Bishop Cranmer: Let the Pope preside over Jerusalem

” Give the Pope Jerusalem, and he can govern it through a neutral administration, ensuring that both the Jews of Israel and the Muslims of Palestine obtain justice”.

The Pope enter the gates of the Dome of rock on 12th of May 2009. Only His throne is now missing on this location on the Temple Mount.

This was a suggestion from the anonymous blogger, Archbishop Cranmer. His advice was published on January 8th 2009. This was during the final stages of the planning of the Popes visit to Jerusalem.

Her is a link to the suggestion of this mysterious blogger:

To make this endgame vision a reality, the Vatican was negotiating with the Arab League.  It would not be possible for the Pope to enter the Temple Mount as a “peacemaker” without the permission of the council of Islamic leaders in the Arabian World.

 2 Thessalonians 2:2-4
 not to become easily unsettled or alarmed by some prophecy, report or letter supposed to have come from us, saying that the day of the Lord has already come. Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness  is revealed, the man doomed to destruction.

He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshiped, so that he sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God.

In April 2009, the Vatican signed the necessary agreement with the Arab League. On 12th of May 2009,  the Pope walked on the Temple Mount together with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

Only two major persons were missing. The chief Rabbis of the Jewish population.

Pope inside the Dome of the Rock, looking for a perfect place to set up his throne.
The Pope and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem outside the Dome. They are now partners for "peace in Jerusalem".
Men in black together with a priest who claim he is an "angel of light" and the "Holy Father".

To make the peace plan for the UN, EU, the Quartet, the Pope and the Arab League a reality, the Zionists must come on board. Only when the Zionists are willing to surrender, the Pope can “preside” over a new “neutral administration” with its Power Seat on the exact spot where God’s temple once was located.

It have come quite obvious that it is only Christian Zionists and Religious Jewish Judaism that holds back  the last man of lawlessness from taking the stage in Jerusalem.

I think it is interesting to find this secret “Archbishop”s suggestion on 8th of January 2009. Just months before 29th of April 2009. This is the date the Arab League and the Vatican signed a “peace agreement”. 

The Popes visit to the Temple Mount on 12th of May 2009, was just a dry run of the ceremony of his final acceptance as the “prince of peace”.  The Dome of the Rock is at present being renovated for the “Grand event” when the man of Lawlessness set up this throne on this location. The present Pope is soon 85 years of age, and to old to reign in Jerusalem for three and a half years. But the next Pope…..

Written by Ivar

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  1. Amen so many so much already in position. So much is being brought forth…The Word unfolding right before our eyes. Such an awesome fear is present of Him who sits on High! The World will know that HE is GOD! Such tenderness of strength to continue forward. Thank you Father, Sir!

  2. Drops of Hitler & his general are present in the Pope;definitely he is drawn and led by instincts.
    Poor guy. Should we pray to the one already condemned;or leading
    the whole flock of sheep and goats the wrong path of damnation.
    DILIGENCE,GRACE, TRUTH, LOVE, FIDELITY, gifts of the HOLY SPIRIT are in question here.
    Thanks Ivar for all this exposure.
    God bless you and your work.

    1. Dear 35ronnie


      Thanks for blessing me.

      One of my callings is to expose the nexus and unholy alliance between the Vatican and Islam.

  3. You do realize that Archbishop Cranmer was a 15th century leader of the English Reformation, right? Like this guy has no ties to the church, and not only that but probably wouldn’t considering he’s a Reformer. But this is simply a blogger, who speaks for the English Church, that does not align with the German Pope. Were it actually the Archbishop he’d have to be a resurrected corpse, which is oddly what you seem to be suggesting


  5. It’s apparent that the blogger is just some random dude who uses the moniker “archbishop cramner” because as KojoKang notes above, Thomas Cramner (1489-1556) was Anglican (i.e. “protestant”) Archbishop of Canterbury under Henry VIII and his successors.

    “Secret archbishop” and “mysterious blogger” are strange and leading adjectives to describe someone who just sent in an oddball opinion.

    I say strange and leading unless we’re TRYING to be sort of “DaVinci Code” about it, in which case, yes, of course, there’s a secret archbishop somewhere who’s advocating for the Bishop of Rome (i.e. the RC pope) to begin to manage Jerusalem.

    In actuality, any observer of middle-eastern politics knows that with such profound Jewish mistrust of Roman Catholics and Muslims still convinced that all Christians are seeking to retake the holy lands in continuation of the crusades — there’s not a snowball’s chance in heaven or earth of this happening.

    1. Dear Levis.


      Who is “archbishop cramner” ?

      If you feel this article from the mysterious blogger is a “coincidence”, you might be very mistaken.

      You might find the blogger among the staff in the Vatican. The Jesuits are educationalist, and have even managed to get 85 year old Joseph Ratzinger to use Facebook and blogs.

      As a part of the “information” distributed, the Jesuit General will order his staff to use all tools and channels available under the sun.

  6. Except that the Holy of Holies may have really been under the Dome of the Spirits/Mount Moriah since its location lines up w/the Eastern Gate & Biblical description of the layout of the Temple Mount.

    1. The Pope can’t govern his own little world of pimps, pedophiles, destroyer of graves changing The Word of God to suit the highest bidder to promulgate his religion of demons. how can he rule a Nation?

  7. One of the clever ploys by Zionist strategists is to reflect attention away from them by pointing the finger at the Pope as being the soon-to-come- anti-Christ. There are thousands of web sites dedicated to this effort (including Eric Jon Phelps), and Christians effusively drink this Kool Aid with glee. Obviously the Vatican and popery have committed dastardly crimes throughout history; However, for the most part, the Pharisaical Bullion Brokers have financed Catholicism sins from the very beginning the apostate church was formed.

    It is interesting to note how many self-proclaimed Christian authors carry and promote this propaganda on their respective web sites (not to bring disciples closer to Christ) in their quest to sell books and life-saving equipment, and heap glory on themselves all the way to the bank. They will succeed because they have committed themselves not to broach the subject (nor even mention the name of their masters (the Zionists) who are members and devotees iin the Synagogue of Satan.

    1. Dear barnabas41


      You wrote:

      One of the clever ploys by Zionist strategists is to reflect attention away from them by pointing the finger at the Pope as being the soon-to-come- anti-Christ.

      My comment:

      This is the mother of all propaganda from the Vatican, and very untrue. The Pope is not going to “being the soon-to-come-antihrist. The Pope’s have always been antichrists.

      Just before the Reformation in Europe, the terror of the Vatican was at one of its peaks. All the Reforming Church leaders told Roman Catholics who had made it through the exodus: You have just left Satan’s copy of Christianity. Be ready for a bumpy ride.

      In their hundreds of thousands, the Papal butchers managed to slaughter those who had been able to leave Rome. They were martyred, and are today in Heaven.

      500 years down the line, nothing has changed in regards to the Pope being an antichrist.

  8. The Bible does tell us that the ‘anti-Christ’ ie., the ‘substitutionary Christ’ would come from the 5th and final World Empire, which would be a revival of the fourth ie., Rome. Also that this false Christ will have no need for women… a pope would fit that description. A pope is also named ‘Vicor of Christ’ which means ‘instead of/in place of Christ’, and this pope has said he is Christ and can forgive sins, blasphemy. We are told in Daniel that a pre-existing ‘covenant’ would be confirmed, then begins the final 70th heptad determined toward Jerusalem (that would bring an end to the age of grace or the church age). There is a definite break between the 69th and 70th heptad… it’s the church age! Jesus would not call a bride separate unto himself and tell her to always be prepared for the wedding, if He intended to drag her through 7 years of His wrath on earth prior to the wedding. (FYI, If you use a corrupt text, you will get a corrupt hermeneutic.)

    Reading this article, I am reminded of Matt. 24:15) “When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place,”

      1. I am not distracted at all. I don’t claim to be the final authority on God’s Word, only He is.

  9. It does seem that the Pope at the time of political rise of the Beast, will be part of the Antichrist system. But I suspect that his role will be that of the False Prophet since the Beast will be a man of war from the moment he strides onto the world stage (see the “rider on the white horse” of Revelation 6). The role of military conqueror doesn’t really fit the Pope (or at least as he is at present). On the other hand, the people will exclaim over the Beast’s ability to make war.

    The Beast will attempt to mimic everything that has been prophesied about the return of Christ. And the False Prophet will attempt to convince everyone that the Beast is the Messiah returned to earth. That is why Jesus warned (see Matthew 24) us if anyone tries to TELL us that Christ has returned that we should reject that person’s message. Jesus said that His true return will be as obvious as lightning in the sky.

  10. very misleading article indeed. actually they are the freemasons. god created lucifer. god can take on lucifer anytime he wants. lucifer ask god to postponed his death until doomsday, so the gracious god grant that him. and lucifer promise to god he will take every human to hell with him. this happen because he was thrown from heaven for his reluctant to bow over Adam. lucifer is not angel. he is from jinn family. so, lucifer the fallen angel is not true. why ‘some’ human so stupid join lucifer when they already know lucifer is taking them to hell with him and to go against god when they knew their power were just like dust in the universe compare to their creator’s might?

  11. Why do you think he is called the “man of lawlessness”. Do you think YHWH is speaking of Man’s Law? Think about it. What Law is it that the man of Lawlessness refuses to follow and forces others to not follow???? hmm…… think real real hard…….

    The Torah. The Law that Jesus gave Moses and then followed Himself when He Tabernacled among us. The Law of God. The Law that the Pope says is dead/nailed to the Cross and no longer applies to the lives of Xtrians. The same law that Protestants turned away from in the 1800’s. Lawlessness – to be without Law. Biblical Lawlessness – is to be without God’s Law – the Torah.

  12. The pope does not need to get armies; he has them as he always did. Whenever he needs them, the nations of the world ask: How many? He has his secret armies, not so secret: Knights of Malta, Columbus, Jesuits etc. And any number of young men worldwide literally peeing themselves to join. He considers himself to be in charge of the political and religious endgame. All who do not know it should really read KEYS OF THIS BLOOD. If American presidents are taking orders from the Vatican, and they have from the time of Reagan, officially [unofficially, from the time of Kennedy], what do we expect?

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