Rebel clashes in Syria leave almost 500 dead

At least 482 people have been killed in clashes between Syrian rebels and the al-Qaeda-linked Islamist State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS).

Islam is the ideology of unlimited body bags.
Islam is the ideology of unlimited body bags. Like in the civil war in Syria.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the toll comprised 85 civilians, 240 rebels and 157 ISIS fighters. ISIS had killed 42 prisoners in Aleppo, while 47 members of the jihadist group had been executed by rebels.

The fighting has spread across four provinces in rebel-held parts of northern Syria over the past week. The latest clashes erupted when rebels led by the Islamic Front launched a series of co-ordinated strikes against ISIS in an offensive backed by the opposition National Coalition. (BBC News)

Source: The BBC.

My comment:

The civil war within Islam started 1.300 years ago.  There seems to be no end of the evils and carnage against humanity.

Written by Ivar

The Bible explains the destruction of Damascus

The Bible explains that Damascus shall be reduced to rubble. See, and learn that the Bible can be trusted.

The city of Damascus has no future. Jesus will com back to Jerusalem.

It is sad that Muslims slaughters Muslims. But being deceived by a desert demon, what can we expect?

The Bible is crystal clear that before Jesus will be back on Earth, the city of Damascus will cease to be a city.  The king of kings will not come back to Damascus. He will come back to the city of the Great Jewish King David, the city of Jerusalem.

  Isaiah 17:1
[ An Oracle Against Damascus ] An oracle concerning Damascus: “See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins.

When we look at pictures from the capital of Syria, we can see the prophetic word being fulfilled in our days. So all the pagans can read, be enlighten and turn towards the living God. Because if they do not turn to the Messiah, they will all perish.

Jesus is the Messiah. He has come once, and we can expect no one else.

First published, August 12, 2013.

Written by Ivar

Al-qaida in Syria beheaded an ally in terror

Syrian activists say jihadists beheaded fellow rebel by mistake after believing him to be a Shia Muslim.

The west has started to support barbarians in Syria, who kill in the name of "allah".
The west has started to support barbarians in Syria, who kill in the name of “allah”.

Syrian jihadists have mistakenly beheaded a wounded fellow Islamist fighter, according to opposition activists.

Rami Abdurrahman of the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and another activist in the northern province of Aleppo said al-Qaida-linked fighters of the Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant found the wounded rebel in a hospital after a battle with government forces on Wednesday.

They said he was moaning phrases typical of Shia. Shia muslims in Syria and its neighbours have fought on behalf of President Bashar Assad, who comes from an offshoot of the sect.

The fighters later displayed the man’s head before a crowd in Aleppo city. But residents identified it as belonging to a leader of another hardline Islamist rebel group, Ahrar al-Sham.

Source: The Guardian

My comment:

When you are in the business of beheading people you disagree with, you are a child of Satan. It does not matter if you quote the Koran, or claim to do this in the name of “allah”.

It is not easy for the World to understand why all Shia Muslims in Syria have to be beheaded, to please the “god” of the Sunni Muslims. But the civil war within Islam has now continued for 1300 years. And the Muslims nations bear fruits that are as rotten as other rotten fruits. No freedom, no liberty, just extreme denial of truth, violence and wickedness.

For all who obey Jesus the Messiah, it is not possible to phantom how people feel Christians and Muslims serve the same God. We do not. The “god” of the Koran, is a terror “god”, who lead people to become children of the devil.

It must have been a moment of truth for the al-qaida supporter, to be beheaded by his own brethren.  The Bible is crystal clear. The father of all lies, the devil, have only come to rob, steal and destroy.

Make Jesus the Messiah your Lord and God. And you will become a child of the most high God, the living God of Israel.

Written by Ivar

Damnable idol of “Catholic Jesus” erected in Syria

They consulted Syria’s Greek Orthodox Patriarch John Yaziji. It was he who told them “Jesus would have done it.”

A huge Catholic idol has been errected on a mountain in Syria.
This huge Catholic idol has been erected on a mountain in Syria.

In the midst of a conflict rife with sectarianism, a giant bronze statue of Jesus has gone up on a the Syrian Cherubim mountain, apparently under cover of a truce among three factions in the country’s civil war.

The statue is 12.3 meters (40 feet) tall and stands on a base that brings its height to 32 meters (105 feet), organizers of the project estimate.

The project took eight years and was set back by the civil war that followed the March 2011 uprising against President Bashar Assad.

This statues can not save it self, it falls down. And Islamic forces might bow it to pieces.
This statues can not save it self, it falls down. And Islamic forces might bow it to pieces.

Christians and other minorities are all targets in the conflict, and the statue’s safety is by no means guaranteed. It stands among villages where some fighters, linked to al-Qaida, have little sympathy for Christians.

Rebels and government forces occasionally agree to cease-fires to allow the movement of goods. They typically do not admit to having truces because that would tacitly acknowledge their enemies.
Smaller statues of Adam and Eve stand nearby.

The project began in 2005, to be an inspiration for Syria’s Christians. It was inspired by Rio de Janeiro’s towering Christ the Redeemer statue.

Patriarch Ignatius IV, the Lebanon-based head of the Greek Orthodox Church donated the land for the statue, according to church official Bishop Ghattas Hazim.

They consulted Syria’s Greek Orthodox Patriarch John Yaziji. It was he who told them “Jesus would have done it.”

Source: Hufftington Post

My comment:

There are no limits to lawlessness, when people mock God in the name of “Jesus”. The law is crystal clear.  Man shall not make any image, in the likeness of anything in Heaven above or on the Earth below.

God of the Bible has never permitted man to set up such idols.
God of the Bible has never permitted man to set up such idols.

The images of “Jesus” is Roman Catholic by nature.  The Bible do not explain how the Messiah looked.  No one knows if he was tall or short, the color of his skin nor the color of his dssseyes.

The Syria’s Greek Orthodox Patriarch John Yaziji is a blunt liar and a blasphemer,  when he says: “Jesus would have done it.” Jesus the Messiah never told anyone to make a painting of Him, or to erect statues of Him. It would be breaking the same Law of Moses, that Jesus gifted to the Jewish people and the World.

 Exodus 20:4

“You shall not make for yourself a carved image—any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth;  you shall not bow down to them nor serve them. For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me, but showing mercy to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My commandments.

John 4:24
God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”

A false lawless copy-cat Messiah has guided the Greek Orthodox Patriarch, lead astray to follow demonic powers.  No doubt the Islamic forces agreed on a cease fire, to let the god-mockers set up their gross idol.

Do not follow these peoples example. God of the Bible has to be worshiped in spirit and in truth.  Do not involve your self in this kind of Catholic and Orthodox idolatry.

Written by Ivar

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