Stage managed stories used by Hamas to accuse IDF-soldiers of behaving like Nazis

Organizations like Human Right Watch listen to witnesses in Gaza who fake or stage manage stories to make Media headlines against Israel.


An Israeli tank commander prayer to God of Israel tp help him avoiding killing innocent people in the battlefield for Israels survival.
An Israeli tank commander praying to God of Israel to help him avoid killing innocent people in the battlefield for Israels survival.

In May a Norwegian judge wanted to put the Israeli Government on trial for genocide based on this witness account from Operation Cast Lead in Gaza:

« There were two soldiers inside the tank. We could see them. One of them was eating potato wafers, the other was eating chocolate. We waited on orders from them. Than a third soldier came out of the tank, and shot against the children. I was carrying my dead children, and the Israeli soldiers came out of their tank laughing».

This testimony was given by a an Arab Muslim named Abed Rabo, It was recorded as an «eye witness account» from a claimed to be attack from an crew of an Israeli tank:

The Norwegian judge is quoted by the Norwegian newspaper saying:

«This is only one example of Israel`s cruel war against the Palestinian people».

Source: The Norwegian daily: «Dagbladet»:

My comment:

The IDF and Israeli military forces did surely committed mistakes in Operation Cast Lead in Gaza. But which national army can be flawless in a fight against Islamic terrorists, who are willing to blow up them selves and innocent people in suicide attacks?

This Arab Muslim testimony of the behavior of the crew of the Israeli tank is «science fiction».


From outside, you cant see into an Israeli tank on the battlefield.


Israeli soldiers will never eat «potato wafers» in the line of fire. Neither would you do, in specially if you were inside a tank in a war zone, were anti-tank fire can take you life in the very next next second.


Israeli soldiers have done its best not to harm the civilian population of Gaza.

And last:

Israel is fighting an enemy that are willing to kill their own children, and put the blame on Israel. There are independent reports, that Hamas has used the children in Gaza as human shields, during attack on Israeli military unites.

As usual, when International Media reports from Israel, there is no Israeli sources who are allowed to defend the IDF. That is at best bad reporting.

Read the story about the Norwegian newspaper and the Norwegian judge: Click here

First published August 16th, 2009.

Written by Ivar

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      Shalom, and welcome with your blessings. May Jesus the Messiah keep on holding your life in His hands. Amen.

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