Abbas: US using talks as “pretext” to arm Israel

“Attempts to renew negotiations should not be used as a pretext to provide Israel with more weapons”.

Barack Hussein Obama will let Mahmoud Abbas grab Jewish land from the Zionists.

This is the warning from PA Chariman Mahmoud Abbas in London-based Arabic daily Asharq Al-awsat.

In his first extensive comments regarding US-Israeli bargaining over a renewed settlement freeze, Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas suggested on Friday that the US was using the effort to get direct peace talks back on track as a “pretext to provide Israel with more weapons.”

The PA was reportedly taken by surprised when the Obama administration last week offered to provide a package of incentives to Israel in exchange for a new 90-day ban on settlement building – reportedly including a gift of 20 advanced F-35 fighter jets.


My comment:

The blunt bribery of Benjamin Netanyahu have become to much even for the corrupt leader of al-Fatah.

It is worth reflecting on why the US Congress has not put the brake on Barack Hussein Obama, who use an “offer” of advanced F-35 fighter jets to get Jewish Settlers out of Judea and Samaria.

Behind the curtains, the secular Israeli Government also plans an evacuation of Jews from “sensitive” areas of East Jerusalem.

The post Zionist Israel is the best sign that the surrender of Biblical Zionism is just around the corner. The opinion of God of the Bible is no longer of any significant importance for the Israeli cabinet.

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