Iran funds new Syrian naval base

Iran has agreed to fund a new multi-million-dollar military base at Latakia on the Syrian coast.

Iran and Syria. Two evils in the same basket, both commited enemies of Israel.

Iran is trying to make it easier to ship weapons between the two countries, according to Western intelligence reports.

The aim of the agreement is to open a supply route that will enable Iran to transfer military hardware directly to Syria.

Iranian efforts to provide clandestine support to Damascus to help Assad regain control over his country have suffered several setbacks after Turkish officials intercepted a number of arms shipments destined for Syria.

“The direct route is being set up to make it easier to pass advanced Iranian weapons and equipment to Syria,” said a senior Western security official.

Source: Telegraph-UK

My comment:

The Arabian spring seems to end as an Iranian winter.

The navel bases at Latakia, can not be build without clearing the harbor.  The Syrian regime use the riots as a pretext to “clean” the area. People who need to leave so the naval base can be built, and by CNN and BBC called “Palestinian refuges”.

So Iran and the Syrian regime gets its way, and Israel will be blamed. Why has the people who block the plans for a naval base, not returned home to “Palestine”?

Iran and Syria surely do have good supporters in the CNN and the BBC.

The West feel that the fruits of Muslims rioting and killing each other, will end in respect of humans rights, freedom and democracy.

Such a view has no foundation. Neither does such views have any support in historical realities, nor has it support in the religion of Islam.

The reader must ask the following question:

Why have Islam, during 1300 years, never produced a single nation where respect for freedom and democracy have prevailed?

Why do Muslims kill Muslims, while they shout “allah is great”.

You do not find such wickedness in any Christian society.

Did Jesus permit anyone to harm another person?

Iran is the most despotic and totalitarian religious tyranny that exist today. It is build up on a literal scriptural understanding of the Koran,  which demands crippling and killing of infidels.

The problem is obvious. The Syrian government looks up on all who oppose the rule in Damascus as infidels. And the people who run out the Mosque and demand the head of Basser al-Assad do the same.

Written by Ivar

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