Chrysler Australia hints at sex with dogs

Do you wants a Jeep? Your dog will get jealous at your wife, and desire to replace her in bed.

The dog is dressed up by the Chrysler team, and made ready to have sex with the owner of one of their Jeep's.

Being sprung in bed with a dog dressed in women’s underwear is an inoffensive way to sell cars, the Advertising Standards Bureau has ruled.

21st March 2012.

The advertising watchdog has hosed down a complaint that the 60-second television commercial, from the Australian arm of US car maker Chrysler, suggests that ”the man has had a sexual encounter with the dog” after receiving complaints that this was what the ad had implied.

The ad for the Jeep Compass from media agency CumminsRoss turns sour when a man interrupts the bond formed between a woman and her dog.

One scene shows the dog, jealous of the relationship forming between the man and woman, dressed in women’s lingerie and sitting on the bed next to the sleeping man.

However, a complaint received by the bureau described the scene as ‘‘highly inappropriate and incredibly offensive” because it “included a reference to bestiality in primetime TV hours”.

 ”Nothing actually takes place between the dog and the boyfriend but having to explain to a young person why the dog is dressed in her red corset and why she then gets rid of the boyfriend is something which should not happen as a result of watching a show as harmless as Antiques Roadshow,” the complaint reads.

Chrysler Australia did not respond to the ad watchdog’s request for comment.

Source: Fraser Coast

My comment:

The dog is suppose to be a mans best friend. Not his bed mate and sex machine.

But when the World has lost its moral compass found in the Law of Moses, what do you expect?

Even within Christianity, shameless perversion is promoted a “holiness” in the name of Jesus. The ultimate fruit of Replacement theology is lawlessness.

The logic of such priests is that since Jesus never spoke out against homosexuals, their shameless immorality must be accepted in our “modern day culture and society”. The logical conclusions of such theology, is that a God who spoke out against these kind of sexual acts, was an evil “god” who have been replaced by “Jesus”.

May these priests and bishops who defame Jesus of the Bible face eternal condemnation for their mocking of God..

When the Law of Moses is abolished, there is no eternal law or ethics that can ban man from having sex with an animal. Many people today claim that any lawgiver shall not regulate a mans sex life.

God of the Bible is obviously of a different opinion:

 Leviticus 18:23
“‘Do not have sexual relations with an animal and defile yourself with it. A woman must not present herself to an animal to have sexual relations with it; that is a perversion.

The priest of the false Replacement theology “Jesus” can say that the Messiah never spoke out against having sex with animals.  The law was a curse and have been made obsolete is one of their claims.

Sex with animals was normal and "holiness" in ancient India. Here from the temple in Khajuraho..

The can bee few more grotesque, vile and perverse lusts than the desire to abuse your own dog sexually.

Such messages will enter into your mind when you start to entertain demons who operates on YouTube and in Facebook groups.

It is not a new revelation from Lucifer.

In the ancient Babylon sex with animals were a widespread fashion.

Just like in ancient India.

We know this from the perverse wall pairings in the Temple of  Lakshana  in Khajuraho.

The Temple was build to honor Goddess Durga. She is the mother godess  and divine energy. She is one of the gods of fertility and a ‘Queen of the Heavens”.

You do not have took look to Australia to find flirting with animal sex.  This is the latest story out of Phoenix Arizona, US.

Dog used as “sex toy” in Arizona, US

March 1st, 2012:

Shane Walker (38), his wife, Sarah Dae (33) and Robert Aucker (29) has been arrested by Maricopa County Sheriff ‘for conspiring to commit an act of bestiality, The Arizona Republic reports.

This trio of young Americas wanted to abuse and pervert a poor dog.

The trio are accused of having contacted a dog owner on Craigslist with the expressed purpose of using the animal as a sex toy. Specifically, the wife was to have sex with the dog, a male golden shepherd, as the two men looked on.


At lest the police in America still arrest such perverts and keep them behind bars.  If they do not repent, they will not only have to spend some years in prison. They will surely perish for their sodomy.

Written by Ivar

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  1. AMEN At lest the police in America still arrest such perverts and keep them behind bars. If they do not repent, they will not only have to spend some years in prison. They will surely perish for their sodomy.

  2. Old Christianity too, I have pics of inside some old french churches, date 11-12 century. I cannot add it here, sorry.
    Hinduism still the same not old India.
    Dogmas does not change like that.

  3. Marwan,

    I assume that they are RC churches which you are talking about. The Roman Catholic church leadership is obviously still depraved, judging by the pedophilia among a number of its priests (and probably other forms of depravity as well–such as bestiality). BUT Romanism is NOT true Christianity. The RCC is full of all kinds of perversion and is a death-loving cult.

  4. I’m glad you’re bringing this to light Ivar, but I could do without the graphics. Don’t you think you can share these stories w/out the pictures? (thinking of the naked men in another story also). Now I’ve got these images in my head and I’d prefer they not be there. Plus, my kids were walking by while I was online and I had to quick scroll away from everything so they wouldn’t see this horrible stuff.

  5. I’m glad that you’re sharing these stories, Ivar, but isn’t it possible to share the stories w/out the pictures? (I’m thinking of the picture of the naked men in the other story too). Now I have these images in my head, which I prefer were not there and plus, my kids walked by when I was reading and I had to make sure I was away from any pics that might be seared into their brains for life.

    1. Dear bridget1051


      Ivar, but isn’t it possible to share the stories w/out the pictures?

      My reply:

      I agree that some of the images I am publishing are disturbing. We need to pray to Jesus to cleanse us with His blood, when we just look outside our window. The world is polluted by lawless lust, filth and violence everywhere.

      On News That Matters, I try to protect the faithful readers from the worst of it. But my focus on different topics of fake and falsehood, is a bid to prepare the flock for worse things to come. I am not a Pre-trib preacher, and have earlier said: We must be prepared for seeing extreme sodomi and violence in our local neighborhood. Because of incurable plagues we might see people dying like flies.

      How to educate our children in facing the coming Great Tribulation is a great challenge. Because many of their teachers in our schools are Sodomist’s them selves. The Churches deny this, and our pastors do not want to talk about it.

      1. I wonder how come it’s “Art” to see the naked statues of men & women in the World’s many nations, yet to reveal a sin against The Lord of Glory who suffered so much for our sins & redemption is something to hide from ourselves as well as from our children? I do not find the statues or the paintings ‘Art’…nor do I find it ”cute” to take pictures of babies that are naked …we are truly a perverse and wicked nation we don’t need to stand in line with the other nations to be judged before our God, we need to run to the Altar of forgiveness for we proclaim we are the ‘saviors’ of the world while we stab The Nation of Israel in the back on the same platform we preach about the Love of God! We do not tell or describe things not safe for ourselves but rather we show we share it..Lord God, our hair will turn white at the sight of many of the things ‘the Scriptures’ that are for us.. 2Ti 3:16 All scripture [is] given by inspiration of God, and [is] profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: The ‘all scriptures’ also includes the ‘
        warnings of eating our own children’s flesh, giving our little boys in prostitution as well as selling our little girls to old men and profiting by both boys and girls in prostitution for the leaders of our nations!.(these things are being done today in the United States of America approved by the leaders of this nation & many people who are run after the main religion Catholicism as if the pope died at Calvary!! Shame, Shame!…whether it be the glorious Great Mercy of God to keep us from that, or that we as Pharaoh are brought up for this time in His Plan to Glorify His self, Praise and Honor unto the Jesus of Nazareth the Only Risen Lord who is worthy of all praise regardless where you are I, fit in the scheme of things it’s all about the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and all the ones He brought forth to show forth Praise His Praise, yet in the midst of all of this He Blessed be His Name, HE chose to love us…what a mighty love that is…I pray we keep our eyes more on Him and off of the dogs who proclaim His Word mixed with vile soft-watered down truth..which is far worse vile to add lies to His Truth! all of this is only to promote Satan’s final plans world wide to ‘take as many to Hell with him as possible’ I was recently in the hospital for about 2 weeks. in screaming agony, no matter what they gave me I still kept screaming, stopped long enough to ask one tall man, Are you a Christian? (he turned out to be the Dr to operate on me) ..Did I pray for you? No!! Did I pray for my family? No!! Did I pray for Israel or Jerusalem? No!! I cried out to God ‘with screams I could not stop. AS it was then for me so it will be for us all when we come to the reality of this wicked World, in our faces, God and YOU no one else. Though we labored to pray for all before that time, I still sit here in utter pain of heart, that I ache more for those who are not comfortable enough with His faith, to call out to Him and Him alone for help! Again Please forgive me for writing so much. Yet brethren I am so thankful that there are sites like this one that will always speak His word for these who are still on the Breast Milk of the World’s Religion & Waiting for that Great Day all will float out of here so with no real care what is going on in the world and their family. Satan is out to Kill you and yours! Believe The Word! Dust off your Bible’s and read it, eat it, search out your own salvation to see if it is of this Man Jesus Christ or ‘the false one that is so good on Sunday and special days like Easter” I would to God we all were crying out to God for our knees healing than for all this gibberish Satan is filling us with Rat Poison so we can ‘claim the Tax Deductions’ on our ‘gifts and offering’!!!

  6. Beastitlity is not the end of the perversion for the ungodly;
    the men of Sodom lusted after angel’s flesh – Jude And those angels not having kept their first place, but having deserted their dwelling-place, He has kept in everlasting chains under darkness for the judgment of a great Day;
    as Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities around them, in like manner to these, committing fornication, and going away after other flesh, laid down an example before-times, undergoing vengeance of everlasting fire. Jude 1:6-7

    No wonder God had to destroy all the creatures on earth that breathed through their nostrils with a cataclysmic world wide Flood; Next time it will be by fire.

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