30.000 Russians might be evacuated from Syria

Moscow has become increasingly pessimistic that the Assad regime can survive.

Basher al Assad and Putin have been good friends. Russia have given Syria military support over decades.

In June, Russian military officials were reported to be entertaining the possibility that it will be necessary to send the “naval infantry,” as marines are known in Russian, to Syria to protect infrastructure and evacuate approximately 30,000 Russian citizens.

As much as Moscow would hate to see the Assad regime go, Russians are realizing that power transition is the only way to avoid even more tragic outcomes.

That’s why last week Moscow hosted representatives from the opposition Syrian National Council.

Source: National Interest

My comment:

The Bashed Al Assad regime will not fall, until Russia suspend their support.

The moment Moscow starts to airlifts its citizens out of Damascus, we know that the time is up for the Syrian dictator.

Today, the Putin regime is concerned with whom will hold the key to Russian missile technology.  Moscow has been the main provided of arms to Damascus, and would not like all the firepower to  become NATO property, or fall into the hands of Islamic Jihad.

Israel is worried, and has reasons to plan a military intervention. The Syrian stockpiles of nerve gas and bacteriological agents must not come flying over the Golan Heights in the name of “allah”.

Written by Ivar

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