42 per cent in Austria see positive sides of Hitler

Poll finds that 54 per cent think neo-Nazi groups could be successful in Austrian elections if there wasn’t a law banning them.

If the Nazis were permitted to run for election in Austria, they would have won.
A Nazi party would have won an election in Austria today. This is Hitler being hailed in Vienna during Anschluss, March 12th 1938.

Forty two percent of Austrians think “not everything was bad under Hitler,” while 57 per cent think “there was nothing positive about the Hitler era,” according to a poll conducted by newspaper Der Standard that was published on Friday.

The poll was conducted among 502 eligible voters in Austria and published ahead of the 75th anniversary of the country’s annexation by Nazi Germany.

61 per cent thought the country adequately dealt with its Nazi past, while 39 per cent thought more should be done.

Nazi Germany annexed Austria in 1938, and a debate still smoulders on whether Austrians were Hitler’s first victims or willing accomplices. Austria’s Jewish population was nearly wiped out in the ensuing Holocaust.

Source: The Jerusalem Post

Anschluss: Hitler was greeted as an Holy Roman emperor in Austria on 12 March 1938.
Hitler was greeted as an Holy Roman emperor in Vienna on 12 March 1938.

My comment:

Once a Nazi, always a Nazi.

With 42 per cent of today’s Austrians favorable to the Nazis, we are back in the days from 1933 to 1936.

Adolf Hitler got 36 per cent of the votes in 1932.

He might have done much better, if he had run for elections in Vienna today.

As late as in 1960, 89 per cent of the people of Austria were Roman Catholics.

Before the Austrians welcomed to be included in the Third Reich, the Austrians were a part of the Holy Roman Empire of Germany, the second Roman empire.

The inspiration of building a Roman Empire, is also behind the European Union (EU). The Austrians will hail the political leader, who will soon align and unite all the empires. Just like the dream of their Roman Catholic brother, Adolf Hitler.

Written by Ivar

5 thoughts on “42 per cent in Austria see positive sides of Hitler

  1. I think you may be reading too much into this.

    Logically, “not everything was bad under Hitler” doesn’t mean “let’s bring back Hitler”. People often say about Mussolini that he made the trains run on time. It stands to reason that there has to be something good about these people, or they never would have gotten the support that they got.

    From people I’ve talked to, there were also good things about the Communists in the Soviet Union. There are good and bad things about (American) Democrats and Republicans. Saying that people are “not all bad” doesn’t mean you think they’re great.

    1. Dear Agellius

      Shalom, and love Jesus.

      There is no need to excuse the Devil and his army of black angels. And absolutely no need to do any compromise with them.

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