Former Church minister: Breivik set his goal in the name of Christ

Extremists are dangerous regardless of background. The Utøya-terrorists wanted to reach his goals in the name of Christ.

Åse Kleveland feels there are extermists who are willing to kill for "Christ". Just like Breivik.

This is a statement of former Church Minster Åse Kleveland. She was the minister of culture and Chuch affairs . Today she is the leader of the National Humanist Association of Norway.

Kleveland spoke this weekend at the International Humanist Congress

Source: Norwegian Christian Daily Dagen.

My comment:

Åse Kleveland was minister for Church affairs in Norway a short time, in fact two months in 1990-1991.

But in principle, the readers must ask if a secular humanist is the caretaker or judge the Church, or if Breivik was doing anything to honor Jesus.

The second valid question is:

How can Christians stay put in a Church, who let it self be ruled by a secular humanist?

The Bible is very clear that many people, shall do a lot of things in the name of “Jesus”, but still face stern judgment. When Jesus of the Bible returns to Earth,  He will tell many false Christians, that He never knew them.  He will call them lawless, a word that fits perfect on the Utøya-killer. Other Bible versions has translated the Word of Jesus to be evildoers. Few people like Breivik, fits more perfect into the description of Jesus our Lord.

But for many secular humanists like Kleveland, their logic will be: Since a lot of bad things are done in the name of Christianity, we must limit the damage by reducing their powers. In fact we silence the Christians completely, no damage can be done.

Than you can only be sure of one thing: You will start doing the same evil, as those who wrongly do evil in the name of “Christ”.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “Former Church minister: Breivik set his goal in the name of Christ

  1. Oh, well. “Gott mit uns” (“God is with us”) was on Wermacht belt buckets both in WW1 and WW2. Maybe not a full analogy but an illustrative one. Almost since the Exodus did people try to put God Allmighty in a box and take Him with them to war – should be obvious to anybody He was not necessarily with them.

    I believe Breivik was doing the work of the devil, let’s just pray that God Who Heals takes this blackness and turns it into something of light, ’cause He can, you know 🙂

    God bless

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