Faith Healers gets prison for involuntary manslaughter

The Pennsylvania parents who turned to prayer instead of medicine as their son died of bacteria pneumonia were found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and child endangerment.

"Christians" who deny their children medical care are criminals.

Also a cuple from Oregon City were convicted in February for failing to seek medical help for their son.

The couple had simply laid their hands on their 16-year-old son and prayed for him, but did not take him to the hospital. Neil died from complications from a urinary tract blockage. The parents were found guilty of criminally negligent homicide.

Wood is a believer of faith healing. He received healing himself when elders prayed for his torn retina.
“There’s a lot of mystery about healing I don’t understand,” he said. “But I do know that I was healed in that moment.”

Still, he’s critical of those in what he calls the “hyper-faith movement” who essentially neglect New Testament passages that mention suffering and individuals who remained sick and never received the miraculous physical healing that others did.

“There are many persons who have lost their relationship with God because of the disappointment that has come as a result of the false hyper-faith teaching,” Wood said.

Clay called faith healing one of the most confused and abused values among Christians.
There is a distinction, he explained, between faith healing and divine healing that people need to understand.

“Faith [healing] is my part to do what the Word says but not to be the actual agent of the physical restoration,” Clay explained. “Divine healing leaves both the timing and to the degree in God’s hands.”

Supporting Clay’s assertion, Wood stressed, “Our faith has to be not faith in faith but faith in God which brings us to divine healing rather than faith healing.”

Founded in 1914, the Assemblies of God is one of the largest Pentecostal denominations in the country. The U.S. body has experienced 15 percent growth over the past decade and is currently nearing 3 million members.

Source: Christian Post.

My comment:

A man came to a doctor, and told Him.

– I do not need any other healer, than Jesus.

The doctor, who was not a well known Christian, replied:

– Do not rule out, that Jesus can even work through a man like me…

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