The US holds UN-ace in game on battled Israel

If the US do not veto the “Palestinian’s” bid for statehood, The UN would accept this hybrid state.

President Obama is feeding PLO chairman Abbas with one hand, and shaking hands with the leadership in Israel with the other.

The UN General Assembly might vote to recognize the “Palestinians” as a nonmember state of the UN.

A vote is set for Thursday, the 65th anniversary of the Assembly’s resolution that partitioned British-mandate Palestine into Israeli and Palestinian states.

The Palestinians rejected the resolution and war with Israel ensued, leaving the Palestinians without a state.

While a majority is all but certain, Israel and the U.S. argue it is a “unilateral” move and that statehood can only come through direct Israeli-Palestinian talks.

The U.S. Congress has threatened to cut off funding to the authority and to any UN agency Palestinians might join as a result of their UN upgrade.

“We’ve obviously been very clear that we do not think that this step is going to bring the Palestinian people any closer to a state, that we think it is a mistake, that we oppose it, that we will oppose it,” said U.S. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland on Monday.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

My comment:

It is rather shocking that free and democratic nations sides with Islamic dictatorships as bad as anything.

What is their common interest?

Seeing the Jewish statehood become a failed state, that will fade away into the scrapyard of history.

Because if Israel is a fulfillment of prophecy, than God of the Bible is alive and an active supporter of the Jewish state.

The global elite has made a pact with death. They have agreed to invest in people who will force Israel to scrap Zionism. The ideology behind such investments, is that the end of Zionism will bring “peace” to the Middle East and on the Earth.

No Israel. No coming judgment for all who curse her and harm her. No return of the Messiah to Jerusalem.


God of the Bible looks down from heaven on faithless men, and acknowledge the acts of Satan and his children. God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel will make their plans into nothing.

These God-mockers will end up in the eternal scrapyard made for tragic failures, who rebelled against their creator. They were told the truth, but rejected it and perished.

You do not have to become one of them. Mercy and grace is still available for all who embrace and obey Yeshua the Messiah.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “The US holds UN-ace in game on battled Israel

  1. How sad as the world has decided that power and money, all their gods of material things and yes they will perish. I wonder if they realize that if Jews are not on their land, nothing will grow. I remember when they had to give up Gaza , all the foods growing starting dying and had bugs and all else. only then did the PLO called the Jews to work and show them what to do. Even so nothing will grow there if the Jews are gone.
    I have no doubt , NOTHING will stop the Satanic bunch who have furrunded Israel and think they will win in the end. Even America is so dumbed down and far from G-d and have thrown out G-d, His Word and the precious gospel which is where the power is. They wil have NO excuse. It is so clear that G-d has toldus from Genesis 12 to the end, that we are cursed if we do not bless Israel. I was watching the Dust Bowl that hit America about the time the Holocaust happened. Starvation, death, disease and all terrible things. All the gov had to do is help Israel and they could have and just blessed them. It is sad that most don’t read the word as we are to do so without ceasing and then hang onto what we have and know HE tells us so the devil cannot make us believe the lies. America will fall as prophecy tells us and Daniel is being fulfilled. G-d bless Israel and the Jews, our brothers and sisters who in the end will spend eternity with our G-d and those who bless Her. Shalom

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