Israelis detained at Turkish airport

40 Israeli passengers were detained and questioned at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport on Monday.

Passangers who support Israel now risks being detained in anti-Zionist Turkey.

In what appeared to be a petty act of revenge over Israel’s refusal to apologize for last year’s Gaza flotilla raid.

The Israelis said that upon arriving from Tel Aviv on a Turkish Airlines flight Turkish authorities confiscated their passports before leading them away one by one for questioning.

One passenger told Israel’s Ynet news portal that the officer questioning him clearly didn’t know what he was looking for, as though he had simply been told to detain the Israelis without any clear direction.

“Obviously this was done intentionally, in order to create an unpleasant feeling,” the passenger said.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry said that it was investigating the matter, and had brought it up with the Turkish Foreign Ministry, which insisted that it had given no order to detain Israelis.

Source: Israel Today.

My comment:

Pre World war II Europe was tainted by Nazis detaining Jews, and bringing them in for harassment and questioning.

From 1934 onwards, if became politically correct to blame the Jews for everything.

Turkey act like the Nazis.

Innocent Jews are rounded up in Istanbul, and intimidated. This is the beginning of the end game.

The Israeli response have to be low key.  During their arrival at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, passengers are also undressed by security. Not only Muslims. I have spent a couple of hours my self, being questioned. I understand, that Israel rather needs to be safe than sorry.

In Istanbul the 40 passengers were intimidated for only one reason. They were Israelis.

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