Norway appoints Palestinian Ambassador

Oslo says upgrade from “general delegation” to “diplomatic mission, headed by an Ambassador”. ‬‬

Norwegian Foreign Minister Gahr Støre feed Islamic terrorism.

The Norwegian Government explains that the move is in recognition of Palestinian Authority’s efforts to establish independent state. Israel say this move builds up Palestinian illusion‬‬

The decision was announced Wednesday during a visit by Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad to Norway.

Norwegian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bjoern Svenungsen said the upgrade, from “general delegation” to “diplomatic mission,” would take effect early next year. He said the top Palestinian diplomat in Oslo will have the rank of an ambassador but use the title “head of the Palestinian mission.”

“Upgrading of the Palestinian representation to Norway is in recognition of the efforts made by the Palestinian Authority,” Svenungsen said. “In the last three years, since the donor conference in Paris in 2007, the Palestinian Authority has come a long way in laying the foundation for the establishment of a Palestinian state.”

Nabil Shaath, a senior Palestinian negotiator, said three other European countries — Spain, France and Portugal — have taken similar steps recently.

“We consider this move as a step toward the full recognition of the state of Palestine in the 1967 borders,” Shaath said. “It supports our rights and positions in the face of Israeli stubbornness and the impasse in the peace process“.

Foreign Ministry official Yossi Levy said upgrading the Palestinian mission in Oslo “supports the Palestinian illusion according to which they’ll be able to achieve diplomatic success without negotiating directly with Israel.”


My comment:

Nazi-Germany also had an embassy in Oslo. It did Norway no good.  If Nazism had been destroyed at its birth, 60 million people had not perished in World War II.

The difference between Nazi-Germany and the territory controlled by al-Fatah, is that the criminals took over Germany as an independent state. Norway could not refuse to give an office to a Nazi Ambassador.

al-Fatah is still an Islamic terrorist organization, and Israel has by default allowed the former PLO to establish it self with a head quarter on the mountains in Zion. By recognizing this anti-Jewish Islamic statehood, Norway accept another Nazi-state on planet Earth.

The nation that tricked Israel into such foolishness, was the Kingdom of Norway, through the Oslo process. Now Israel is paying for this mistake. While Norway keeps on hailing and feeding the terrorists.

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