In 2004, the US Embassy in the Vatican called Catholicism increasingly irrelevant, not able to ignite the “New Europe”.

Two players who tries to find a great compromise, that can be used to build the One World Religion.

Wikileaks have published a cable from the US Embassy in the Vatican, expressing that Catholicism is not the way forward for Europe.

One source used by Washington express that the religious ways of Catholicism is looked up on by as “increasingly irrelevant”. Amazingly this source claims Catholicism in Europe is “on life support,”

Lets take a look at the cable:

 Comment: Vatican’s Vision and U.S. Interests

¶17. (U) John Paul II’s vision of a united and outward- looking Europe rooted in Christian values faces
considerable opposition from the powerful forces of secularism in Europe’s West and from post-communist
materialism and uncertainties in the East.  In fact, the Pope’s failure to ignite in the historic heartland of
Catholicism a spiritual fervor for the twenty-first century has been perhaps the greatest frustration of his papacy.
One commentator has described Catholicism in Western Europe as being “on life support,” and in many countries,
increasingly irrelevant. 

 This perception is why, in the twilight of his pontificate, the Pope has sought with such insistence to shore up the breaches of traditional Christianity.  For Pope John Paul II, the powerhouse for the construction of the new Europe of the third millennium should not be the legislatures of Brussels or Strasbourg, but the moral force of Christian values at the heart of European history and culture.

  2004-01-23 16:33

Source: Wikileaks

My comment:

The way forward according to Washington, is a “new moral force”.  This is supposed to be “Christian values”, that is found in the heart of “European history and culture”.

The problems with this kind of analysis by educated men, is that the Gospel has been deleted. European culture, nor history, will save anyone.

If we take a deeper look into the European history and culture, we find among other’s, the Holocaust and massacre of six million Jews.

We also find the colonial area, when London, Madrid and Paris raped the third world.

Most of the Kingdoms in Europe was ran by Kings and Queens who lived in indulgences, and oppressed their own people. In pockets of society, there have always been true followers of Jesus. But they have always been marginalized, ex-communicated and persecuted by the European elite.

The Lutheran Christians in Scandinavia, started to form the most Christ like societies in Europe 150 years ago. The so-called Scandinavian model of society, produced good fruits. Both Norway, Sweden and Denmark became among the top 10 nations to live in, using whatever social parameters to measure. Today also the people of Scandinavia live in a Post-Christian culture.

The truth is that faith in Jesus is difficult to find nowadays. It is not found in the Vatican, nor in the inner circles of Washington. Both of them seems to be more or less “on life support”.

Jesus asked a deep question: Will the Son of Man find faith when He returns?

To build the One World Religion, Catholicism must first be accepted as Christianity. Than Catholicism can merge with all over faiths. We are now in the middle of that process.

The Pope wants to be the head. Counting the souls who serve Him, he have hopes to win a kind of religious poll conducted by World leaders. He hope they will lift him up.  The last Papal challenge, will be to convince Islam with 1,2 billion souls. How to bring them into submission?

Only possible if the Pope kiss the Koran, and says both Catholics and Muslims serve “allah”. The Pope has done both.

Written by Ivar