Chinese military chief to visit Israel

Chinese Army Chief Chen Bingde to visit Israel for first time next week in what may signal warming of ties‬‬.

Chinese military cheif Chen Bingde will pay a visit to Israel.

The Chinese military’s chief of staff will visit Israel next week for the first time, the Israeli military said Monday, in what may signal a renewed warming of ties between the Jewish state and Beijing.

Chen Bingde will be a guest of the IDF Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz, the military said.

Despite reduced military trade, Israel-China bilateral trade reached USD 6.7 billion in 2010.

In a worrying sign to Israel, China has grown close to Iran, vetoing sanctions on Tehran at the United Nations. Israel considers Iran a strategic threat because of its nuclear and missile programs.


My comment:

I wonder what the reactions will be in the Christian Zionist camp. They are normally preaching that “conservative evangelical Christians” in the US, are the best friends of the Jewish state.

Now Israel it self, are changing the realities on the ground. There are not many evangelical Christians who have much positive to say about the totalitarian regime of China.

That Israel do not feel safe without support of totalitarian regimes, is one of the weaknesses of Zion. As long as Hosni Mubarak secured a cold peace treaty with Israel, the government in Jerusalem seemed to care less that Mubarak was a totalitarian dictator. The Egyptian dictator had no respect for neither democracy nor human rights.

Mubarak was even offered political asylum in Israel. Such “gestures” are not going to make many Arabs convinced Israel is a supporter of freedom and democracy.

China is not a good partner for Israel. China is the main supporter of the fascist regime in Iran, and wants to build navy bases in the Islamic republic of Syria.

For the World leaders, this might be the agenda of the day. But for the Jews, the winning melody has never been “anything would do”.   When all nations rise against Israel to force the Jewish nations into a false peace plan, that ALL will surely also include China.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “Chinese military chief to visit Israel

    1. Dear John T.


      You wrote:

      Hope that the visit of the Chinese military chief “Chen Bingde” Will bring some use-full thigh or change in there Military units………………………………

      My reply:

      I did not understand this message. Please explain.

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