Hailstorm and freaky weather hits India

Rajasthan in India witnessed cold conditions as people were forced to stay indoors following scattered rain, hailstorm and chilly winds.

Hail storms in the deserts in North India is not freaky. Its Biblical.
Hail storms in the deserts in North India is not freaky. Its Biblical.

The day temperature dropped by six degrees in Jaipur with the maximum temperature being recorded at 19 degrees Celsius. The Met department officials said it was one of the coldest day temperature recorded in this season. People returned home even before office hours due to chilly winds.

This is from an earlier hailstom in south India.
This is a clean up after an earlier hailstorm in south India.

Hailstorm threw life out of gear in some areas of Jagatpura and Durgapura in the city.

Huge damage to crops was reported in Alwar, Pratapgarh, Nagaur and Chittorgarh districts due to hailstorm.

Shekhawati region including Sikar, Churu and Jhunjhunu districts witnessed consistent rain on Saturday.

Source: The Times of India

My comment:

All who do not believe in the Bible, will be panicky as we approach the end.

Because they have no peace in their heart, and do not know where they are going.

February is the driest month in India. Still the desert state of Rajasthan faced hailstorms and chilly weather. Other parts of India, like Goa, had +6 celsius i the beginning of March. Hot as Delhi in the end of April.

We who have been saved by Jesus, have nothing to fear.  The Messiah has paid in full for our sins, and He will soon return to gather His elect.

On our way to the Kingdom of heaven, we must share the good news with others. That roomers of wars, wars, famines, pesticides, and a climate that has become bizarre, will only lead to the second coming of out Lord.  Jesus the Messiah has died for our sins, and paid in pull with His own blood. He has risen from the grave, and He is alive.

If you believe this, and obey Him, He will save you. Amen.

Written by Ivar

5 thoughts on “Hailstorm and freaky weather hits India

  1. I wonder what this coming week ail bring in forms of major weather and signs coming down from the heavens…It’s always a thought at the beginning of the week…It’s been really quiet lately?

    God Bless

  2. Translated and reblogged. Thanks.

    The condtions in India are most likely very different from them here in Scandinavia, but His comming wil be identical. We long for seeing our Lord and Master. Let us meet each other there. Amen.

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