Advocate: The Police in Norway has no clue on terrorism

Janne Kristiansen has ignored the threat from right wing terrorists. She is incompetent.

Janne Kristiansen is not competent to head the Norwegian security police force.

This is a warning from Lawyer Arild Humlen. He claims the police in Norway has ignored the treat from right wing terrorists.

Humlen is gunning for the head of the Janne Kristiansen. She is the leader for the Special Police in Norway, responsible for the intelligence unit.

“It is an obvious weakness that the Police force, is not able to spoil a terrorist ploy like the terrible massacre”,explains Humlen to the Norwegian daily Dagsavisen. Humlen is the leader of the Norwegian Advocate Association committee for legal matters and security.

Advocate Humlen bells the head of Police as incompetent.

“This man bought six tons of fertilizers that could be used to make a bomb.

No one in the police were told to look into such trades, and keep an eye on such buyer’s.

The head of the Security Police in Norway has no clue about the tasks she is in charge of”, warns Humlen.

He is also more than critical, that Janne Kristiansen stated in public, that there is nothing the police can do to avoid a similar terrorist massacre to take place in Norway in the future.

Source: Norwegian Daily Aftenposten

My comment:

No one has taken the responsibility for the governmental failure to prevent the massacre in Norway.

In any other democratic nation, the head of the Police would have been forced to resign, if the police was caught clueless after a horrible massacre.

In Norway, the head of the Police Intelligence unit, is not only present on her post. She insult the Norwegians, by claiming that it is impossible to prevent another similar massacre in Norway.

I guess, she needs to find her self another job. Anything else will do.

The problem is:

Who in the police force is able to investigate why the police had no clue?

Why was no one in the police on the alert, and what did the terrorist know about the lack of police protection around the AUF socialist youth at the island of Utøya?

Even the Minister of Justice, the political head of the police force, should have offered his resignation. That He was a target of the terrorist, does not free this minister from taking the responsibility.

So fare, no one in the Government of Norway have been held accountable. They all remain in their seats of power. That is normally how they do it in totalitarian regimes. Like in the former Soviet Union.

Written by Ivar

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