The Bishop of Macau got his skull cut off

The Jesuit Dom Belchior Carneiro (1516–1583) was the first Bishop of China and Japan. In 1835 he got his skull cut off.

The skull of the Bishop is displayed inside the “House of Mercy” in Macau.

The reason behind the separation of corpse and skull, is in the example of Bishop Belchior Carneiro of Macau a mystery. Since he never has been considered a candidate for canonization.

This is what we can read from a tourist website in Macau, relating to the “House of mercy”:

 Other relevant pieces of the centuries-old history of the Holy House of Mercy are: the skull of D. Belchior Carneiro and the Cross with which he was buried; a full length oil painting portrait of D. Belchior Carneiro from the 18th century; and a bronze bell from the old St. Raphael Hospital, which succeeded the hospital founded by D. Belchior Carneiro in the 16th century.

 Source: Olamacauguide:

Here is a picture of the room in the Museum, where both a portrait and the skull of the Bishop is displayed. Also take a look at the official stamp of Macau, showing the Bishop with his head still on his shoulders.

The artistic decorations of this room includes a cut off skull.
The Bishop displayed on a stamp

In the book “Walking Macao, reading the Baroque” we can find the year of the exhumation of the Bishop. His skull was cut off the skeleton in the year of 1835 A.D. That was 252 years after his death.  The cutting took place after the church of Sao Paulo had been burned down, during a powerful typhoon.

This is the source of this information:

Read more about the exhumed Bishop.

Walking Macao, Reading the Baroque – HongKong University Press

 … of Macao, the Jesuit Dom Belchior Carneiro (1516–1583), who was buried in São Paulo with a cross, and exhumed in 1835 after the burning of the church.

 Source: Ebooks

On Wikipedia you can read about the fire and the typhoon in 1835, that ruined the Church of Sao Paulo.

Since there is no valid reasons for keeping this skull because of claimed “Holiness”, there must obviously be other desires behind this act of grave looting. Like keeping the skull as some kind of suitable furniture.

The Jesuit priests were very active during the Inquisitions, and slaughtered tens of thousands of Jews and Evangelical Christians who refused to bow before the Papacy and his pagan “Queen of Heaven”.

 Psalm 74:10
O God, how long is the adversary to scoff and reproach? Is the enemy to blaspheme and revile Your name forever?

In the book of Revelation, we can read about these martyrs asking God how mush time before their butchers will be punished.

Revelation 6:9-10
When he opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain because of the word of God and the testimony they had maintained. They called out in a loud voice, “How long, Sovereign Lord, holy and true, until you judge the inhabitants of the earth and avenge our blood?”

The Bible explains that there would be both false brethren and wicked people roaming around, claiming to be Christians. I feel this is a perfect example.

Written by Ivar

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  1. I always knew that the RCC had become the largest cult in the world—now it appears that they are a death cult. They have a lot in common with Hindus who claim it is presently the age of Kali, their goddess of death. Truly appalling.

  2. This is getting to be like some of the TV shows I walk out of the room for…it’s just as sick as they are…yet ‘this’ truths of the Catholic religion is something that needs to be said, shown, revealed and repeated from time to time…for this sick Cultish behavior is World wide accepted by the Religious Society as ‘of God’ when in reality it is proof there are demons that are released upon the Earth to draw men, women & children into the Gates of Hell. Only to be tormented for eternity. It truly makes one sick at heart to drive by a Catholic Church, and/or see the statues of Mary in people’s yards. Scream as you may, plead as you try, there is a stronghold on these people, and Jesus said it best…’They don’t come to Him, because they love their sins more than HIM.’
    These lead their children before the leaders of their faith as an offering for a blessing from the local priest, not realizing they are putting their own children on an Altar to Satan! (With the false Mary’s approval)

  3. How is it NO one in the Catholic Church can see these acts as being ‘demonic’? Where in the Bible does God, Jesus Christ, or the Holy Spirit ask us to do any of this awful stuff? satan has truly blinded these folks and I pray for them to ‘come out of her’, SOON.

    1. Dear Bea K.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      It is strange, that hundreds of millions of people are not willing or able to renounce the Roman Catholic religion as evil.

      There is off course a spiritual dimension of this issue. If you have accepted an unclean spirit pretending to the the Holy Spirit, this demonic force will surly take you for a ride.

      In such cases, you need to be delivered. This is exactly what takes place, when people are saved.

    2. Many saw it, and made it known, they were either killed and/or tortured, lands confiscated, businesses either closed, or also taken, all manner of property. Not excluding their lives, loved ones…in fear less they too are treated miserably. Every since the conception of the Catholic religion. And now today several centuries later, these leaders along with the World leaders are hand-in-fist over fist leading the World into the Greatest gathering since Noah and the flood where 8 lives (except 7 pair each male & female of the Clean animals, 2 pair each of the unclean animals, 7 pairs of birds that fly, were saved from total death and destruction, including all that were a live. In Sodom & Gomorrah a few towns surrounding them also were burned, including all that had breath, animals, insects, birds, men, women, children. None were saved alive….for the Angels of The Lord took out, Lot and his wife & 2 daughters, though his wife was disobedient and looked back to see the flames. (reckon it was a mite hard on her to know her children, and rest of her family were in those flames also!
      The Catholic religion I always knew it was wrong, but being a child (babe in Christ) I was afraid to speak out openly. Just to a few friends. However as time went by more things were revealed to me, and the boldness had no problem.
      Then I came to this site and Lord have Mercy, the pictures and historical facts to reveal just how malicious, bunch of sick=o roots this religion (and other false religions) had from it’s conception. (And the World supports it as Righteous! (God help us)
      Again ‘boldness has no problem’. Truly these (as anyone) will carry a heavy toll in the Eternity Realm…I dare say, that even the ‘supposed to be dead people’s bones’ of Catholics gone on will also rise up against these (for their torment continues) and all who enter into hell for bringing more into hell with them. Because they had the Truth before them, and they chose to deny God’s Holy Truth.
      Put heavy burdens on people claiming it was God’s will…(while they heap more damnable sins upon themselves to put on everyone they can contain, all in the Name of Mary (false Mary), and Jesus (the false Jesus).
      Today we can ‘boldly’ tell and show others thru E-mail…yet a time will come when we will be confronted to speak The Truth openly in public, in the Post Office lines, Grocery store lines, Department stores, and Churches. We too will see just how much real hatred these demonic pawns of Satan have against Jesus Christ and His brethren (Christians) who will not follow the ‘Interfaith, Chrislam, any part of Catholicism & all blasphemies, as well as Israel, Jerusalem. When you can do this, you will also see how quiet it gets all around you, some will whisper I agree, Amen …While others have indignation. Brethren will tell you that is not walking in love, don’t listen to them, it is the greatest love when you can speak the Truth of Jesus & His Gospel, you may be the straw that broke that demonic hold on them or you just may be chalked up as a ‘Fruit-case’ (smile)… Some say ‘they were not called to this,…Yes we all were and are..We were called the second Jesus blood was shed for All Man-kind!

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