Lutheran Bible society delete “Virgin birth” from Bible

No longer will Isaiah 7:14 tell the Messiah would be birthed by a virgin. The Lutheran Bible society’s best guess is that she was a “young female”.

The birth of the Messiah was to miraculous for the Lutheran Bible society to grasp.

The next Bible version from the Norwegian Lutheran Bible society will delete the world “virgin” from one of the Messianic prophecy in the Old Testament.

No longer will the prophet Isaiah be allowed to tell Norwegians, that the Messiah will be birthed by a virgin.  Miriam, the mother of Jesus would just be a “young female”.

“The original Hebrew word can be used to express both. That is why we have chosen, to use a more open translation”, the society has explained in a Press release.

Source: Norwegian Christian Daily “Vårt Land”.

My reply:

Political correctness among Lutheran Christian leaders, do not permit the Messiah to be brought into the Word by a virgin. Such miracles are mythology, I presume.

Another words they earlier have debated to delete, is the Word “Isaac”, and replace it with “son”. That will make the Norwegian Bible inline with the Koran, a move that will surely please all Muslims.

As I have said. The last war the children of Satan will launch on Earth, is the final war on the Word of God.  The war is on.

5 thoughts on “Lutheran Bible society delete “Virgin birth” from Bible

  1. I was just discussing this last night..that the Jewish text is interpreted by Jews as young woman and not virgin ..which is why they reject the thought of virgin birth. They also think it’s related to greek mythology in which they say women were impregnated by the” gods”..the whole greek goddess thing gave birth to Catholic Mary (even a priest told me that) who is raised up in worship like a goddess.

    1. Dear Sue.


      There are a lot of Hebrew words with dual meanings. And where there are two Jews gathered, there will always be three opinions.

      The Biblical scholars who were used by the Holy Spirit to close the cannon, concluded that in the given context, virgin in the right word to use. If Jesus do not have the Holy Spirit as His Father, than how can He be divine, and God Him self?

      2000 years after the Jews heard Maria (Miriam) claiming she was a virgin, wise men in Israel, all non believers, and wise Lutherans in Norway, have come to the conclusion that Miriam was a possible liar. She might have had sex with a human. Her claim of virginity, can no longer be confirmed by the Prophetic Word. That is exactly the message from the desert demon, who gave Muhammad the Koran.

      Funny. Is it not?

  2. I’m surprised about this comparison with the Koran. My understanding is that Moslems also believe that Mary’s conception of Jesus was immaculate.

  3. Modern day Israel

    The Nation of Israel became a nation on May 14, 1948, almost 2,000 years after it was destroyed in A.D. 70. There are many reasons why Israel couldn’t have become a nation before the middle of the 20th Century. Worldwide communities were too isolated from their own countrymen and the rest of the world and modern transportation and communications sure outclassed traveling by horse and sending smoke signals.

    After World War II modern communication and transportation inventions made it possible to know local news in other places around the world. People began to enjoy knowing about other cultures and wanted to know the top news events that were a concern for the locals in an area. Having global connections to other parts of the world gave them an opportunity and responsibility to give humanitarian or military aid to another person, group or nation who has a desperate need.

    On May 14, 1948 if you asked any Jew or Christian if they think that God established modern day Israel in 1948; there would be a resounding yes. In our fallen world, presumption is our “major sin” of choice; and has injured and killed more people emotionally and physically than all wars in human history. We blame Satan if things go wrong in our lives, and we credit God for all the good things that happen to us. Most of life is a mystery, and we can’t determine for sure when God causes something to happen and when He is just allowing something to happen.

    The fact that a nation exist is not proof that God ordained it or sustains it. The United Nations was established in 1945 and by 1948 it was a very powerful influence around the world. The United Nations was established to encourage world peace after World War II was over (and later to encourage, promote and facilitate a future end time one world satanic government). Those two World War death totals were about 66 million. Worldwide, 100’s of millions of people suffered emotional pain because of those killed in the war (a family member, friend or someone else that they knew). With all this death and destruction in the world, world leaders will now recognize Israel for “Peace” sake.

    In 1948 millions of Jews and Christians motivating 1,000’s of lawyers, politicians, religious leaders, entrepreneurs, and bankers worldwide, brought about the establishment of the National of Israel. So, human intervention, ingenuity, persistence and hard work is what created and fulfilled the dream of a modern day Israel (they didn’t really need Gods help).

    When Jews and Christians merge their personal desires and goals and seek to presume they are acting on a mandate and guidance from God; then they are lying to you and me and they are carnal disobedient children of God who pretend God is pleased with their religious cause.

    God used the Roman army to destroy ancient Israel in 70 A.D. God’s intentions were not to harm the people of Israel but He did want to destroy the political and religious hierarchy of the nation, because of their carnality, idolatry, killing many prophets, and later putting the Promised Messiah to death. These hypocritical self-righteous Jews had a lust for power, fortune and fame. But the common Jews of Israel received Grace from God and some stayed in their homeland while others were carried off into captivity; and hopefully all remaining Jews would repent and serve the Living God in righteousness.

    The good news is that God completed ancient Israel when He established Spiritual Israel. The Jewish Messiah said that He would build a temple, not made with hands. All Jews and Gentiles that have a personal relationship with and commitment to the Promised Messiah belong to the family of Spiritual Israel. The bricks of this new Temple are the Old and New Testament saints. And when you put your faith and commitment in the Jewish Christian Messiah, and believe that He died for your sins 2,000 years ago then you are in Gods Temple of Salvation.

    God won’t bless modern day Israel because a nation can’t kill the Promised Messiah and get blessed for their actions. Oh, I know that all humans are responsible for the death of the Messiah, but Israel was supposed to be the Spiritual leaders to the Jews and the Gentiles, but they rejected their Messiah. God now lives in the minds and hearts of men, women, boys and girls (and not in a Temple made with hands). The religious artifacts and religious destinations in the Middle East have nothing to do with worshiping the only true God; but are simply the “Cash Cow” of capitalism that promotes tourism, legalism and fanaticism!!!

    When someone gets married, someone says “Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate”. My saying here is, what God has destroyed “Ancient Israel”, let no man rebuild.

    I assure you that God has a better plan for the human race, for their no longer is a Jew-Gentile, male-female, free-slave category; we simply are all children of the Living God if we know and love the Messiah of Gods Salvation.




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