Hitler had a Sun god symbol on his uniform cap

Roman Catholic Adolf Hitler placed two marks on the uniform cap on all his officers.

Look at the symbol in Hitlers cap.

One of the mark was death, symbolized with a skull. The other, is the mark of the beast from ancient Egypt. Also used in the Vatican in the Eucharist.

Lets take a close up look at Hitlers cap:

Nazi-leader Adolf Hitler.
Look at this cap and think about the Eucharist kept in the golden lamp stand.
Horus as a falcon, carrying his father the sun on his head.

All who are familiar with Roman Catholic theology, know the true meaning of the Eucharist. Jesus is suppose to come physically into the round wafer. Since Jesus can only be physically present in Heaven to his second coming, the Eucharist represent a false Messiah. A replacement of Jesus of the Bible.

The symbol in Hitlers cap and the “wafer Messiah” placed in a monstrance is one and the same.

A typical Roman Catholic monstrance. Even the crescent moon that holds the symbol of the sun is present.
Adolf Hitler was a Roman Catholic, who swallowed the false-Messiah.
The Pope bow down to the Eucharist.
The crescent moon, the sun and the glory. All in the Eucharist.
The ancient symbol of the sun "god" worshipers in Assyria.
The Eucharist in the form of a pagan sun wheel, used by the sun worshipers in Assyria.

Some Evangelical Christians have told me, that we you bow down to the Eucharist, you receive the mark of the beast.  You have been deceived to accept an antichrist, and you will mislead others to do the same.

Keeping this in mind, I took a look at the marks Hitler placed on the cap of all German Nazi-officers. There is a lot of “crosses”. But one mistakenly looks like the Roman Catholic symbol of the sun, worshiped in the name of “Christ”. 

The two Nazi cap symbols are the symbols of death and the beast. They are both used in the book of Revelation to explain the army of horror that will led people into the trap of Satan.  And significant: The Nazis and their allied Japan captured about a fourth of the Globe.

 Revelation 6:8
So I looked, and behold, a pale horse. And the name of him who sat on it was Death, and Hades followed with him. And power was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword, with hunger, with death, and by the beasts of the earth.

SS General Heinrich Luitpold Himmler had the symbol of death in his cap, a skull.

 Heinrich Himmler was born in Munich to a conservative, Roman Catholic, Bavarian middle-class family. His father was Joseph Gebhard Himmler, a secondary-school teacher and principal of the prestigious Wittelsbacher Gymnasium. His mother was Anna Maria Himmler (née Heyder), a devout Roman Catholic.

Source: Wikipedia.


Roman Catholic priests parade a skull on their shoulders through the streets of France.

The Nazi SS offices carried the symbol of death just above their forehead. They worshiped death, and they harvested death.
You have to be careful who you wine and dine with. Himler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.
The Roman Catholic Himler and the Grand Mufti agreed that the Jews where their common enemies.

In the book of revelation death and the false prophet rides the beast together. In many ways Hitler was a false prophet.

He claimed to represent God, and wanted to build the 1000 years millennium kingdom on Earth. Hitler prophesied victory over evil (the Jews), and promised to bring peace to Europe and the World. Many Kings supported him, in particular in the Catholic and Islamic World. The same Kingdoms who now tries to deny or fight the return of the Messiah, our King and Judge.

 Revelation 19:19
Then I saw the beast and the kings of the earth and their armies gathered together to make war against the rider on the horse and his army.

The beast who brought the false Nazi-prophet to power was the ruler in the Vatican. The false prophet perished, and the best got fatally wounded. But the beast is not dead. It will serve Lucifer and his final antichrist to the very end of the age.

Written by Ivar

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  1. Hi Ivar,

    Even though Hitler and others of his underlings like Himmler, were officially Catholic, they were heavily into the occult. Himmler turned his SS headquarters at Wewelsburg Castle into a center for the worship of “The Black Sun”. Those who have been to Wewelsburg say that it is an extremely creepy place.

    1. Dear Sue.


      I have earlier not paid to much attention too symbolism.

      But after seeing a female parish priest in a Church in Norway telling people to parade behind a Nazi-symbol, I again started to do some research.

      The symbol of the black sun includes a lot of symbols used by the Nazi-leadership. It only strengthen my claim, that the Nazis were an occult gathering of Roman Catholics and Protestant, who became the most rotten fruits of Replacement theology.

      Replacement theology leads people into the occult realm. It has its origin in Rome. The false sun god “Messiah” is swallowed by a billion people every week. It is a huge, huge spiritual tragedy.

  2. True, Ivar. The mysticism that is becoming so prevalent among dominionists and charismatics doesn’t currently seem to be very anti-semitic but it is definitely there among the dominionists who cling to Replacement Theology/Covenant Theology. Those who reject the Bible in favor of mysticism are very susceptible to doctrines of demons.

    1. Dear Ellen.


      Thanks for blessing me.

      I have been careful not to enter into the club who debate conspiracy theories. There are so many of them, and it is a circle debate. You end up in a debate if there is a conspiracy behind the launch of false conspiracy theories into the Church.

      But I must say the symbolism is not irrelevant for the Church. If we start to parade behind Nazi-symbols, we would lose all respect and credibility. So why use the symbols of the ancient worshipers of the sun god?

  3. You spent a lot of time to argue about something pretty insignificant considering all the other crimes of Nazi Germany. Also, you are INCORRECT. The symbol you described was ALREADY being used BEFORE the National Socialist movement took over Germany in 1933. Take a look at the old photos of German soldiers in WW-I (from 1914 to 1919). Anyone in the German or Austrian Armed Forces wore that symbol. http://www.landships.freeservers.com/jpegs/new_unifs/german_unif_hgm1.jpg
    The “occult” mysticism was drummed up by Himmler, to eventually replace Christianity, and allowed, but not “ordained” by Hitler.
    Try not to over-think these things. IF the “sun god” symbol was adopted by Germany, it wasn’t the Nazis that did it.

    1. Dear Hairy Harris


      It is true that the Nazis were not the first to bring the sun god symbol to Europe. Not even to Germany. “The Holy Roman Empire of Germany” used pagan sun symbols long time before Hitler was born.

    2. I have to agree with Hairy Harris. The symbol in question was referred to a “cockade”, and was used by various European countries, and if you look closely at the predecessor to the Prussian and German officer caps; on the Pickelhaube (spiked helmet), you will notice the following:

      “German military Pickelhauben also mounted two round, colored cockades behind the chinstraps attached to the sides of the helmet. The right cockade, the national cockade, was red, black and white. The left cockade was used to denote the province of the soldier (Prussia-black and white; Bavaria-white and blue; etc.).” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pickelhaube

      The cockade was added to officer caps throughout the German Empire, and was introduced by Protestant Prussia, initially with the black and white of their kingdom, and after unification in 1871, the other 3 kingdoms, 6 Grand duchies, 5 Duchies, 7 Principalities, and 3 Free Hanseatic cities, adopted their colours to the cockade for their uniform caps and Pickelhaube. The colours of black, white and red were the national colours of the unified Germany, from 1871 to 1918, and was used on the Imperial Marine (Navy) caps and colonial forces only.

      Here is some interesting information that I did some research on:




      The symbols that Hitler used, i.e. Iron Cross, Deaths Head, and Cockade, were basically stolen from Imperial Germany and Prussia in particular. The Iron Cross was first issued by King Friedrich Wilhelm III of Prussia in 1813, and was essentially a Prussian medal. The Deaths Head symbol was another stolen symbol that was used by the Preußische Totenkopf Husaren, formed in 1808, and was dissolved in 1918 when the monarchy was abolished. Himmler and his thugs stole this as well to be misused for their evil purposes in the SS.

      Hitler used old symbols from the old Prussia and Germany to make his pagan regime legitimate. He even went so far as to try and get the body of the exiled Kaiser Wilhelm II, who died in Holland in 1941, to be sent back to Germany so he could walk in the funeral procession to show the official changing of the old order to the new order. At least Wilhelm II did the right thing in his will…He stated that his body will remain in Holland and be interned until the restoration of the monarchy. Hitler was not pleased when he found this out. Hitler did get his jab if you will at the last minute. He sent a wreath with a huge swastika in the middle. Another request in Wilhelm II’s will was to be no displays of swastikas at all.

      There is no doubt about it, Hitler did admire the occult, and pagan rituals. The 1936 Olympic Games was orchestrated by Hitler to introduce as much ancient Greek pageantry as possible. Hitler was fascinated with mythology, in additional to the occult and pagan rituals.

  4. Hi Ivar,
    Interesting! I don’t think that bowing down to the eucharust is the mark of the beast. It is my opinion that whoever takes the mark of the beast will do it willingly, and that the taking of this mark will occure at the time of the end. Many catholics have left the catholic church, and are now true followers of Yeshua. In the past, they once bowed down to the eucharust, but they did itin ignorance. When they heard the true gosple, they repented and left the catholic church. Once a person takes the mark of the beast their damnation is sealed.

    1. Dear Denise


      I have not said that this IS the mark of the best. But I want to debate this issue. I do learn a lot from the readers of this blog.

      In regards to the mark of the beast: It will surely be the acceptance of a number who represent a man. That man is neither “god”, nor the true Messiah.

      The Eucharist is a false Messiah. The round, white uplifted wafer-abomination of Rome. Those who swallow this as the truth, will openly and willingly take the mark of the beast. That is my conviction.

      1. Dear Denise.


        The difference between Judaism and Roman Catholicism becomes obvious during passover. This year passover and the festival of Ishtar falls on the same day. This year passover is on a Sabbath. All Jews will know what I am talking about, but hardly any ‘Christians”.

        You can be sure that Yeshua knows what I am trying to tell.

        Jesus my Lord celebrated the passover. He wanted to EAT the passover, and his students prepared the dinner. The Messiah did not EAT him self. He took the cup, that up to this day was shared in remembrance of the passover lambs in Egypt, and said something radically new: “This blood” (not the physical blood of the lambs in Egypt, nor his own physical blood) is my blood of the New Covenant. Do drink the passover, in remembrance of Me.

        I have only seen Messianic Jews and Christian Zionists fully understanding this, because they know their Torah. I have joined a couple of passover dinner’s, and it has been anointed, warm and Biblical events. Messianic Jews and Christian Zionists do celebrate the passover with a dinner. I have hardly seen any other kinds of gentile believers do this.

        Still they are saved by Jesus alone, by mercy alone, and by His blood alone. Amen.

      2. Dear Ivar,

        Some believe the eucharist will be the beast that will speak. Interesting to ponder.

      3. Yes. This is the correct Jewish-Messianic view on the biblical Passover. The wine (or fruit of the grape) REPRESENTS the Blood of the Everlasting Covenant. The bread REPRESENTS His broken Body as the sacrifice for our sins committed in the life of the soul on the earth. – our cleansing and salvation is by the Blood and the Gift of the Holy Spirit within. – it is GRACE, … and the enabling of the Holy Spirit to live a new life as a new creation IN CHRIST. Shalom in Sar Shalom Yeshua ha adOn, the Messiah.

      4. I have done my research and I have come to a conclusion that the mark of the beast is related to Sun Worship and it is feom the beast= the Roman Catholic.
        It is too obvious to be denied.
        They operate under the false Christ. Satan.
        Those who bow down to that sun symbols and images of ancient queen of heaven and baal have denied and rejected the true Messiah. Only if they repent from their idol and image worship.
        They hate the Jews, but very soon, this hatred will not only be for the Jews, satan will enter I to them and cause them to hate Christians and Jews who are faithful to God, those who keep His Commandments and have the faith of Jesus Christ.

        A satanism wrote this in his book
        “True Paganism which is synonymous
        with Satanism is known for its emphasis on the Sun” (666).

        Just like the Babylonian priest wore the number and symbol of the sun on his head, so is the modern day Babylonian priest wearing his own sun symbols on his head.
        The Pope is the man who wears the sun symbol.
        The Pope is the one who leads the world(Christians) to worship the sun.
        This is Baal worship: paganism.
        Bible says “come out of her so that you won’t receive her plagues ” Revelation 18:1-3

    1. Congrats sueliz1!
      You will throughly enjoy your first messianic, Passover Seder. In fact, you will be blessed as you celebrate all the feasts of the Lord, through out the year.
      The amout of professing christians who refuse to celebrate the feasts of the Lord, with the Lord, is shocking. They view them as jewish feasts, something which they apparently consider, undesireable.
      Even when you can prove that the feasts that the Gentiles celebrate; such as, Easter and Christmas, are rooted in paganism, they refuse to give up their feasts. Because they would rather take pleasure in unrightceousness.
      If there is any doubt as to how G’d views these practices, all they have to do is to read what G’d did to the Israelites, for their pagan practices. Do Christians think that G’d will punnish the Jews, but will give the Gentiles a wink and a nod for their pagan ways?
      G’d says that He shares His glory with no one. It is common knowledge that holidays like Christmas and Easter have pagan origins. The names were altered, and a christian veneer was applied. If the roots are rotten then the fruit is rotten as well.
      What is most troubling is the spirit that is behind all false worship, is a demonic spirit. G’d says that you cannot partake of the table of G’d and of the table of demons.
      G’d has provided special times, which He has set aside as Holy Convocations, times that He meets with His children. He does not call the feasts Jewish feasts, they are His feasts, and if you belong to Him then they are your feasts too. He has sent out invitations written with the blood of His Lamb. To spern His invitation is not only rude, it is rebellious. These same professing christians expect G’d to attend their compromised feasts. This will never happen. G’d demands that the Holy must always be kept seperate from the profane.

      1. Denise,


        First, it’s disturbing that you declare the choice to abstain from the feasts, by Christians, as being “undesirable” because of the connection with Jewish history. That is highly offensive and completely inaccurate.

        It may be prudent for you to do some actual research before making such statements, because such statements shows complete ignorance on your behalf when it comes to Christianity as a whole.

        Here’s a resource for you to read through: http://www.gotquestions.org/Jewish-questions.html

        As you actually begin to research, you’ll discover the reason Christians no longer observe the feasts is because it is no longer required. Additionally, although your statement about many modern Christmas and Easter traditions are rooted in paganism is true, your blanket accusation that Christians partake in the pagan practices for enjoyment (and not out of a connection to Christ) is also inaccurate and false. In fact, many of those “pagan” practices were taken up by the church as a means to reach people whom believed in such things and were given a Biblical “spin”. In other words…the eggs on Easter were no longer tied to their original meaning, but now a symbol of New Life in Christ and the Resurrection (the stone being rolled away symbolized by the egg shell opening to reveal a new creation, as Christ’s new form once resurrected). It’s situations as I’ve described that the “pagan” traditions still appear, but that doesn’t mean they’re done with a pagan practice behind them – the “intent” is what matters more so than the symbol itself; and God knows what the intent is…so HE will be the judge of the action.

        Remember one very important passage… We aren’t to judge. That’s not up to us! Because whatever measure we use to judge will be used on US when we stand before Him on that day. Want a lenient sentence? Practice now on being merciful and non-judgmental. Want a harsh sentence? Judge everyone harshly and make them “tow the line”. Because we all have a hand in our own fate. Best to make those choices now and make them well.

        That’s why it’s best to research beliefs/practices of others versus making judgments against them without merit. Also, there are always exceptions to every rule. In other words, there are sects within each belief system that do their own thing (apart from the majority), and thus the entire belief system should never be judged by the practices of “fringe” sects.

  5. Hi Ivar,

    Shalom to you. I too have attended Pesach seders at the home of Messianic Jewish friends. I have been greatly blessed by their teachings on “Yeshua in the Passover”.

    I noticed that you spoke of the “Hebrew Roots” movement and your concerns about it. I too have grave concerns about that movement. I have noticed that they seem to be trying to convert Gentile Christians to Judaism even though they will always hasten to say that Jesus is the means of salvation. The focus, however, always seems to be on obeying the Law of Moses as a measure of righteousness. I am concerned that they are drifting in the direction of “Judaizing”. There is just the vaguest suggestion that Gentiles aren’t quite saved without following the Law to the letter. I think it has introduced a fearfulness in the Gentiles who have fallen prey to this heresy. I have seen formerly passionate, joyful, Gentile Christians become grim and determined followers of the Law and it is heart-breaking. Where is the joy of their salvation?

    1. Dear Ellen,

      You said:

      “I am concerned that they are drifting in the direction of “Judaizing.”

      Amen. Hit the nail on the head. Glad there is a voice of reason posting here as the false teachings about the Hebrew Roots Movement on this site, and going back to following the law were getting out of hand.

      God Bless. Hope you have a great day!

    2. Dear Ellen.


      I can acknowledge your message about the Hebrew Root movement. I rebuked a “rabbi” at a dinner table in India, and he outright cursed me. There are also reports of him calling local “Christians” who do not obey the Torah for “antisemites”. This took place at a seminar with several witnesses.

      This man do not represent the Messiah. He do not proclaim the Gospel. He is the same kind of Judaizers that Paul rebukes.

      Secretly such false brethren has entered into our fellowship, to spy on the freedom we have experienced in knowing the true Messiah.

      Messianic Jews observe the Torah because they love the Torah. Not in a bid to obtain a righteousness separate from the blood of Jesus. The moment you add that there are special blessings in Torah-observance besides the joy of doing so, you are back under the law. You will no longer be a follower of the Messiah who base your life on His mercy and grace.

      1. Well said, ivar. There are elements that are actually “Judaizers” and saying “we must go back to The Law to be saved and approved by GOD” among the Messianic Movement. It is dangerous and we must be wise and aware of these influences.

      2. Dear Len.


        Thanks for blessing me.

        Jesus the Messiah attended Jewish feast and festivals. Surely as a child, and also as an adult. For the Messiah, observance of the law was supposed to be a joyful activity. To pay respect to God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and be refilled with godly mercy and grace towards fellow Jews, and aliens and strangers living inside Zion.

        The Messiah rebuked the teachers of the law, because they put HEAVY loads on their SUBJECTS, they them selves not willing to be SLAVES of the flock.

        When Jesus preached he touched the heart of a burdened people. He spoke with authority, and His messages were followed by mighty sign and wonders.

        Today, observance of Jewish feasts and festivals must be done with full joy in our heart. Displaying our love for the Torah based on mercy and grace. Not to defend anyone, who do not feel for participating. God of Israel is a merciful God. His people loving Him with all their heart, all their soul and all their strength will surely shine among men.

        Matthew 5:14-15

        “You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.

    1. Exactly! Hitler perverted Christianity with occult and pagan mythology. In fact, he had the Hitlerjugend pray to HIM as if HE were The Lord….

      “Adolf Hitler, you are our great Führer. Thy name makes the enemy tremble. Thy Third Reich comes, thy will alone is law upon the earth. Let us hear daily thy voice and order us by thy leadership, for we will obey to the end and even with our lives. We praise thee! Hail Hitler!”
      (Modeled after The Lord’s Prayer)

      While Hitler was reared with Catholic theology, he was not a Catholic – certainly not in the traditional sense.

  6. One in all reason could not call Hitler or any of his henchmen Catholic . There are many as the good lord stated will cry lord lord and shall not enter the kingdom of heaven . The Roman Catholic Church is the only church in the world that is the true and authentic church of Christ . No other has the history and direct links which lead us back to the church established by Jesus . All the others protested and broke away . Tell me which church will satan infiltrate and try to destroy the one that Christ founded .Hounding it from the outside corrupting from the inside . But remember Christs words the gates of hell will never prevail against her as he is it’s head . The kingdom of God resides in ones heart and spirit it is not of the flesh or this world . The holy Eucharist and mass is thee most powerful prayer in the world as it is Christ’s perfect sacrifice to the father for are sins . Calvary brought present . When the mass and holy Eucharist is stopped and banned by force and the desolating sacrilege . replaces the Mass . then the time of the good lord is here . Even satanists acknowledge and recognise the power of the most Holy Eucharist as they often try to acquire consecrated hosts for their desecrating satanic black masses .

    1. Dear Paul.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      You wrote:

      The Roman Catholic Church is the only church in the world that is the true and authentic church of Christ . No other has the history and direct links which lead us back to the church established by Jesus.

      My reply:

      This is the base of the so-called Pertrine theology. The idea that the Pope is the successor of “St.Peter”. That the papacy is establihed on the teaching of the apostles, and that the power and authority is handed over from the apostles to the popes.

      This is simply not true. Even if this lie is told a million times, it will forever be a lie.

      The first Church in Jerusalem, knew no Pope. The Apostles baptized people who had come to faith. They did not sprinkle water on infants, and proclaimed them to have recived the Holy spirit. No true Christian prayed to, or worship a claimed to be sinless “Catholic Mary”. The Mother of Jesus was a law obeying Jewess, who feared God, and offered a sin offering for her sins in the Temple in Jerusalem.

      The Roman Catholic Church is not the oldest Church. It came into existence in and around 320 A.D, when the Roman emperor claimed he had become a Christian. The emperor of Rome established a seat for a Bishop. In true imperial language, the Emperor proclaimed that his bishop was the head of all Christians, and his seat “holy”.

      There are particularly two Churhces, that are much older than the Roman Catholic Church. One of them is the Thomas Church in India, establihed by the apostle Thomas in the first century A.D.

      The Thomas Church never knew a Pope, before the Portuguese started to colonize the nations in Asia around 1.500 A.D. The Thomas Church was never under the spiritual guidance of Rome, but rather a part of the Assyrian Church of the East.

      The other Church that was formed hundred of years before the papacy, is the Coptic Church. There was a synode in Alexandria who opposed the bishop of Rome. The Copts have their own “pope” even today!.

      The apostolic succession of the Pope is based on fraud. There is no biblical evidence, whateoever, that Peter the apostle visited Rome. It was Pauls ministry to travel to Rome. Peter travelled eastwards, into the kingdom of Partia where more than a million Jews lived in the diaspora, because of Roman occupation of their homeland. Peter writes one of his letters from Babylon.

  7. I mean nothing against this article but you are wrong on Hitler’s military cap. That symbol is a traditional military cockade that goes on military caps. Simply the colors of the country. Hitler changed it back to the Imperial German colors of black, white, and red from the Wiemar Republic black, red, and gold. The thing underneath is a german bullion wreath also common on military caps in many countries for hundreds of years. The nazis certainly loved the occult but these are not occultic pagan symbols and have nothing to do with Roman church or Eucharist symbol. They have been around for hundreds of years. Just a pure military symbol albeit used by a bad Government. Just wanted to point this out.

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