journalist som er kritisk og sannhetssøkende og ikke slik som de fleste journalistene er som også i all hovedsak er sosialister! Jeg lurer på en ting om journalister får lov til å skrive hva de vil eller får de beskjed av f. eks avisens ledelse dersom det er journalister som jobber i en avis da, hva slags holdninger dem skal ha, og hva dem skal skrive om forskjellige temaer. Blir journalister styrt. Får dem lov til å skrive hva dem egentlig mener?!

      1. Dear Roy


        The USA is the largest producer of weapons, and the largest exporter of doomsday machinery. The USA will go bankrupt, it there is not, yet another war in the pipeline.

        The USA use new wars, to keep the frontiers abroad. By feeding into the Wars, the US objectives are always achieved. This is the New Word order, established after 1945.

        The two nuclear bombs that burnt the cities of Hiroshima and Nagazaki set a new standard. Do as Uncle Sam says, or otherwise….

        Within the USA, lives five per cent of the Worlds population. Bur the Americans consumes 20 per cent of its energy, a continuation of the Second World War economy.

        To be able to stay as the “Numero Uno”, Washington D.C has military bases in more than 100 nations. We all contribute to this grave global system of injustice. We read Americanized papers and books, drink Coke and play on our iPhones, and distribute the American World view in our Schools.

        The second US President after the fall of Berlin and Tokyo, discovered the dept of this truth: Dwight D. Eisenhower. Just before He left office, he warned about the military industrial complex of his own nation. The nexus between the CIA, the Pentagon and the Ministry of Defense. The first promoters of human sufferings in the history of mankind, that went global.

        10 per cent of the Worlds population holds 60 per cent of Global wealth. If there ever was global “peace and justice”, the USA would have to share. They would never do that. The political rhetoric of the Western leaders comes with a foul smell.

      2. Let’s get the ‘Record straight’…just going back to where the current memories of the recent readers (mine also)..(for God’s record reaches much farther in the Ledgers of unthinkable horrors of war, down right cruelty for profit etc, there is no Nation that can rightly brag before God how rightly they treated their people and the people around them. Up to and including Israel! Though Israel is and always will be God’s own and will soon be delivered from the evil that is allowing the same debauchery of sins that runs rampant in America and other Nations whether they try to hide it or not, it’s there just well covered up. Let’s not forget the poison gas that use to be used also on the streets of downtown American when the children were told to go inside for about and hour yet their parents let them play outside in the smoke while the leaders joked about how safe it was. The whole world is ranked in sin!

        So to defend one or another or to list one above the other as if their own is not worse, is as trying to pick out the worse sin in a multitude of words.

      3. Roy, I wouldn’t doubt it one bit (smile)! and I also would not doubt a few other ‘hands in the Pot’ waiting for their cut in the profit.

        Just like these commercials of nations of starving children in huddles and you rarely see any adults. I guess the children are raising their selves. And the cameraman will not give them his tuna sandwich! I have given to these people for years, who is the smart one here, them or me…?? them…the children don’t get it, the Nations Leaders get it and the Corporations hawking for the money pull up new little faces with fresh dirt yes it ticks me off because I know in my heart there are desperate needs out there and I am not allowed to call what the people are who refuse to help them who have the money but they have the time and money to kill thousands in the name of ‘Oil’….I’d like to find one that is honest that’s still top of my agenda (smile).

  4. Norway is a close friend of USA, what a tragicomic reality! it would have been much better had Norway been free and independent! Not trusted on other nation but on God. Norway could also have had a good defense with all the oil money Norway has. If more of that money was spent on a good defense and if every family could have weapon to defend themselves with. Then we don’t need to be member of NATO or enything else that take away the independence of Norway as a free and independent nation.

    1. Dear Roy.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Norway is in many ways one of its kind. We are a member of NATO, that has used a nuclear umbrella to keep rebels at bay. Still we like to promote our selves, and the very promoter of “peace” and “Justice” in the World. The Norwegians at large have very little self insight, related to these issues. The trouble we have created for nations like Sri Lanka and Israel are massive.

      When we look into Norway from outside, this small nation is like an aquarium. The fishes keeps on moving around in circles, and basically do not understand that they live inside a box.

      The level of indoctrination is as massive as in the former Soviet Union. We all move in the same direction, and in circles. Having a feeling of being completely safe, and the very best there is.

      …I my self being a Norwegian…

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