We are preparing for various scenarios from no violence to extreme violence,” says IDF official; Netanyahu convenes security cabinet.

Israeli navy gets ready for another wicked assult on the state of Israel.

The Israel Navy is gearing up to stop a flotilla that plans to run the blockade of the Gaza Strip this week, amid predictions that violence will be minimal after Turkey’s IHH organization – behind the Mavi Marmara last year – withdrew from the initiative.

According to organizers, a number of the vessels – including the US ship The Audacity of Hope – are to set sail from Greece on Monday or Tuesday and then meet other ships that have already begun their journeys from France and Ireland at a rendezvous spot in the Mediterranean Sea.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

Socialist politicians, neo Nazis, false “Christians” and Islamic terrorists have started their voyage to provoke the Israeli navy.

The Global Media will not tell you the truth about this wicked assembly.  Like in the days of the rise of Nazi-Germany, Hitler was looked up on as a statesman, it was possible to deal with politically.

Never Again. An Israeli naval soldiers at the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem.

You can not “deal” with the Hamas.

The Jew-hate their leaders expose makes them no different from other Jew-haters through our history.

To get rid of the rule of the Nazis in Berlin, there was no need for “aid flotillas”.

The Western allies first had to fight for their very survival.

Only after Hitler was defeated at Stalingrad in December 1942, the free and democratic World was able to push Nazism back towards its “Gaza city” and defeat it.

If we let the cancer of Radical Islam win only one major battle over Israel, there will no more be a Jewish state. God of the Bible will be branded a liar, not being the eternal rock of Israel.

Behold:  There is a living God watching. Father, Son and Holy spirit is one God, always in agreement.

Let all men be liar’s, and Jesus the truth. He has promised to be the eternal King of the Jews. He will return to Earth, and destroy all His enemies.

No you chose wisely.

Written by Ivar