Kissing the remains and bones of Bartholomew I

A Orthodox Christian kiss a glass box containing some bones and remains of a religious leader.

Religious people in extreme bondage kisses bones and remains of dead human flesh.

The Vatican sent some bones to Istanbul. This is what a website has recoded:

 A recent demonstration of sympathy with the above philosophy has been the return on 27-Nov-2004 by Pope John Paul II of the bones of two ancient saints from Rome to the Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew I.

He was the spiritual leader of the world’s Orthodox Christians.

In Istanbul, concerning which it might be instructive to compare the description on the left below of the real Vatican restoration with a corresponding description on the right below of the Kremlin’s imagined restoration of the Pereshchepyna Treasure to Ukraine.

Source: Eastern Orthodox Christian website:

My comment:

The exchange of bones between the Vatican and Greek and other Orthodox Churches is a strange ritual.

It makes we wonder if the value of the bones in every Church yard in the World, is greatly under valued.

The Vatican is the greatest bone collector in the World. There is obviously a challenge in regards to the verification process. Who knows what kind of animal these remains have belonged to…..

Written by Ivar

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