Hitler copied a Pope to mark the Jews

In 1215 A.D, Pope Innocent III imposed upon all Jews the obligation of wearing distinguishable garments. This papal bull soon developed into the Jewish badge.


The Pope of Rome wanted to separate the Jews from his subjects. To single out the Jews in European cities, the Jews was forced to wear badges, a sign that confirmed their Jewishness in public.

The Nazi-leader Adolph Hitler copied the Pope Innocent III. To genocide all the Jews, Hitler needed to separate them from the rest of society, and put them in places were they could easily be collected and transported.

Slovak Jews with Star of David
Slovak Jews with Star of David

All the Jews in Nazi-Germany was forced to wear a Yellow Magen David (Star of David) on their jacket or dress.

At the Fourth Lateran Council on November 15th 1215 A.D, Pope Innocent III and his prelates legislated against subordination of Christians to Jews. Canon 69 forbade «that Jews be given preferment in public office since this offers them the pretext to vent their wrath against the Christians».

Written by Ivar

First published: 22.05.2009.

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