Two suspects believed to be members of a neo-Nazi terror cell involved in killing at least 10 people.

Two people died in this fire, triggered by neo-Nazi provocatours in Germany.

In a video the arrested neo-Nazis apparently planned to send to German media outlets, the alleged terrorists claim to have killed eight ethnic Turks, one ethnic Greek and a police officer from 2000 to 2007, prosecutors said.

The attacks occurred all over Germany and became known as the “Doener Murder Series.” Until the arrests, police had not thought they were committed by the same people.

The German magazine Der Spiegel reported that the right-wing extremists also claim in the video to be responsible for several bank robberies and a nail-bomb attack in Cologne in 2004, which hit a street with mostly Turkish and Kurdish residents.

German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich said Monday: “It looks like we are facing a new form of right-wing extremist terrorism.”
Authorities in the country have not previously believed there were active, organized right-wing terror cells operating in Germany, experts say.

Source: CNN

My comment:

The german TV-channel Die Welt reported that the neo-Nazi cell might had helpers within the German intelligence services.

In Norway, no one is willing to investigate a possible nexus between the Utøya terrorist Anders Behring Breivik, the police and the freemasonry society.

The truth is that neo-Nazism has massive support from within. Just as it had in the days Nazis rose to power in Europe.

Out of chaos, there is always coming a demand for a strong universal leader. A man who promise to bring stability and “Peace”.

The rise of Islam in Europe will trigger a response from unrighteous people within the neo-Nazi camp. Both of them serves the devils purpose.

Fascism is again on the rise. Hitler wanted to become the One World lead. The final antichrist will achieve what Hitler never did.

The eruption of evil and outpouring of filth all over the World has begun.  Only at the return of the Messiah Jesus, we will se the end of the most evil days, that have ever struck the Earth.

Written by Ivar