Fascists helped ousted Pope

The Kingdom of Italy removed Roman Catholicism as state religion in 1870. In 1929 the Papal system was brought back by the Fascists, though the Treaties of Lateran. With Benito Mussolini as the midwife, The present Vatican state was born.

In 1848, the Pope of Rome was exiled to the Castle of Gaeta 120 kilometer south ot Rome.
In 1848, the Pope of Rome was exiled to the Castle of Gaeta 120 kilometer south of Rome.

The Papal system was the ruler of Kings and Kingdoms. It was the biggest landowner of the divide Italian peninsula of many small states. It had its own army, and a Pope sitting in Rome.

On September 10 in 1870 A.D, Italy declared war on the Papal States. The Italian Army, commanded by General Raffaele Cadorna, crossed the papal frontier on 11 September and advanced slowly toward Rome. He was hoping that a peaceful entry could be negotiated.

The Italian Army reached the Aurelian Walls on 19 September and placed Rome under a state of siege. Although the pope’s tiny army was incapable of defending the city, Pius IX ordered it to put up at least a token resistance to emphasize that Italy was acquiring Rome by force and not consent.

Map of Italy before the war against the Papal system
Map of Italy before the war against the Papal system

On September 20, the Bersaglieri entered Rome and marched down Via Pia, which was subsequently renamed Via XX Settembre. Rome and Latium were annexed to the Kingdom of Italy.

In October, Rome and the surrounding Campagna, voted for a union with the kingdom of Italy. Pius IX refused to accept this act of force majoure.

Pope Pius IX lost his Earthly Kingdom. The Papal system made a comback in Rome with the help of the Fascists.
Pope Pius IX lost his Earthly Kingdom. The Papal system made a comeback in Rome with the help of the Fascists.

He remained in his palace, describing himself as a prisoner in the Vatican. However the new Italian control of Rome did not wither, nor did the Catholic world come to the Pope’s aid, as Pius IX had expected.

Pope Pius IX spent his time as prisoner of the Vatican. In 1882, A later Pope even considered moving the papacy to Trieste or Salzburg, two cities in Austria.

My comment:

Pope Pius IX convened the First Vatican Council in 1869, which decreed Papal infallibility in questions of moral and how to understand the scriptures.

That the Roman religion was suspended as state religion in the new Italian Kingdom the very next year, should not have impressed anyone enough to believe in the infallibility of the Pope in Rome.

The people of 1870 A.D simply did not want him. Even the people who lived in Rome, voted against the Pope in a referendum. The citizens of Rome wanted to be a part of the new Kingdom of Italy, with religious freedom, without a Pope as their religious head.

The Pope of Rome became a victim of the political games he had created as head of a worldly state. In 1848 he even had to flee Rome because of an uprising, and take exile in the Castle of Gaeta in The Kingdom of Two Sicilles. That was 120 kilometers from Rome, just north of Napoli. The Pope, not yet to be anointed by his Church with infallibility, was exiled in this castle for two years. But even when he came back to Rome in april 1850, French troops remained in Rome until 1870, to protect the status quo on the chaotic Italian peninsula.

If it had not been for the Fascists, the Papal system might have ended on the scrap-yard of history almost hundred years ago. The Bible tells us that one Pope, one of the heads of the «beast» would be rescued by another «beast».

Revelation 13:3
One of the heads of the beast seemed to have had a fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed. The whole world was astonished and followed the beast.

Mussolini and Hitler. Two stern faced man came to the reque of the Pope of Rome.
Mussolini and Hitler. Two stern faced Kings came to the rescue of the Pope of Rome. Hitler made his own peace deal with the Vatican in 1933.

The «brown shirts» brought back Roman Catholicism as state religion in Italy. The Fascists and the Pope had common interests and aspirations, and were well suited for each other.

If the Fascists were able to gain World control by political and military powers, the winners would make the Pope in Rome the religious head of the World.

Bentito Mussolini came to power by violence, following the «March on Rome» in 1922. As late as 1927, he was baptized by a Catholic priest. This was needed to silence Catholic opposition to the planned deal of making peace with Fascism in exchange for the Vatican state in 1929.

The two «peace partners» of Rome who signed the Treaties of Lateran. did not succeed.

But just before the Jewish Messiah returns to Earth, they will finally «succeed».

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First published July 16th, 2009

Written by Ivar

Catholic Goa was a religious state of terror that burned Jews

«Jews, Christians and Hindus were burnt at stake in Goa in India».

In 1540 there were 200.000 people living in Old Goa. Today there is only rubble left under the jungle cover.
In 1542 A.D there were 200.000 people living in Old Goa. The Inquisition started in 1560 A.D. It lasted for 252 years. The rubble of the destroyed city can still be found under the three cover.

The tiny state of India was the centre of the most cruel inquisition on planet Earth. This is the words of the historian and author Gunnar W. Knutsen. He recently translated an eyewitness account from 1687».

Gunnar W. Knutsen took his master on the Spanish Inquisition, and is today employed as an Historian at The University of Oslo. He was written several books and articles on the different tribunals of the Inquisition. In the Norwegian version of the «The Inquisition of Goa» Knutsen also explains from his own conclusions, made by the research and studies of the tribunal in Goa.

Gunnar W. Knutsen has made a book about the Inquisition in Goa.

«The Spanish Inquisition did create fear in Europe. But few, if none, are aware of the fact that the most grotesque religious tyranny took place in Asia. For 252 year, the Portuguese enclave of Goa was ruled by a tribunal, which by the present age was look up on as a state of terror».

India was fare away from Europe, and the Portuguese authorities and the Roman Catholic Church had freer hands than on their home turfs. The Religious tyranny lasted for almost 252 years. The archive files of the religious tribunal has disappeared, and no-one knows for sure the number of people executed.

«But we know from other sources, that there were more than 16.000 trials in Old Goa. Even without access to the missing achieves, we can acknowledge that al least 500 people lost their lives», Mr. Knutsen explains.

«The Tribunal in Goa got the authority to arrest and transport to Goa people from all the Portuguese colonies on the East Coast of Africa, West cost of India, Sri Lanka, The spice Island of Indonesia and Portuguese China. The Portuguese Inquisition was in fact a global system of justice with authority over all sea vessels under control of the King of Portugal, wherever on the planet they were located» says Knutsen.

The skull of Francis Xavier, who wrote to the King of Portugal and proposed a tribunal of the Inquisition to be set up in Goa.

It was the fight against «Maranos», or crypto-Jews who was the official ideology behind the tribunal of the Inquisition in Goa.

The crypto-Jews was the name of Jews who officially has converted to Catholicism, but still celebrated Jewish traditions and the Sabbath in secret.

When the Jews were expelled from Spain in 1492 and Portugal in 1948, many of them chose to flee to the newly discovered colonies.

In the year 1557, the Jesuit Goncalo Da Silva from the Indian city of Cochin wrote, that Judaism was a «perversisismo», the secret enemy which needed to be defeated with an Inquisitional tribunal in Goa. But also the Pre-Portuguese St. Thomas Christians and the Hindus of Goa was persecuted and killed by the tribunal.

Source: The Norwegian Christian daily newspaper «Dagen».

My comment:

The Goans have never been told the full truth about the crime against humanity that took place inside their state during the Portuguese rule. The man they adore, venerate or worship as a saint, is basically the man that brought in the terror. Thats tragic.

Will the Roman Catholics in Goa ever be told the truth, so they can get a chance to repent?

Pius XII founded Vatican Bank accused of hiding Nazi-money

The Institute for Works of Religion was founded by Pope Pius XII in 1942. The institution is run like an Investment Bank for the Pope, and is commonly known as the Vatican Bank.

The Vatican bank was formed in 1942, when the Facsist needed to whitewash money and gold stolen from the Jews. .
The Vatican bank was formed in 1942, when the Facsists needed to whitewash money and gold stolen from the Jews. .

The Pontiff lost the Papal states in Italy in 1870. To be able to raise funds to the exiled Roman Catholic Church, the Pope in 1887 formed an Catholic institution named «Administration of the Works of Religion».

The first major contributor to the Papal fund was the Italian Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini. Funds were pumped into the the Popes accounts as a part of the Lateran Pacts of 1929.

Facsist dictaror Benito Mussolini punped funds into the Papal accounts in 1929.
Benito Mussolini pumped fresh funds into the Papal accounts in 1929.

This Catholic institution was not organized as a bank before 1942. Pope Pius XII was already in 1946 accused by the American Intelligence for laundering money and gold for the defeated Nazis.

«The Bigelow Report» was declassified in 1997. It was a peace time Top Secret report from US Treasury Agent Emerson Bigelow. The agent accused the Vatican Bank for laundering money and gold coins for the Nazis who ruled Croatia.

Bigelow alerted his superior that Croatian officials had sent 350 million confiscated Swiss francs (CHF) to the Vatican Bank «for safekeeping».

On the way some CHF150 million were allegedly seized by British authorities at the border between Austria and Switzerland, which brought the secret transfer into the open.

Pope Pius XII formed the Vatican Bank in 1942

The US never investigated the transactions towards a final conclusion. The matter was kept a secret up to 1997. Because the Vatican is a statehood, US courts have refused to entertain law suits against the Vatican Bank, whose leadership can hide behind diplomatic immunity.

«There is no basis in reality to the report», said Vatican spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls, as reported in Time magazine.

The Institute for Works of Religion is commonly known as Vatican Bank, and is located inside the Vatican City. It is run by a professional bank CEO who reports directly to a committee of cardinals, and ultimately to the Pope.

The Vatican Bank is said to be a successful and profitable bank. By the 1990s, the Bank had invested somewhere over USD 10 billion in foreign companies.

In 1968 Vatican authorities hired Michele Sindona as a financial advisor, despite Sindona’s questionable past. It was Sindona who was chiefly responsible for the massive influx of money when he began laundering the Gambino crime family’s heroin monies (taking a 50 per cent cut) through a shell corporation «Mabusi». This laundering was accomplished with the help of another banker, Roberto Calvi, who managed the Banco Ambrosiano. Both Calvi and Sindona were members of the P2 Lodge.

John Paul I ruled for 33 days. Later he was followed by John Paul II

When Pope John Paul I became Pope in 1978 he was informed about the allegations of wrongdoing at the Vatican Bank.

The pope instructed Jean-Marie Villot, Cardinal Secretary of State and head of the papal Curia, to investigate the matter thoroughly.

Pope John Paul I died after only 33 days in office, leading to claims that he had been murdered as a result of discovering a scandal.

Source: Wikipedia.com

Read more about Pius XII and the Fascist state of Croatia: Click here:

First published: 02.01.2010.

Written by Ivar

Holy steps in Rome claims to have blood stains of Jesus

Nine years shorter in Purgatory. Thats what Catholics get for each step they climb on their knees in a Vatican staircase, claimed to have been transported to Rome from Jerusalem.

Catholics who have believed the lies, perform religious rituals at the «Sacred Steps» in Rome.

The so-called «Sacred Steps» in Rome is supposed to be the staircase from Pontius Pilate’s mansion, on which the Catholics are told Christ was made to walk on his knees, carrying the cross.

People still walk on their knees on those 30 odd steps as a mark of Jesus’ sacrifice for mankind. And there are 4 places on the stairs that are encased in gold-framed glass, supposed to be places where drops of Jesus’ blood fell.

How Pilate’s staircase came to Rome?

Helen, the mother of Emperor Constantine, brought it from wherever she might have found it.

In the Catholic Church, plenary indulgence can be granted for climbing the stairs on the knees. Pius VII on 2 September 1817 granted those who ascend the stairs in the prescribed manner an indulgence of nine years for every step. Finally Pius X, on 26 February 1908, granted a plenary indulgence to be gained as often as the stairs are devoutly ascended after confession and communion.

Not a few popes are recorded to have performed this pious exercise; Pius IX, who in 1853 entrusted the Passionist Fathers with the care of the sanctuary, ascended the Holy Stairs on 19 September 1870, the eve of the entrance of the Piedmontese into Rome.

There are replicas (holy copies) of these Holy Stairs at Lourdes, France; St. Anne de Beaupre, Canada; Tytuvenia, Lithuania; Abruzzi, Italy; Nasonville, Rhode Island and at St. Patrick’s.

My comment:


There is no words in the Bible, about Jesus being dragged in a staircase in the Governor`s palace in Jerusalem. And if there ever was such a staircase, how did it end up as a pagan Roman Queens possession, more than 300 years after the life of Jesus?


And if there were blood in this staircase, how did anyone come to know if the blood was of Jesus? No one had His DNA-profile.

Since Pilate washed his hands of Jesus, would it not be reasonable, that someone would have cleaned up the mess in the staircase?


Frankly, it is more than unlikely that the Governor would make his presumed blood stained staircase into a «Museum» for a Jew the Jewish crowed wanted to get rid off, and the Roman soldiers crucified.


In Mathew 28 you can read how the chief priests and the Jewish elders tried their best to blot out any traces and evidences of a risen Messiah, a cover-up that was supposed to have pleased Pilate.


How do you transport a staircase? I guess it must have been difficult to demolish? Was the building also demolished, and a proper copy of the castle built in Rome, to fit the staircase?


Jesus did not redeem mankind in the presence of Pilate, and any penance in such a staircase that will redeem the dead Catholics from «purgatory» is not-Biblical non sense.

The Vatican is cheating. The pagans claimed to be «Christians» has built a religion around a copy-cat Jesus, and religious rituals based on fabricated stories that perverts the truth.

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