His skeleton was reduced to dust, but his tongue was intact. The jaw and teeth of Saint Anthony is kept for veneration.

Not many teeth is packed into so much gold and "holiness". The teeth even has a crown, and is carried by lions.

I have written a lot about “holy skulls”, bones and corpses inside Roman Catholic Churches. That is why I have become more choosy, in regards to what would be too trivial to be exposed on this blog.  If is truly difficult to surprise this blogger.

After seeing Roman Catholic priests carry the “holy tongue” of “Saint Anthony” on their shoulders, I desired to take a deeper look at the other relics of this “saint”. Yesterday I discovered his intact jaw-bone and all his teeth. All of this cut off from the skeleton.

I was amazed of how the body had returned to dust, only leaving his tongue, teeth and jaw bone for veneration and adoration. Surely “strange”.

This is what a Roman Catholic blogger has recorded:

 When the crypt was opened, they found that the saint’s body had been reduced to dust and bones, but his tongue was intact and life-like.

 This was taken a sign from God confirming the ardent gifts of preaching and teaching that Saint Anthony had enjoyed on earth. St. Bonaventure, who was present as minister general of the Friars Minor, took the tongue reverently into his hands and exclaimed.

Than comes the religious praises of the remains of a human being:

 “O blessed tongue, which has always blessed God and caused others to bless Him, now it appears evident how great were your merits before God!”

Source: Cantuar.blogspot.

The Pope found this jaw and teeth worthy of veneration and adoration.

I feel there is a short circuit in this message. The voice does not comes from a mans tongue. The tongue can do a lot, but not praise the Lord. Not even the teeth can do much in this regards.

To be very frank, the Roman Catholics are so shameless, that nothing seems to be able to penetrate the spiritual darkness they live in.

 Matthew 23:27
Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean.

Roman Catholic priests will keep on bowing before rotten corpses, jaw bones and teeth. They will praise “holy tongues”, and hail the Pope who has beautified items looted from graves, by the demonized Vatican priesthood.

All this rotten stuff is cut off from exhumed bodies, and carried into “Churches”, and declared “holy”. Eternal damnation, pain and agony will be the final fruits of this kind of wicked religious stuff.

Therefore: Repent or perish.

Written by Ivar