The Pope visited St. Rose. The skull and bones are dressed up like a Catholic nun.

This is the skull of St. Rose, adored and venerated by the Roman Catholic Church.

I have seen a lot of bones and skulls adored and venerated by the Roman Catholic Church. But I never thought I would see these skeletons dressed up like Catholic Nuns. Like St. Rose.

Even an iron ring has been put around her head, to symbolize her lost glory.

The Pope is in need of deliverance. What is the Pontiff doing in front of this skull and mummified body in Viterbo in central Italy?

Pope Benedict XVI next to Viterbo bishop Mons. Lorenzo Chiarinelli looks at the mummified body of St. Rose inside the St. Rose’s shrine during his visit at Viterbo, central Italy, Sunday, Sept. 6, 2009.

What is the Pope doing here?

What kind of spirits does the Pope submit to, when he pray in front of a skeleton of a lady that has been “preserved”, and dressed up like a nun?

The most bizarre pictures you might ever see are those of St. Cathrine. She is dressed up like a nun, completely, even with the black head cover.

St. Catherine or whoever this skeleton might be was never laid to rest, but put for public display by the Vatican.

Lets take a closed look at this Italian lady Catherine, whose skull and bones have been made “holy”.

A closer look at Catherine, exposes that she is holding a crucifix.
We must pray that the skulls of these Polish nuns visiting the Vatican will not be dressed like the one of St. Catherine,
The head of Catherine is sometimes moved, and kept separately for display. The priests have also changed her dress.
The undressed skull of Catherine here to be adored with a crown of flowers.

It might be difficult to believe that this is the truth. Please visit this Catholic web-site a look around for your self.

The so-called incorruptible hand of St. Catherine

Not all the Roman Catholic ladies have been as “lucky” as St. Catherine or St. Rose, their skeletons dressed up to be adored.  The tragic end of St. Agnes might be a warning to us all. Her skull was separated from her bones, and put for display for adoration of veneration inside a golden box.

The skull of Saint Agnes of Rome, Saint Agnes in Agony Church, Piazza Navona, Rome, Italy; swiped with permission from the flickr account of Brother Lawrence Lew, OP

Living in a box. This skull is supposed to be "Holy", and is claimed to be of a woman named Agnes venerated in Rome it self.

The Basilica of St. Agnes in Rome:

From outside you will not get the real story. Inside you will find the adorable skull of St. Agnes of Rome.

The skull can be adored and venerated, from outside this glass protected site.

Rome has its own way of making people holy after they should have departed.

You do not have to be a Roman Catholic priest, to be puzzled by the very idea of this skull being of a female. And you might also struggle to see anything holy about this gruesome sight inside a claimed to be a “Church”.