God of the Bible “raptured” the Hebrews out of their troubles in Egypt. In a similar way the believers in Jesus will suddenly be taken away.

During the Great Tribulation God will bring pain and agony on those who rebelled against Him.

There are striking similarities between the tribulation in the book of Exodus and the tribulation in the book of Revelation.

For the Egyptians who lost all their firstborns, this night of the destruction angles must have felt like the Great tribulation. God sent sudden and total devastation of a kind that is able to cripple a nation. Egypt also lost its entire army in the disastrous persecution of the Jews, following them into the Red Sea.

The Jews were “raptured” out of their trouble in Egypt.  Pharaoh’s army perished.

God of the Bible also kept the Hebrews safe from some of the plagues that came on the Egyptians.

When you read the book of Revelation, you will see similarities to all that took place in Ancient Egypt. Close to the end, just before the seven bowls of God’s wrath is emptied onto the Earth, the two witnesses will be raptured.

But the believers in Jesus will have to live through the ages of the seals and trumpet’s, that through the ages has released judgment and pain on the Human race.  Many Messianic believers will be tortured and face martyrdom. Last year alone 165.000 people was murdered because of their Christian faith.

The plague of frogs come suddenly on the Egyptians.

But as the Hebrew’s escaped the worst of the wrath that came up on the Egyptians, so will the true followers of Jesus be taken away.

The final exodus will take place just before God of the Bible strikes the Earth with the final wrath.

A not deniable rapture of the two witnesses takes place in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 11. But the escape comes only after sever persecution.

Back in the book of Exodus, the Hebrews had to face pain and agony during the plague of blood and plague of frogs. They did not escape all the God sent trouble.

But when the plague of flies struck Egypt, something of great importance happened. The evil spirits behind the Egyptian magicians were no longer capable of copying Moses.

When the plague of flies struk the pagan Egyptians, the Hebrews living in Goshen escaped this part of God’s wrath. Also the livestock of the sons and daughters of Jacob were spared, and the Hebrews were “raptured” above the plague of darkness.

By comparing these two seasons of God’s wrath and judgment, you will see the same pattern.

1. God will surely bring judgment on His enemies.
2. The children of Satan has been given the power to perform miracles.
3. Some plagues will effect all people.
4. Those who are chosen will nevertheless escape the worst parts of God’s wrath.
5. Close to the end, those who believe and obey will be raptured out of pain, agony and tribulation.
6. Those who rebel and remain enemies of God, will face the great tribulation, and the final total devastation.

Something to reflect on.