The Miners in Hallstatt were massacred during the reformation. The Roman Catholics took skulls up from the grave, exposed them to moon light, and decorated them.

The Worship of skulls in not only prominent in Mexico and Bolivia, but also in Hallstatt in Austria.

The official story of the bone house in Hallstatt in Austria, have omitted that the Roman Catholic bishop of Salzburg used Papal troops to massacre evangelical Christians.

This is the story written on a

  But the Archbishop of Salzburg’s troops quelled the rebellion: the leaders were condemned to death and their houses burned.


Another website have also recorded the massacre of Evangelical Christians in the area:

  There was so much resistance and upheaval in the Salzkammergut during this period of religious Reformation. 1n 1601, all bridges were destroyed, transportation of wood and boats was made impossible …. Evangelical preachers appealed against the Catholic Church. Yet the Archbishop of Salzburg’s supporters suppressed this rebellion, and condemned the opposition to death and set their homes on fire.

Here are some more pictures:

The Roman Catholic priests in Hallstatt killed Christians, cut their skulls of the skeletons and decorated some of those they had beheaded.
Only completely demonized people would do this, and stilled be called "fathers" and "Holy priests".
A synagogues of Satan, with a dead Messiah in the center.

The Roman Catholic Church do not recognize any wrongdoing behind the existence of the “bone house” of Hallstatt.

This is the official story:

The Beinhaus (bone house) in Hallstatt dates back to twelve century AC. There are over 1200 skulls in the charnel, of them 610 have been painted in flowery designs, they are neatly stacked in rows along with next of kin and have the date of decease written on them.

Since the cemetery is so small without the possibility to expand and due to the fact that cremations were in former days forbidden there was just not enough space. The graves were opened 10 – 15 years later and the skulls were removed along sometimes with other bones.

 The skull was cleaned and exposed to the sun and moon light for weeks until they were bleached ivory white. As one would decorate a grave with flowers the skulls were painted symbolically with a crown of flowers.

This tradition began in 1720 AD. The last skull to go into the Beinhaus (Bone house) was in 1995. It is directly beside the cross. The woman died 1983; it was her last request to be stored in the Beinhaus (Bone house).


Let is compare this with the worship of “Santa Muerte” in Mexico, and “the feast of the day of the dead”.Here are some pictures:

The worshipers of Santa Muerte decorate their skulls, to honor the spirit of death.
There is no lack of skills in art in regards to claimed "spirituality' in Mexico.
Sanat Muerte on the cross in Catholic Mexico. The skulls are on the altar.
The Mexican kingdom of "god"" is full of decorated and dressed skulls, skeletons and bones.

Read more about the worship of Santa Muerte in Mexico:

Read also the Vatican skulls and bones files.

My comment:

The skull and bones collectors of the Roman Catholic Church,  are grave looters. In stead of letting the remains of a dead person go back to dust, the Roman Catholic priest likes to keep their skulls for display, veneration and worship.

The Roman Catholic crucifix on the altar above the collection of skulls, display the true sign of Lucifer. A dead Messiah.

It must have been an awesome display of wickedness, looking at the priest cleaning the skulls, and even exposing them to the “light of the moon” to make them look “bleached ivory white”.

To decorate them “with flowers” seems to be a natural consequence of the moon light exposure.  It reminds me about the “the day of the dead” in Mexico, were skulls and bones are also adored and venerated. The Spirit of death reigns.

When i see pictures of the “Bone House” in Catholic Hallstatt, it can be compared to the Killing field National memorial in Phnom Penh in Cambodia.

Here are come pictures from the memorial in Phnom Penh:

More than a million people were slaughtered. The skulls have been recovered from mass graves.
The butchers believed they were doing a great service for "god".
The People in Cambodia who did not submit to their leaders, were slaughtered.
The martyrs in Cambodia wanted to live in freedom. They skulls are now displayed to bell the butchers who massacred them.

Bones and skulls of slaughtered innocent people in Cambodia, in their tens of thousands. Just like under the Reformation in Europe, when the Papal butchers massacred people who refused to bow down to “Catholic Mary”, and submit to the authority of the Pope and His priests.

Written by Ivar