Israeli official: Obama’s presidency has harmed Israel

Former Israeli Ambassador to the UN Dan Gillerman firmly stated last week that Barack Obama’s time in the White House has caused great harm to Israel.

Former Israel Ambassador to the UN Dan Gillerman.

At a time when libelous accusations and efforts to delegitimize Israel are peaking, Obama’s “weakness” has meant that “Israel has to keep apologizing for itself all the time,” Gillerman said during a panel discussion at the annual Women’s International Zionist Organization (WIZO) conference in Tel Aviv.

We shouldn’t have to be on the defensive,” Gillerman added.

Gillerman went on to note that the ongoing turmoil and regime changes in the Middle East were all the more reason to replace Obama with a stronger president in the upcoming US presidential election.

Israeli officials have been critical of Obama’s response and approach to the takeover by forces such as the Muslim Brotherhood, which they have labeled as everything from lackadaisical to appeasing.

Obama has been far more unpopular with average Israelis than any US president before him.

Most Israelis believe Obama wants them to take unreasonable risks for peace with the Palestinians, and that in the event of a major attack on Israel, Obama would abandon the US commitment to defend the Jewish state.

Source: Israel Today

My comment:

Since the speech of Obama in Cairo, it has been obvious that the heart of President Barack Hussein Obama is with Islam.

The state of Israel is now the secondary object of support for Washington. It is more important that the “Arab Spring” is contained, to still permit oil to be exported from the Middle East.

The money power of Washington must be used to convince the Muslim Brotherhood to permit the military forces of Egypt to protect American interests. The Sunni Saudi Arabian domain must not be challenged.

Israel is basically a hair in the soup, that must be removed. Because as long as there is no “Palestinian statehood”, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Hizb”Allah will continue to grow. And the American purse is no longer deep enough to contain the ongoing radicalization of the Muslim World.

Therefore: Israel must give up more of their land, and enter into a “peace agreement” with the PLO. Because the PLO is considered to be political correct, and do accept credit card payment for their service for the Pentagon.

Written by Ivar  

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