Please support us: Become a NTM partner

We will request all our readers to donate 50 USD to a News That Matters Fund.

Jesus the Messiah love a cheerful giver.

We all need to experience that we are more blessed when we give than when we receive.

We pray that our Master will bless all our readers with Heavenly blessings. That He will give you plenty for all good deeds.

News That Matters has for a long time been planning our first editors workshop. This site is in need of innovative solutions of how to reach the lost for King Messiah. For this purpose we request you for support.

We also desire to establish a NTM Fund, that will bless youth who are called to blog about end time issues, and who share our vision. We would like to be able to pay contributors.

We will lift up the needs of the state of Israel and request all Christians to bless the Jewish people. We will continue to expose false religions and give Yeshua (Jesus) all the honor.

Please help us to reach the World with this message. We have had almost two million hits since the start in March 2009. Today: Become a NTM partner.

Use the donate button in the right hand column:

13 thoughts on “Please support us: Become a NTM partner

    1. Dear Missy.


      Thanks for this comment, your support and link. I hope and pray that thousand’s of our faithful readers will copy your example. May Jesus the Messiah never stop blessing you. Amen.

      1. He hasn’t stopped blessing me or answering prayer yet! I actually have a praise report. I have been praying for my husband since August, and he accepted Jesus Christ four weeks ago. He is laying next to me reading my Bible as I write this. GOD is good… All the time! I praise His Name!!:-)

      2. Dear Missy.

        All who call on Him, shall one day face Him. He has promised that all who seek shall find. If you knock on is door, He will open. He is Jesus the Messiah, King of Jews. Amen. He saved a wreck like me, a former Viking. I trust Him more than I trust my self.

      3. Dear Missy, Jonathan and all donors.

        Thank you so much for your generous donations. Every dime will be used in good stewardship.
        You are in our prayers. Thank you from my heart.
        In Him.

    1. Dear Jonathan

      Shalom, you my brother in Zion. May Yeshua protect you, speak to your heart. May he rescue you from all evil, and keep you safe. Amen.

  1. Praise be unto “The Most High God” for your work!! Not only do you report news that matters….you have become my source for news! There is NO other source that i know of that reports news of eternal significance. This world is soon to pass away and all things in it that matters to the high ones of this earth.Isaiah 24:18-23 tells what is soon to happen, as a matter of “fact” is already happening. PRAISE HIS WONDERFUL NAME! Our journey is almost over. It will be after the first of the month before we can start supporting you and your efforts. But it is COMING! The blessings if The Most High be upon you!

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