Pope claims worldwide “Pastoral responsibility”

The Holy see is the “legal personality” of the worldwide pastoral ministry of the Bishop of Rome as head of the Catholic Church.

The Pope claims to be the universal global pastor, and is greeted by men like Vladimir Putin.

Pope Benedict XVI used his address to the new ambassador from the Netherlands to outline how the Catholic Church views its role in diplomatic relations.

“In acting as a voice for the voiceless and defending the rights of the defenseless, including the poor, the sick, the unborn, the elderly, and the members of minority groups who suffer unjust discrimination,” said Pope Benedict, “the Church seeks always to promote natural justice as it is her right and duty to do.”

Although the terms “Vatican State” and “Holy See” are often used interchangeably they are very different things.

According to international law and diplomatic custom, it is the Holy See and not the Vatican City State that is the recognized “legal personality” of the worldwide pastoral ministry of the Bishop of Rome as head of the Catholic Church.

George W. Bush called the Pope "Holy Father", and submitted to his authority.

Therefore the Holy See existed for centuries as a diplomatic entity before the creation of the Vatican City State in 1929.

And it is the Holy See, not the Vatican City State, which exchanges diplomatic representations with 179 countries and is also represented at many inter-governmental bodies including the European Union and the United Nations.

Pope Benedict explained to the new Dutch Ambassador, Joseph Weterings, that the relationship between the Holy See and other states was “clearly of a different character from those between nation-states.”

“The Holy See is not an economic or military power,” he said, yet “its moral voice exerts considerable influence around the world.”

The reason for this influence, said the Pope, was precisely because the unchanging moral stance of the Holy See “is unaffected by the political or economic interests of a nation-state or the electoral concerns of a political party.”

Its contribution to international diplomacy, therefore, consists “largely in articulating the ethical principles that ought to underpin the social and political order,” and also “in drawing attention to the need for action to remedy violations of such principles.”

Obviously the opinions of the Holy See are drawn “from the standpoint of the Christian faith,” but “Christianity has always pointed to reason and nature as the sources of the norms on which a state of law should be built,” the Pope said to the ambassador.

Therefore the Holy See conducts its diplomacy not on “confessional nor on pragmatic grounds” but on the basis of “universally applicable principles that are as real as the physical elements of the natural environment,” he said.

Catholics make up about 25 percent of the Netherland’s population of 16 million, making it the country’s largest religious group.

Source: CNA

My comment:

The Pope explains what is its goal, for the “Holy See”s activities on the Global arena:

“largely in articulating the ethical principles that ought to underpin the social and political order.”

Since the Pope is erupting into social and political chaos, the Pope feels he has a role to play in bringing peace to the World.

The “Prince of peace” will come and bring peace to the World, but not inline with the desires of the International community.  The Pope has a different agenda, than to preach the gospel about the Messiah. The head of the Vatican has absolutely no ambition to tell people about the blood of Jesus, and that mankind will spend eternity in Heaven or Hell.

The pontiffs makes this known to the 169 nations, who recognizing the “Holy See” as a religious leaders, that participate in politics.

The Holy See has a clear understanding, of what kind of rules and principles the World must be governed.

On the basis of “universally applicable principles that are as real as the physical elements of the natural environment,”.

Jesus the Messiah did not preach “universally applicable principles”. If He had done so, the Whole World would have embraced Him.  Since the Messiah preached a very subjective message, a lot of people wanted to kill him. They were the elite in Jerusalem, and probably of the same ambassadorial class that now hails the Pope.

The anti-Chist in flesh in Rome, is truly loved by all nations. The final anti-Christ will be a globally accepted Word leader, that with govern with the approval and blessings of the Pope: Must likely preaching the same universal false gospel.

 2 Thessalonians 2:8
And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will overthrow with the breath of his mouth and destroy by the splendor of his coming.

The final Anti-Christ will be silenced by the splendor of the returning Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth. Not before. Lord we miss you. We are awaiting your return. Amen.

Written Ivar

11 thoughts on “Pope claims worldwide “Pastoral responsibility”

  1. QUOTE

    The final Anti-Christ will be silenced by the splendor of the returning Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth. Not before. Lord we miss you. We are awaiting your return. Amen.

    Jesus has never been away, he has always been here and I have visitations of and with him; and two ways conversations with him often. in the company of other people.

  2. An honest look at a solid Catholic course in apologetics should convince one of good faith that the Catholic Church is the true Church of God established by the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, Jesus Christ. The truth of it is known by its four marks which no other religion/church has. It is one, holy, catholic (i.e., univiversal), and apostolic.

    This article is clearly of a hateful anti-Catholic nature. The Catholic Church may be infiltrated and corrupted in its human nature, but it will always remain spotless/immaculate in its Divine Nature. And make no mistake — the gates of hell shall not — I repeat shall not — prevail against this Church founded by Jesus Christ. We have His word for it as recorded in the completely inerrant word of Sacred Scripture.

    James Phillips

    1. Look at the history of your “holy church”… a blood bath… she had killed, tortured so many … burn so many Bibles (with their readers or translator) ….
      Look at the last century if the middle age is too far or obsolete for you
      You got to live with that…and not put the blame on some other or some infiltrator or a bad pope not enought “infallible”

      Look at the Ten Commandments of YHWH
      (Exode 20 1)(Deuteronomy 5-6)

      Compare them with the 10 of the RCC

      Choose your Master.

      We have His word too , like you, but you, you put the catechism above the “Sacred Scripture” (as you called them )

      it is written :
      Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. (Marc 7)

      -Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus. (Rev 14.12)

      you see …”the commandments of God” not the ” catechism of the RCC”

      -And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. (Rev 12.17)

      you see …”the commandments of God” not the ” catechism of the RCC” (again)

      And God had never changed His commandments ….
      Neither Lord Jesus Christ…..

      And many of us grew up Catholic and i think you can’t find someone more anti-Catholic than a former Catholic , called out of Babylon by The Lord , like me.

      All my familly is still in Catholicism … (or it’s seems. many atheist too … but an atheist isn’t disturbing as a follower of Christ…)

      We don’t hate the Catholics… , we hate the doctrines

      Please, please read the Bible… and ask YHWH what is wrong
      (They can’t be both right.)

      and hurry up…. not much time left (that’s why so much hidden crime of the rcc and her daughters are revealed)

      Repent and believe the Gospel


      Dieu seul, notre Sauveur, par Jésus-Christ notre Seigneur, soient gloire, majesté, force et puissance, dès avant tous les temps, et maintenant, et dans tous les siècles! Amen!
      Yes !

      ps (sorry if my english is not perfect)

      1. You state, “you can’t find someone more anti-Catholic than a former Catholic.” That is quite true and it only goes to prove the perrenial Catholic wisdom that the worst corruption is the corruption of the best. The Catholic Faith is the true faiith and the corruption of Catholics who fall away from it is the worst of all corruptions starting with a fellow 2,000 years ago by the name of Judas.

  3. James.
    Does a class under Scott Hahn count? Already did that. The word of God is a double edged sword and it pierced through every falsehood leading me out of Babylon. The pure Gospel is enough. No apologetics class could keep me bound to idolatry following a man and praying to the dead. He still pulled me out by His grace. Out of bondage and into freedom.

    1. I don’t believe a class under Scott Hahn would adequately serve as a solid course in Catholic apologetics at all. Man’s pride leads him out of the Catholic Church. Nothing more, nothing less. Pride leads to ignorance regardless of how intelligent that ignorance may appear to the one holding it. You state: “idolatry following a man and praying to the dead.” That statement indicates a very serious lack of understanding of the true Catholic faith.

  4. If he did it was a very serious prudential error and terrible scandal. Nevertheless, the Catholic Church in Her official doctrine does not teach error since it is protected from same by the Holy Ghost.

    1. James,

      Since you disagree with the Pope, I am guessing you are a pre-Vatican II guy. I would bet you think Pope B16 is really not the real pope and everything Vatican 2 forward is heresy. I feel sorry for you. I really do. You are trapped in a whole thought of rules and dogmas and that you are “in the right church” and of course all protestants are heretics. You most likely would defend the Inquisition and think the Knights of Malta are just grand. If Mass isn’t said in Latin, you probably don’t accept it the (Novous Ordo) Mass.
      You need to be born again. All the rules you carry on your back is very similar to the Pharisees. They lived the letter of the law and missed the point of the law. Of course I don’t know you, but I can tell some things about you by your answer. Since I lived a very Catholic life until recently, I understand you. There is a better way to faith, James. Would the apostles kneel down and pray in front of an image? Would they pray to ‘saints? Of course not. I really pray you will be set free.

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