After 28 years of free flow, sex with animals was re-banned in Norway in 2010. The Journal has found evidence of widespread zoofili.

Dogs are normally very kind to man. Some people sexually abuse such pets.

7th of October 2007, a police officer was called to stop a man who had sex with a horse.  The problem was that Norway had no law banning such perversion.

The Journal is a scientist Magazine of the University of Oslo. in march 2011, the magazine published proof of widespread sexual abuse of animals in Norway.

This was the findings in the report:

1. On the dating webside “beast-dating” there are 100 active users.

2. On various animal sex websites there are more than 100 Norwegians who share pictures and experiences.

3. The Food inspection authority FIA (Mattilsynet) is the overseeing authority of this law. They do not have resources to enforce the law.

4. The police and FIA do not have enough knowledge about the topic.

5. Scientists agree that sexual abuse of animals are as bad a pedophilia and abuse of Children.

6. The animal health authority in not educated in how to disclose sexual abuse of animals.

The scientists did a string operation. They secretly entered into the online forums who promotes sex between men and animals:

February 2011: The journal makes a profile on an online dating site for people who prefer sex with animals.

  “I have a dog who is ready at any time, anywhere. Tell  the lady she needs to be ready for a rough treatment” is one of the replies.

Another person in the online society offers his dog for a small commission.

On the site “beast dating”, some rent out their animals for free. Some wants to participate in the sexual act, others would prefer to be onlookers.  Men like to watch when a dog have intercourse with a lady. Another women likes to have dogs have oral sex with her.

Another online forum is linked to this website.  Here the members exchange experiences, set up dates and distribute videos.

 “Norway, Danish and International animal sex websites is full of Norwegians who desire sex with animals, the Norwegian Tabloid VG reported in 2009.

These sites has not disappeared after the law was changes in 2009.

80 of the members on beast dating are Norwegians, and the forum site has 50 members.  On the two sites “PornBay” and “Zootube”, 1.000 Norwegians have signed up.

A net society named “beastsex Norway” had 350 members when it was closed in 2004.

On a set of online debate forums 77 persons claims their are achieve users of sex with animals. Another 92 explains they are interested in their first try.  Four of them explains that they had only had sex with animals, to see them suffer.

When the law against sodomy was removed in Norway in 1972, the legalization of men having sex with men was accomplish. But the law against sex with animals were also removed. From 1972 to 2010 there was no law in Norway against having sex with an animal.

Soure: University of Oslo

My comment:

After seeing two woman sexually abusing this dog, this verse from the Bible makes perfectly sense:

 Revelation 22:15
Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.

I also wounder if these two women would ever pick up a Bible, and read this verse:

 Leviticus 18:23
“‘Do not have sexual relations with an animal and defile yourself with it. A woman must not present herself to an animal to have sexual relations with it; that is a perversion.

Norway found oil i 1969. The new oil riches quickly became a curse for the Norwegians. One of the poorest country in Europe corrupted her self, and the population became lovers of money.

From 1971 onwards, Norway honored their old pagan "gods" for her new oil riches.

Already the summer of 1971, Norway hailed the Norwegian pagan Goddess “Frigg” by naming a new gas reservoir after her.

This gas field is found in the North Sea.

The Norwegian law against sodomy was removed  21st of April 1972.

The “party” is still on.

In 1974 an oilfield and platform in the North Sea was named after the Norwegian pagan sun god of “Odin”. 

In the years thereafter, most of the Oil fields and platforms were named after pagan “gods”.

Written by Ivar