Russian S-300 brings Israel towards war with Syria

Both Russia and the EU send arms to the slaughters of men in the name of “allah”.

These Russian missiles will be used to shoot down Israeli aircrafts.

Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said Tuesday that Russia’s S-300 missile shipment to Syria “is a threat, and I can testify that the deal is not making headway. The shipments have not left yet. Let’s hope they won’t, and if they do, we’ll know how to act.”

Syria signed a contract to buy four S-300 systems in 2010 in a $800 million deal. At the request of Israel, Russia postponed delivery of the first batch last year.

The Sunday Times reported that after the alleged Israeli raid on targets near Damascus earlier this month, the Russians were furious, and Sergey Lavrov, the foreign minister, said the contract would go ahead.

In a conversation with reporters following a briefing in a Home Front Command base in Ramla, Ya’alon said: “The Home Front Command has drawn many lessons from the last years and is giving the populace ways to deal with wartime events.

Source: Ynetnews and Sunday Times

My comment:

If all were quiet in Syria, neither the Russians nor the EU would have armed the Syrians with advanced weapons.

Now, both the super powers send firearms to the killers for “allah” and his messengers.

Just across the borders with Israel, are the fields of Armageddon.  Both the Russians and the Europeans shall face God of Israel’s wrath at this place.

For what do the Assad regime need advanced anti-aircraft S-300 missiles?

Do Islamic Jihad have airplane’s?

Absolutely not. But Israel do have.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “Russian S-300 brings Israel towards war with Syria

  1. (1) Damascus will be destroyed (Isaiah 17:1) (2) Areor area of Jordan will be destroyed (Isaiah 17:2) (3) Fortress of Ephraim central Israel will be destroyed. (Isaiah 17:3) (4) Sunni Arab Jihadist will attack Israel and their forces will be destroyed. (Psalms 83:1-18) (5) The Bushehr plant in Elam/Iran will be destroyed. (Jeremiah 49:35-39) (6) Israel the will live safely for a few years. (Ezekiel 38:11) Israel will become wealthy (have a great spoil (Ezekiel 38:13) off the Tamar fields natural gas exports. Gog Russia, Iran and Iran’s non-Arab allies will attack Israel and Israel’s God will destroy their armies. (Ezekiel 38:18-39:4) Israel will burn its enemies weapons for 7 years (Ezekiel 39:9) in the 7 year tribulation. God’s name will be magnified. (Ezekiel 38:23) The Jews shall build their temple on the Temple Mount in which 42 months pass and the anti-Christ comes to power and blashemies God in that temple (2 Thessalonians 2:4) and reigns for 42 months. (Revelation 13:5)

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