Italy: Please stay in Africa, and die there

20,000 migrants already in Italy, but new arrivals will be deported.

The head of the Italian mafia always gave the red carpet welcome for the mad man of Tripoli.

Hundreds of refugees from Libya, many of them migrant workers, have landed in Italy in recent days.

Yeststerday, 130 refugees drowned. Rescuers are searching for scores of migrants missing in the Mediterranean after their boat capsized off the south Italian island of Lampedusa.

Italian coast guards rescued 48 and three were saved by a fishing boat, but 20 deaths were confirmed and at least 130 people are still unaccounted for.

Italy and Tunisia agreed measures on Tuesday to stop large numbers of illegal immigrants arriving on Lampedusa from Tunisia, which has also been in turmoil since a revolution in January.

Italy says it will give six-month residency papers to some 20,000 migrants already in Italy, but new arrivals will be deported.
The accord followed talks between Italy’s Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and Tunisian ministers in Tunis on Monday. Mr Berlusconi also visited Lampedusa last week and pledged to tackle the island’s migrant influx.

Source: The BBC

My comment:

It cost’s Italians hardly anything to send fighter jets and bomb the city of Tripoli.  But to take persecuted Libyan’s to Rome, and give them homes and shelters, hardly a single European are ready to do.

A dead Libyan off the seas of Italy, is better than another Libyan becoming a social client, and put pressure on the free and democratic well fare state of Italy.

Before the Libyan’s started to rebel against their leaders, the rules in Tripoli was received in Rome on red carpets. Italy gets its oil from there, and the elite in Rome and Libya have “common interests”.

Now, the innocent Libyan’s that needs help get a double doze of evil. If they are not bomb by NATO- air crafts, or killed by Colonel Gadaffi’s butchers, they are left to drown just off the Italian island of Lampedusa.

God’s wrath has begun. Welcome to the age of the Great Tribulation, where more than 2 billion people will perish.

Revelation 9: 13-15

The sixth angel sounded his trumpet, and I heard a voice coming from the four horns of the golden altar that is before God.  It said to the sixth angel who had the trumpet, “Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates.” And the four angels who had been kept ready for this very hour and day and month and year were released to kill a third of mankind

Written by Ivar

7 thoughts on “Italy: Please stay in Africa, and die there

    1. Straitotes “They are human beings?” You sound like Hilter they’re just Jews.

      Jesus is coming soon because the world no longer values human life. There is no empathy any more.

      In addition here’s always a chance to claim Jesus as the messiah. Most do it when they realize they need Jesus or have been saved by Jesus. The theif on the cross hours before his death.

      Sadly people are getting killed left and right in so many other countries; Bahrain, Syria, Iran, North Korea. Wheres the UN intervention? The antichrist will surely make himself know soon.

      1. Dear Richard.


        Thanks for this comment.

        The Holy Spirit is the spirit of truth. Religious spirits can not handle the truth, but might claim to know “a Jesus”.

        God of the Bible cursed his creation, the human race. Man listened to the devil in the garden of Eden, and was disconnected from the love of God. Man was kicked out.

        Today, the majority of the Human race are still disconnected. In their sins they are cursed, and in their sins they will perish.

        The good news is that truth-seekers shall be able to escape the eternal wrath of God. He sent His ONLY begotten Son, equally God as the Father, to pay the full price for the wickedness, filthy behavior, perversions and evil of man. On the cross Jesus the Messiah glorified the Father, connecting sinners back to the Father. Jesus said” It is finished”. Satan was stripped of all his powers over those who believe in the Son. Death was eternally defeated.

        IF we obey, The Son will ask the Father to send the Holy Spirit on us. Jesus and only Jesus had made it possible for man to be saved, so man can spend eternity in the Kingdom of Heaven and not in Hell.

      2. Richard, you’re way out of line to say Straitotes sounds like Hitler! You sound like a Kumbaya liberal with no capacity to exercise any level of discernment. Yes, they are human beings, so what! So are pedophiles, murderers, and rapists. Do you think it’s OK to let those in your country too because they “might” accept Christ? They can accept him anywhere. There’s no requirement that one be allowed into your country because they “might” come to Christ. This is exactly what’s wrong with liberal Kumbaya Christianity! This is also why Europe and the USA are being increasingly inundated and influenced by people who follow a god of Satan, because you and the author of this post proposes that we should welcome them in. I’m not going to take the time to dig up and cite the scripture, but I know that the bible gives examples where God forbade this.

      3. Dear Armageddon Thru To You .


        Jesus hates sin. But he loves sinners. Man love sin, and praise men who live in sin. We love what God hates, and becomes worthless.

        It is possible to ordain a former murdered as a pastor. But not before he has repented, and stop killing people. Than this man is no longer a brutal murdered.

        Likewise is it possible to ordain a former homosexual as a pastor. But not because he has renounced this kind of perversion. If we bless this kind of sin, we are wicked and equally perverse in the eyes of Jesus, and the pervert we have elected as our spiritual leader.

  1. Aramageddon all I am saying is that these are people with lives in a bad situation. Whats wrong with helping these people and then deporting them. Its done every day in America. I am NO WHERE NEAR a Kumbaya Liberal. I guarantee my political views are far more extreme than yours. Europe has lost their own battle through their immigration policies. These countries have choosen their own destiny. I know the EU is soft on Islam outside of one or two countries. If you want to complain start with how the EU is soft on Islam. Not saving stranded people in rafts is rediculous. COME ON! Bottom line its just inhumane to stand by and watch people die in rafts. These arent dogs in a kennel at the dumb friends league. Get upset that that neither Bush or Obama have prosecuted the 9/11 perpetrators. Get upset about a mosque at ground zero. Get upset over Islam blaming deaths in Pakistan over the burning of the koran. Get upset that president Obama doesnt use the words radical islam. Get upset that Lyndsey Graham wants to adjust the first amendment over the koran burnings. Get upset that the Fort Hood shooter hasnt been prosecuted. Get upset that NATO hasnt bombed Syria, Yemen or Bahrain over the killing of their citizins. But dont get upset over starving people in rafts. Next your going to say North Korea citizens should starve and the genocide in Africa is ok as long as its muslims who are dying?

    1. Richard, North Koreans don’t worship a God of Satan that tells them to kill Jews & Christians. That’s a great deal different than those (Muslims) who do.

      On the other issues, we’re probably splitting hairs that aren’t worth splitting : )

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