Salafists to distribute 25 million Korans in Germany

Germany monitors conservative Muslims’ holy book giveaway; ‘Campaign is form of aggressive proselytizing,’ authorities say‬‬.

Korans are distributed for free on Potsdamer Platz in Berlin.

The Salafist Muslim movement in Germany has launched a campaign to distribute 25 million Korans in the European country, the BBC reported Wednesday.

The initiative is monitored by a branch of the German security service in case it violates constitutional rules on religious freedom.


My comment:

The problem with letting Millions of Muslims into Europe, is that you do not easily get them to leave.

Muslims have always risen to power using the freedom of speech to termite all freedoms, and enforce Sharia laws.  Many naive people do not understand the evil they are dealing with, before they face the sword and public beheading.

Spain was lost in 711 A.D. The Iberian peninsula was not liberated before 1492 A.D, men Muslims were defeated in Andalusia.

During the heights of the Ottoman Empire, the Muslim marched to the gate of Vienna.  The Roman Catholic Habsburg Kingdom of Austria Hungary was about to fall during the siege of 1529 A.D.

Europe has not learned anything about the history of Islamic imperialism.  The grave mistakes of the past are repeated in our generation.

Written by Ivar

32 thoughts on “Salafists to distribute 25 million Korans in Germany

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  1. 2Peter 2:6 And turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrha into ashes condemned them with an overthrow, making them an ensample unto those that after should live ungodly;
    2Peter 2:7 And delivered just Lot, vexed with the filthy conversation of the wicked:
    2Peter 2:8 For that righteous man dwelling among them, in seeing and hearing, vexed his righteous soul from day to day with their unlawful deeds;
    (We are seeing and hearing all of this daily, as it tears at our hearts for their blasphemy, against our Precious Lord, sending lies for people to believe, claiming they know God, when they don’t “yet” but will meet THE ONE who destroyed, men, women, children, animals, land to ashes with fire (and water)…and has been long-suffering with their evil deeds.)

    1. The Koran does not ‘give light to see’ but rather gives deception to the blind, deaf and dumb. Only The Word of God gives ‘light to see’ what is evil and what is good.

      1. I have a Koran and I’ve read a lot of it, but it’s very hard to read. It’s halting and incoherent..there is no cohesion. It has an interesting thing that even thouh there are MANY contradictions, the Koran itself said that anything written LATER cancels out anything written earlier…

    2. you r right koran is full of lies and lies I have one. there is no life in it , allah the moon god abram and his family worshiped before jehovah called to serve the living god .allah is still the moon god (or the man on the moon)

      1. Are you sure you have one Islam’s book? It ‘s name is Qura’an not Koran, which means “Marriage” !!!!!
        Were you did read about the moon god? Specify in which chapter which verse, I want to read it. I have one, there a condemnation to who worship the moon & the Sun. Please specify your verses?

  2. Westerners have been totally foolish in allowing Muslims (and the most radical Muslims at that) into their countries. Many of the Muslims who came into the West claimed refugee status because they were being “persecuted” in their own lands. There is a reason why they were “persecuted”. They were seeking to overthrow the governments of their own lands—but were suppressed by the ruthless rulers there. Now they are trying to do it in the West. When they gain the majority in an area, they will use block voting to enforce their will there. From there, they will expand outward. They will not be content until Europe is ruled by Islam. North America has not been quite so foolish but there are hotbeds of Islamic radicalism here as well (New Jersey would be one example).

    The Europeans are like the hapless King Hezekiah who put out the welcome mat for the envoys from Babylon and even showed them around the palace with all its treasures. (see 2 Kings 20:12-20) The prophet, Isaiah was disgusted with Hezekiah and then prophesied that one day, every bit of the treasure that Hezekiah had shown off to the Babylonians would be carried off to Babylon along with some of Hezekiah’s descendants. Babylon was an unknown upstart in Hezekiah’s day but Isaiah’s prophecy came true within a few generations.

    1. Amen Ellen, Amen indeed! I hope who reads this will take heed, less they too find theirselves at the mercy of the Muslims, which has NO mercy. I remember when they wanted to get a ‘good light’ in peoples mouths about Islam, so the say ‘radical’, ‘moderate’..etc…Sin is sin, Hatred is hatred..and Islam is ‘against Jesus and against Israel’ no matter what the claim!

      1. I wouldn’t know how to fix this. In the US at least, we allow anyone to enter “legally” as long as they aren’t criminals. You still need a work visa or school visa if you’re staying more than 6 months, and it’s easy enough to get one (as long as you have an address) We don’t demand that you leave and re-enter like some countries do. But I have a friend from South Africa who overstayed his school visa. So he can’t get a work visa…(bad paperwork on his part), so he has to leave, get the visa then he can come back..but criminals seem to not care and they stay regardless. He can’t work, so he can’t stay if he wanted to. He said he wouldn’t be a good criminal, and he asked how they survive illegally in the country? I had no answer

      2. One of the things about growing up, the things of the world around our childhood are no longer hidden and protected from. So as we also as Children of The Most High (Blessed be His Name Jesus) we ‘see’ what our beloved Father protected us from. He also gives us the strength to have the endurance in the face of where He sends us and who we are around. That’s the best answer I can respond to you tonight (smile).

      3. Even in ancient Israel, the didn’t prevent anyone from living in Israel as far as I know. But having people who would destroy you from within seems to be a CURSE, not a blessing. God’s protection is being lifted.

      4. Just to me to allow anyone so contrary to your own living standards and beliefs to bring in their ways, knowing they will destroy all, is still mind boggling. Yet the Old Testament is such a tremendous example in fact HE says ‘they were an example’ for of what not to do as well as to do. Forgive me, today I’m caught between the sheer beauty of God’s creation and what is, even though it is according to His Masterful Plan. (another ‘be still’ and glorify The Lord Jesus anyway..those around the world as well as here are many who would profit of His return sooner than what they go thru daily.

      1. It matters not to me if they be Europeans, or Pinto Beans…Obey The Voice of The Lord Thy God or answer to Him. Period, and in case any (you) seem to be confused as to Who This God is I speak of ..HE is The Lord God Almighty who holds the next breath you and I and all whether Children of Darkness or Christians, He is The King that will sit in Jerusalem soon, His Name is Jesus Christ, The Risen Lord of Glory, The Son of God! (smile) He is Greater than you and I and all, He deserves all honor, glory, reverence, obedience and faithfulness in all things to Him. No matter who or what one claims they are or are not!

        Psalm 53:1 The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Corrupt are they, and have done abominable iniquity: there is none that doeth good.
        Psalm 92:6 A brutish man knoweth not; neither doth a fool understand this.
        Psalm 92:7 When the wicked spring as the grass, and when all the workers of iniquity do flourish; [it is] that they shall be destroyed for ever:
        Psalm 92:8 But thou, LORD, art most high for evermore.

      2. You did not answer.
        Do you want us treat Europeans who are in our countries the same as you do with peaceful Muslims who distribute Qura’an and call them “Salafists”, in Europe. I mean not “solders or who occupy our lands” but civilians as you & me?.
        Who defend by “the only true word of God” against your “lies” and “Crusades” still even in your “free” countries. Read the picture: young boy Vs Lies
        Are your countries free as ours?
        You pretend many things & believe your self.

      3. I did answer your question…but you have no ears to hear, and you are a traitor to the Household of Faith. If you’d spend more time in The Word of God as much as you do in trying to tempt and deceive, you’d have ears to hear…the first Blessing…Repent and Believe upon The Lord Jesus Christ and your sins will be forgiven.

  3. Sorry, but it infuriates me about the Korans being sold as if they are a ‘good’ thing! And as eager to run to Hell with them, this Nation would do no less than those cause the propagating of this Deadly Poison in the streets of America! When our Soldiers were told they would defile the land if they were to help some of the destruction’s that caught many people trapped.

  4. Marwanyafi,

    “Peaceful muslims” is a misnomer. You can be “peaceful” and at the same time be vicious internally wishing all Christians and Jews to be die as your “holy book” instructs. Stop mocking God and repent. It is the Catholic Church who ran the Crusades NOT CHRISTIANS. Or do you not know the difference?

    1. No you are wrong.
      I will speak to you in a new modern way:
      President Bosh is Protestant not Catholic. American Wars in the new world order is “Christian American Masonic slavery”. Read this, in response to ivarfjeld:To understand Christianity must know Babylonian, Pharaonic, Judaism, Hinduism, Greco-Roman, on preaching time of Saul-Paul’s Jewish group of Antioch.
      The Pope, the Catholic Church, the Jesuit Order, and the Zionist “elite” are working together in the most horrific conspiracy against both “God” and Man.
      That is exactly what attorney and Christian researcher Edward Hendrie investigated and now reveals in one of the greatest “exposé” of all time. Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great is a book you do not want to miss. Never before have the crypto – Jews who seized the reins of power in Rome had been put under such intense scrutiny.
      The Jewish Connection to Rome can no longer be disputed. The Roman Catholic Church is nothing more than a “Christian Front” for a Judaic/Babylonian Pharaonic World Religion. The monstrous tentacles of this global beast now grip the “White House” and all the “capitals of Europe”. Meanwhile Judeo/Catholicism is using American & European power to gobble up the whole world & the Islamic nations to steal their oil.
      Barak Obama and the “hidden Cabal” behind the plot to murder America. Tracking the Beast from the Synagogue to the Vatican: Solving the mystery of Babel the great

  5. WOW. Marwan you are really messed up on your facts. The Pope is anti-Israel, wants control of Jerusalem and thinks Israel should be divided and for Palestine to be a legal state. The Vatican also supports the PLO.
    If you’re getting your “facts” from your “Christian researcher” he is way off.
    The world religion will be lead by the false prophet and antichrist.You will believe the antichrist is the mahdi if you continue on the path you are on.
    By the way, the Vatican is not Christian.

    1. These comments are for Arab Christians. Liers as always.

      Islam is Antichrist? Prophet Mohammed is false? You know we do not, Jesus is of my country, we know the truth YOU DO NOT.
      Why 1st Crusade massacred all “Christians” in holy land especially in Jerusalem? Ask their horses.

      Vatican is not Christian!
      Who is Christian? Protestant or Mormon?
      When Paul’s group of Antioch established the churches in the Greek world, or Vatican time of Emperor Constantine, year 325DC, where were you?; in the womb of your Eve…?!!! The true “sect of Nazarenes” of Paul is the Greco-Roman Vatican, Act 24:5 – 11-19.

      1. The Vatican IS Roman but that doesn’t make it Christian. And where were you in 325 A.D. Marwan? What makes you think that your “facts” are anything close to the truth? You have told some amazingly big lies since you have been on this website. Just stop, please.

      2. Amen…Ellen..Amen…we will not be judged for what they did hundreds of years ago, we will be judged by His Word on what ‘we’ do, did, and that’s ‘all’…only ‘as en-samples thru The Word of God are historical facts profitable to Christians…that’s a whole other anointing, and there are those in here that are anointed in that area, all this History Class of Lies are for those who don’t want the truth, they only want to sound important..amongst their own unbelievers (and try to trip up and lead more to the Den of Lies.. Believers in Jesus Christ spot this as soon as they open their mouth, often before then, for the Demonic spirit precedes them!

  6. I already have the truth—the fullness of the revelation of God is in Jesus Christ. He said that He is “…the way, the truth and the life”. That is all anyone needs to live a godly life and to receive eternal life in the age to come. He is the way to the Father, all the Truth is in Him, and the life to come is by way of the Redemption He provides. If your goal is the truth, you will read the Bible and learn who He is.

    1. Stubborn.
      read the Book, or search by example on Google “Jesus-Horus”

      You will find another Savior said so, before your Jesus, year 4425 BCE, he is the “light of the world” too & crucified between two criminals….etc
      Or read the “Light of the world” by Gerald Massey, Egyptology, written 100 years back.
      Or “Christianity before Christ”, by Kersey Graves, written year 1875.
      You are too late in your religion.

      Jesus must be proud of you? & of your money to the churches.
      There are 37 saviors like yours in history, yours is sure not the first neither the last.
      What do you know about cult & life of Krishna & Buddha…?
      Read the Qura’an, is the last word of God not falsified by any one, read it.
      Stop, no more comments.

      You want my works, search on my name on Google, you will find me.

  7. Marwan,

    I thought you were mildly intelligent but now I see how foolish you really are. I do not mean to insult you but you really have been taken for a ride by so-called “scholars”. Do you really think that Christians are so very foolish that they would believe idiots like Massey who was a self-proclaimed “expert”? Here is a pains-taking refutation of your “Jesus as Horus” nonsense.

    (Censored. Editor. Please do not make links to other websites.)

    It is very well done by a REAL modern scholar who did a lot of digging and cross-checking of historical accounts to come up with the truth. Among the lies that are told and retold by enemies of God are that there probably wasn’t even a real Jesus at all. That is so demonstrably false as to be laughable. Even ATHEIST scholars do not deny that there was an historical Jesus.

    There was a concerted effort (by the very Masons you loathe) to discredit the Bible in the latter half of the 19th century—for obvious reasons. They felt that, IF they could discredit the Bible, their plans for a “New World Order” could go forward. Massey was caught up in that endeavor. The hour is very late, Marwan—the Lord Jesus may be coming very soon for His Church. Are you going to be in that number? Appeal to Him today to show Himself to you before it is too late for you. I will pray for you.

    1. By the way, Charles Darwin was highly influenced by his grandfather and father who were both Masons and so was his geologist friend Charles Lyell (who gave Darwin the long “geologic ages” necessary for Dawin’s “gradualism” to be “possible”. Here is a video by a defender of creationism that mentions Charles Lyell and how he participated in the gigantic hoax of evolution.
      (censored) Editor.

      Please do not create links, but keep on commenting on the concerned topics. Editor.

      1. Sorry, the link didn’t come through. Here it is again: (censored. Editor).

        I will not permit links from the comment field.

        Please use the comment field to debate around the concerned topic. Editor.

    2. You are misled.
      You refuse search or read any thing, you are completely blind.
      BLIND, by their “seducing” false promises.
      Jesus existed but His name was “Prophet Yesa or Jesa in Greek”. But “Jesus” of Paul’s Jewish group of Antioch is a heresy. Acts 24:5 & 11-19.
      last comment.

  8. marwanyafi,

    You said: “You are misled.
    You refuse search or read any thing, you are completely blind.
    BLIND, by their “seducing” false promises.”

    Because I refuse to believe the lies you are peddling??? Your problem is that you are frustrated because I know enough to know that what you are “teaching” is hog swill. Islam is a false religion.

    You said: ‘Jesus existed but His name was ‘Prophet Yesa or Jesa in Greek.”

    It is actually IESOUS in Greek but that is of no particular import. He has many names in many different languages. But He knows who we are no matter which way we call on Him.

    You said: “But “Jesus” of Paul’s Jewish group of Antioch is a heresy. Acts 24:5 & 11-19.”

    This charge is so ludicrous that it hardly bears addressing. If you actually understood what you were reading you wouldn’t continue to insist on these pathetic attempts to discredit the Apostle Paul. (That is very gnostic, by the way. Islam contains a large measure of gnosticsm, which, in turn, owes a lot to Babylonian paganism). I would attempt to explain it to you but you still would not understand it because you do not have the Holy Spirit. Let me just say that you must look at who is making the charges against Paul in 24:5 and if you had bothered to read 11:19 in the broader context of chapter 11, you would see how ridiculous your accusation is.

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