Accepting ‘67 lines for talks, Netanyahu leaves Biblical Zionism

From “indefensible borders”, the PM of Israel is now ready to talk about Israel’s destruction.

Obama won an important victory for Islam, by forcing Netanyahu to talk based on an accept of a withdrawal to the 1967-lines.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last week made a new move to try to outflank the Palestinians.

On August second, Netanyahu said he said Israel is ready to use the pre-1967 lines as a rough starting point for discussion of a Palestinian state – if the Palestinians recognize Israel as the Jewish state and back down from their plan to petition the United Nations for statehood recognition in September.

Analysts are divided over whether this constitutes a real shift for Netanyahu or whether he’s merely trying to call the Palestinians’ bluff and gain the upper hand in the international arena — and at home.

On the one hand, merely articulating this new position appears to be a significant shift for the prime minister, who initially described those borders as “indefensible” when President Obama suggested in May that the pre-1967 lines — with agreed land swaps — should serve as the starting point for talks.

“It’s a very serious move,” said Bar-Ilan University political scientist Eytan Gilboa, a senior researcher at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies. “For him it’s quite a concession to make because after Obama proposed his platform for renewing negotiations, Bibi rejected it. So he has changed his tune.”


My comment:

Under pressure, Benjamin Netanyahu is no longer a man of solid principles. This is best displayed in his turnaround in regards to the 67′-lines.

A border that was “indefensible” in May, will surely be the same today.

Ariel Sharon did a similar turnaround in regards to Jewish properties in Gaza. When the new borders of Gaza was accepted, Jews lost their properties in Gush Katif. The “moderate” PLO moved in. But the new Jew free zone in Gaza was qucikly transformed into a not controllable Islamic terror state.

That is what will happen to Judea and Samaria, and East Jerusalem, the day Netanyahy’s new principle becomes the “peace policy” of Israel, “Palestine” and the United Nations.

The Israeli surrender to an enforced “peace plan” is just around the corner.

Written by Ivar

5 thoughts on “Accepting ‘67 lines for talks, Netanyahu leaves Biblical Zionism

    1. Dear John T.


      This is a surrender to human thinking, and wisdom from the pit. Not at all: We shall not bow down to the devil, and accept that He was any power over us.

  1. This is just a ploy to get the PA to the neogtiating table. I read an article two weeks ago from an Israeli Insider that said Netanyahu will NEVER accept pre 67 borders. Why would the Israel’s Interior Minister allow 2200 new homes in east Jerusalem for the settlers if Netanyahu was going to go back to 67 borders. Netayahu would never let the interior minister do this without ok’ing it with him. The PA could collapse tomorrow without Israels financial support. Pre 67 borders NO WAY NO HOW! This is all political maneuvering.

    1. Dear Richard.


      You wrote:

      Pre 67 borders NO WAY NO HOW! This is all political maneuvering.

      My comment:

      We know for sure, that Israel will surrender to the “false peace plan”. That will surely happen, because the government left Biblical Zionism. The excuses will be many, and there will surely be “political maneuvering”.

      The problem will politics: A principle is only valid, till the voter has forgotten…..

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