Jordan cheat on Israel over Old City renovation

Ambassador Barkan says Israel is upset over the Jordanian about-face concerning the Mughrabi renovations near the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

The bridge that leads from the Western wall and up on the Temple Mount at the right.

Israel is furious with Jordan, Israel’s ambassador to UNESCO said yesterday.

Nimrod Barkan said Israel is shocked that Amman had led a successful effort within the international body to condemn Israel over the renovations planned for the Mughrabi Gate Bridge – after signing an agreement with Israel to allow the work to go ahead.

“The Jordanians lied in a way that cannot be believed, both to us and to the Americans,” Barkan said in a phone call from Paris. “They lied all along the way. They wanted to get it both ways.”

The plans for razing and rebuilding the old Mughrabi Gate bridge, which leads from the Western Wall plaza in Jerusalem to the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Temple Mount, have been public for a while and are intended to begin next week – and Israel and Jordan had reached a clear agreement about the work, Barkan said.

But despite the understanding, Israel – and the U.S. – were stunned last week to learn that Jordan, along with Egypt, Iraq, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Cambodia and Mali had filed a complaint against Israel in UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee over the planned renovations.

“The most astonishing thing is they don’t even mention the agreement between Israel and Jordan!” said Barkan, who added that Jordanian and Palestinian representatives also handed out pamphlets to members of the committee saying that Israel was also planning to carry out work at the Damascus Gate.

Source:  Israeli Newspaper Haaretz.

My comment:

One of the reasons why Israelis do not believe the Arabs wants peace, is their unlimited unfaithfulness. They can simply not be trusted.  One day they sign an agreement, and the very next day they might break their promises.

When Israel and the Kingdom of Jordan signed a UN backed cease fire agreement in 1949, Jordan promised to let people of all faith visit their religious sites in Jordan controlled East Jerusalem.

Instead of keeping their promises, the Jordanians expelled Jews from East Jerusalem. This part of the city was annexed, and more then 50 synagogues burnt or destroyed. The city was turned into an area occupied by Islamic forces, equally wicked as all other Jew-haters.

That Jordan again is cheating on Israel, is another end time sign. There is no truth in the spirit controlling all who have wage war against the capital of Israel, the liberated and united city of Jerusalem. To keep on denying the entry of Jews to the Temple Mount is a violation of religious freedom.

On the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, stood both the first and the second Temple.  Soon the man of lawlessness will enter into this place, and set Him self on the throne and claim to be “The holy father” , the name Jesus exclusively kept for His and our Father God in Heaven.

Behold: Jesus the Messiah will one day sit on His throne on the Temple Mount.  He will sit on the Judgment seat, and all who have done evil will face eternity outside of the kingdom of Heaven. This will be the lake of fire, prepared for the devil and all who rejected the Messiah.

Be wise. Accept Jesus as Lord and Master today.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “Jordan cheat on Israel over Old City renovation

  1. Ivar,

    You are the one who will be most deceived my friend as you think Jesus will come back and sit upon an earthly throne. You err greatly not knowing the scriptures. He is not coming back to sit on an earthly political throne to judge the world in Jerusalem. He already sits on His throne and when He comes back, it will be sudden and instant and a great trump and all eyes shall see Him and all will be taken before the throne in the Heaven of Gods abode. If you are waiting for Jesus to come sit on a throne here in Jerusalem, then you truly do not have eyes to see and you will follow whoever is the most powerful to grant a seat there and he will show himself powerful but this is not the manner in which Christ will come. The second coming of CHRIST is for judgment! It is a day of darkness and not light, Amos 5. That day happened when the Jews did not see Him and acknowledge Him as the present Messiah, but He has come as the Messiah, now to come as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He will not sit on a throne here on earth. His kingdom is not “of” this world as in “origin.”
    remember before I told you, “The scepter will not depart from Judah until SHiloh comes.” The “rule and authority” of Judah was until Shiloh, Christ the “peaceful One,” but now the authority has been stripped from them and now it it is given to the church. There is no more Jew, Greek, Barbarian, Gentile, all are one and the same in God’s eyes. Christ comes back for His church, the Bride Ivar. I guarantee you you are wasting your time waiting for Christ to come for Israel. He comes for His people, the church. Shiloh came already. The scepter was removed. The rule has been thrust from them, the rule belongs to the church, all who are justified by faith. Christ abrogated the Law on the cross. “It is finished.” The law fulfilled and abolished. Now, the kingdom of God is the Heavenly Jerusalem coming down as in the type of the Holy Spirit into the believer. The kingdom is the throne of mans heart and the King is at residence there.
    Paul and all the Apostles thought Christ was going to set up an earthly kingdom as a political King to conquer the Romans but were disappointed but after Acts 2, they under stood and they never talked about Israel again as a kingdom, but the church. They rebuke you Ivar because you do not read my friend even Romans, Hebrews, Galatians. “Who has bewitched you.” Who told you to run back to the Law and Judaism? Who said the Law can be mixed with grace?
    Your work in exposing the Roman Catholic idol worship is good. Keep that work up because it needs to be exposed for its evil and wickedness. The Church, the Bride is all Christ is coming back for and a swift judgment at that!
    Get your eyes off Israel and on Christ and His church Ivar and you will prosper but the words you say that it is Gods will to be nice and speak good to Jewish people and that it is the law to do so in obedience to God. Where do you get such things? Matthew 24 has already happened as it was the premise to the destruction of the temple and Jerusalem. Chapter 25 is for the last days church age. read to understand. Christ answered three questions in Matthew 24 of the which two were answered in 24, and the last in Matthew 25, the end and what His judgment will be like. God is no respecter of persons, neither should Gods people be.

  2. What about the millineal reign? I realize the marriage supper of the Lamb is a day which equals 1,000 years BUT he said he WAS coming back otherwise no flesh would be saved. That indicates people WILL still be alive AFTER he comes BACK…it also indicates those of us who already know him will be changed in a blink of the eye 🙂 maybe BOTH accounts are true 🙂

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