Conservative youth drops “Rather dead than red”

The Norwegian Conservative youth drops the election slogan” Rather dead than red”. 

A tasteless t-shirt before the massare in Oslo, and surley also today.

In another week or so, the political parties in Norway will start their campaign to prepare for the election to local assemblies in September.

The massacre of socialist youth by a Templar Knight, has forced the Conservative party to trash old paroles and slogans. T-shirts with “rather dead than red” will not be seen in Oslo this autumn, reports the regional daily

What was meant like a joke, and easily be misused, explains Henrik Asheim, leader of the conservative party youth in Norway. l
The Marxist Leninist mayor candidate Terje Kollbotn in the small city of Odda, explains that the is happy the t-shirts are trashed.

” This was the message of fascist dictator Franco in Spain. I told the conservative’s to remove such slogan’s many years ago, but they laughed at me”, explains Kollbotn.

Source: Norwegian daily Aftenposten.

My comment:

I never taught a serious Norwegian media ever would use a Communist promoter of violence, as an honest witness to rebuke such a message from the Conservative youth.

Revolutionist Terje Kollbotn gun for the Concervative youth.

Terje Kollbotn has many times defended armed revolution and killings, as a way to take “proper” control of the society.

What makes Kollbotn’s ideology less evil than the fascist ideology of General Franco?

That the Conservative youth has used a slogan as “rather dead than red”, is not a call to kill socialists. To the radical opposite, it is a message that express: “I would rater die than to promote Communism”.

But in the present political environment in Norway, anything that is voiced against socialists who promotes “multi culturism” is branded as a betrayal of “Norwegian values”.

My questions are:

What is multi culturalism?

Is it syncretism, and a mixture of religions?

We have seen Islam and left wing politicians like Kollbotn,  promote the destruction of Israel. Is this a fruit of “multi culturalism”?

“Whatever it is: When did multi culturalism become a Norwegian value in the first place?

Let me add, that a t-shirt of the Conservative party youth do not have my approval.I will never accept a t-shirt that promotes suicide as a better solution than Marxist ideologies.  And I agree that it would be tasteless, to walk in Oslo with this t-shirt, among people who still mourn the victim of the Utøya Massacre.

Jesus did not tell anyone to commit suicide, nor to harm anyone. He came to give us life, and life to the full.

 John 10:10
The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

Written by Ivar

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