There are now 1.900 mosques in the U.S. Up from about 1.200 in 2001.

Hate crimes by Islam is overlooked in America. Their religious business are on the rise.

Time pointed out, there are now 1,900 mosques in the U.S., up from about 1,200 in 2001.

Even after 9/11, in other words, and even as radical Islamists continue to target Americans, places of worship for Muslims in the U.S. have proliferated.

In 2009, there were 1,376 U.S. hate crimes motivated by religious bias. Of those, 9 per cent were committed against Muslims, while 70 per cent were committed against Jews.

Year after year, American Jews are far more likely to be the victims of religious hate crime than members of any other group.

Source: Boston Globe

My comment:

The facts and numbers from the US, exposes another media lie. That there is limited freedom for Muslims in America, and that the Americans are  “Islamofobians”.

To the opposite, Islam continue to threaten freedom in the US. “Death to America” is a slogan well known inside the leadership in Beirut, Damascus and Tehran.

There seems to be no “liberal” winds over Saudi Arabia either. This glorious “Peace partner” has no plan of accepting Churches and Christianity inside the Islamic Kingdom.