Gibraltar’s chief minister Fabian Picardo accuses Spain of acting like Franco and North Korea following several warnings from Madrid.

Gibraltar's chief minister Fabian Picardo
Gibraltar’s chief minister Fabian Picardo do not want to surrender to Madrid.

Mr Picardo said the “threatening” language used by Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Garcia-Margallo had raised the temparature between the two nations and compared Spain’s behaviour to that of North Korea.

“[This] is reminiscent of the sort of rantings that we some times see from North Korea, that dont seem to bare any relevance to what it is that they may be commenting on,” Mr Picardo said.

Spain has warned that it is ready to impose a new border tax, close its airspace to planes using the British overseas territory’s airport, and investigate the affairs of Gibraltarians with Spanish economic interests.

The Chief Minister also accused Mr Garcia-Margallo of raising tensions between the two nations and compared his rhetoric to that of General Franco.

“What he’s saying is the sort of thing that we haven’t heard since the 1950s and 60s when Franco was in power,” Mr Picardo said.

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My comment:

There is an old tactic of war, that seems to be used by the Spaniards.

When there internal pressure is boiling, try to get the people to focus on a common foreign enemy.

With the Spanish Prime Minister in the docks for corruption, and with the highest unemployment rate since Nazi-Germany,  The Catholics in Madrid tries to play the “Gibraltar card”.

Like in the good of days of Christoffer Columbus, it might be time to send in the crusaders. Let the Brits know that their colonialism is a threat to Spanish nationalism…Rule Britannia must surrender…..just like Spain soon should surrender Grand Cannaria outside West Africa.

Hypocrisy surely die hard.

Written by Ivar