Obama: The perfect new super-governor of Jerusalem

President Obama needs Israel to accept UN Resolution 181, and the seat of a new governor in Jerusalem.

Roman Catholic Joe Biden is only a heart beat away from the Oval office.
Roman Catholic Joe Biden is only a heart beat away from the Oval office.

What shall Barack Hussein Obama do, after his second term in office?

During his upcoming visit to Jerusalem, President Obama has promised not to launch a new peace plan for the Middle East.

The US President do not need to present a”new one”, but rather demand the enforcement of the oldest “peace plan”. The UN Resolution 181 from 1947.

This is a valid resolution, that calls for a new “neutral” governor to oversee a new special regime in Jerusalem, that is about to bring “peace”.

United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181
November 29, 1947

 The Governor of the City of Jerusalem shall have the right to determine whether the provisions of the Constitution of the State in relation to Holy Places, religious buildings and sites within the borders of the State and the religious rights appertaining thereto, are being properly applied and respected, and to make decisions on the basis of existing rights in cases of disputes which may arise between the different religious communities or the rites of a religious community with respect to such places, buildings and sites. He shall receive full co-operation and such privileges and immunities as are necessary for the exercise of his functions in the State.

The City of Jerusalem shall be established as a corpus separatum under a special international regime and shall be administered by the United Nations. The Trusteeship Council shall be designated to discharge the responsibilities of the Administering Authority on behalf of the United Nations.

 Administration of Justice.

The Statute shall provide for the establishment of an independent judiciary system, including a court of appeal. All the inhabitants of the city shall be subject to it.

Freedom of Transit and Visit: Control of residents.

Subject to considerations of security, and of economic welfare as determined by the Governor under the directions of the Trusteeship Council, freedom of entry into, and residence within the borders of the City shall be guaranteed for the residents or citizens of the Arab and Jewish States. Immigration into, and residence within, the borders of the city for nationals of other States shall be controlled by the Governor under the directions of the Trusteeship Council.

Husein Obama with a Jewish kipa at the Western wall.
Husein Obama with a Jewish kipa at the Western wall.

Relations with Arab and Jewish States. Representatives of the Arab and Jewish States shall be accredited to the Governor of the City and charged with the protection of the interests of their States and nationals in connection with the international administration of thc City.

All the residents shall become ipso facto citizens of the City of Jerusalem unless they opt for citizenship of the State of which they have been citizens or, if Arabs or Jews, have filed notice of intention to become citizens of the Arab or Jewish State respectively, according to Part 1, section B, paragraph 9, of this Plan.

Adopted at the 128th plenary meeting:

In favour: 33
Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Byelorussian S.S.R., Canada, Costa Rica, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, Guatemala, Haiti, Iceland, Liberia, Luxemburg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Sweden, Ukrainian S.S.R., Union of South Africa, U.S.A., U.S.S.R., Uruguay, Venezuela.

Against: 13
Afghanistan, Cuba, Egypt, Greece, India, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, Yemen.

Abstained: 10
Argentina, Chile, China, Colombia, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Honduras, Mexico, United Kingdom, Yugoslavia.

(end of UN paper).

Source: Yale.edu

Now, how do Obama fit into the picture, as the man who can enforce Israel to accept a new office of a neutral “super governor”?

1. Obama has a Muslim father, and can be accepted in the Muslim World.

2. Obama claim to be a Christian, and can be accepted in the Christian World.

3. Obama is black, and can easily be adopted by Africans or multicolored people, like the Latino’s.

4. Obama accepts the office of the “Holy See”, and had a Roman Catholic Vice President with him for eight years.  The next Pope will have no objections to Obamas candidature.

5. Obama has seen Americans investing more than a trillion dollar in China, and do no longer trouble the Chinese government with their pore human rights records.

6. Obama has already received the Nobel Price of Peace, and his desire to be a “prince of peace” can not be questioned.

7. Obama can make Putin sit at his board of trustees in Jerusalem, together with the other 10 “kings” who have elevated him. This will bring Russia on board.

Can there ever be a better candidate for the “office of the super governor” in Jerusalem?

Israel wants peace. Obama seems to be the man both Jews and the world is waiting for.

Unfortunately, Jesus the Messiah do not approve of this kind of falsehood.  The last and final antichrist will face judgment, together with all his supporters.

Written by Ivar

11 thoughts on “Obama: The perfect new super-governor of Jerusalem

  1. On 2/1/13 Israel national news posted an article, ” Israel signs historic agreement with the Vatican, seating Pope at David’s tomb” anybody want to add to this??

  2. Obama is not the anti-christ. The pope is the antichrist. And its the vatican and the pope who will take control of jerusalem.:-(

  3. In Rev 13 it is clear that there will be a polical leader and a religious leader actually two people working toward the same goal.

  4. Revealing!we are living in interesting, exciting, precarious and dangerous times. Time proves all things. Our time of testimony and witness drawth near keep us strong Lord Yeshua that we whom you reveal these things to shall lead many to righteousness and no matter the tribulations we have to endure that we love not ourlives unto death. Obama is lawless in all he does. He strikes me like the willful king me of Daniel.

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