UK medicals: Antibiotics as big a risk as terrorism

The danger posed by growing resistance to antibiotics should be ranked along with terrorism on a list of threats to the nation.

Dame Edna could not have done a better job.
Professor Dame Sally Davis is not able to protect you from the super bug. 

This is the warning from the UK government’s chief medical officer for England has said.

Professor Dame Sally Davies described it as a “ticking time bomb”.

She warned that routine operations could become deadly in just 20 years if we lose the ability to fight infection.
Dame Sally urged the government to raise the issue during next month’s G8 Summit in London.

Dame Sally said: “If we don’t take action, then we may all be back in an almost 19th Century environment where infections kill us as a result of routine operations. We won’t be able to do a lot of our cancer treatments or organ transplants.”

She said pharmaceutical companies needed to be encouraged to develop new drugs, because the manufacture of antibiotics was not viewed as profitable.

“We haven’t had a new class of antibiotics since the late 80s and there are very few antibiotics in the pipeline of the big pharmaceutical companies that develop and make drugs,” she said.

Source: The BBC

My comment:

Man is the biggest fool that has ever walked the Earth. Not only is he polluting God’s creation beyond what is repairable.

He is also trying to play “god”. Just like when he tried to build the tower of Babel.

Medical science is always bringing man one step forward, and one step behind. Because when you solve on medical problem with chemical substances, you create another problems.

Super-bugs is a fruit of mans foolishness. Antibiotics has now been followed by anti-antibiotics.

Jesus the Messiah warned us in the garden of Eden, about man trying to play God. That was one of the reasons for why man got expelled from the perfect presence of God.

At the end of the broad walk down the broad path, man shall face His creator God. That last encounter is not going to be pleasant.

Repent or perish.

Written by Ivar

6 thoughts on “UK medicals: Antibiotics as big a risk as terrorism

  1. Shalom ,
    Yes , man is the biggest fool !

    Before 1700’s – Herbs and prayers for ailment

    1700’s – Mercury chloride and blood letting for infection .
    That is how George Washington died , not sore throat .

    1900’s – Utilized fungus to make antibiotic to fight bacteria .

    1950’s – Vaccines with added mercury .

    2000’s – Antibiotic and vaccine had weakened body by killing the
    good bacteria in the body.
    The Pro biotic comes in ….

    2020 – What next ?
    Prayers and herbs ?

    Fool !

  2. I am commenting about the antibiotic superbugs and need for new ways kill germs. There is a disinfectant called food grade hydrogen peroxide. I bought stock some time ago Mzei this company has been doing test in hospitals Canada Asia with wonderful success. Not sure pharmacudical co. like that. So it’s not a matter of having disinfectants that kill but that companies don’t block them.

  3. No, this is (1) false “terrorism” scare-mongering, and (2) evolutionism.

    Antibiotics do not cause new “super bugs” to evolve – that is 100% a psuedo-science lie.

    Antibiotic ointments on cuts, or antibiotics for infections will kill bacteria and promote healing. These ointments/medicines are very effective – however there are problems: (1) the patents on them have expired so the drug companies no longer make much money from them; (2) they are now mass produced so they are VERY cheap.

    The drug companies are losing profits, but they pretend that new antibiotics are needed to fight “superbugs” – and they sell these new, patented, exclusive antibiotics at monstrously high prices. A pill or lotion that cost them a few cents to manufacture they sell for hundreds of dollars/euros each.

    No “superbug” evolves by antibiotics. The theory that antibiotics “causes” superbugs is evolutionary bunk, but it is pushed by powerful drug companies whose money influences hospitals, universities, and government health officials.

    1. problems did not arise in the 1950’s about antibiotics…the scriptures tells us of many curative medicines…even Jesus said ..Mark 2:17 When Jesus heard [it], he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.

      That being said…there is still a very important need to be more alert and ‘beware’ of the medicines that are so rapidly acceptable to be given in mass production…I’ve seen so many come out over the years that were used ‘to calm’ children down who only needed ”discipline”..used to ‘put children to sleep’ because the parents had a late night and wanted the kids to sleep so the parents could get that lost sleep and not have to ‘deal’ with the children…today we are seeing the effects of the ‘hyper children’ who were ”lulled” into submission….it’s also used to ”dummy-down” kids and adults to make the lazy ones to not get their feelings hurt because they don’t have to work at what ever is needed as a whole…so yes in some sense the medicine is used in many fashions to ‘control’ the masses…from an early age….when Jesus made reference to a physician (who does use medicinal remedies) it is clearly for sick folks.

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