Israel boycott talks with United Kingdom because of British racism

Israel said Wednesday that it will not resume a special strategic dialogue with London.

William Hague wants to change a racist law, that has derailed Israeli-British relations.

The Foreign Minister of United Kingdom William Hague has understood that British-Israeli relations have derailed. The reason is British racism. The Israeli Government has made it clear to British authorities, that talks are suspended as long as officials visiting Britain face possible arrest for suspected war crimes.

Officials said the annual strategic dialogue — launched two years ago to boost relations — broke off at the beginning of the year.

Under British law, pro-Palestinian activists have used the concept of universal jurisdiction to seek the arrest of visiting officials.

Deputy Prime Minister Dan Meridor this week became the latest official to cancel a visit to Britain for fear of arrest. Meridor had been due to give a speech organized by the Britain and Israel Communications and Research Center, a pro-Israel group.

British Embassy spokeswoman Karen Kaufman said Hague is discussing the issue during his Israel visit, and added that Hague wants to change the British law.

On Tuesday, the Foreign Office said that Hague plans to tell Israel it must renew its freeze on new settlement construction when he meets with top officials during a two day trip. His arrival late Tuesday night marked the first high-ranking visit by a member of the Conservative government led by David Cameron since it came to power in May.

A Foreign Office spokesman told The Jerusalem Post that this was an important time to come to Israel.

“We understand the depth of Israeli security concerns. But the strength and depth of our friendship means we can and must talk frankly about the need for the settlement freeze to be renewed to allow talks to resume. Finding a viable solution to the conflict is in everyone’s long-term interest,” the spokesman said.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

Again there is double talk from London. In one moment, the UK wants to change a racist and bias law that singles out Jews for persecutions. In the very next statement, Westminster wants to persecute Jews who live in Judea and Samaria.

London supports Islam, and would like to see the two Jewish districts ethnic cleansed for Jews.

Can Israel accept this?

Obviously not. It would be the same mistake as in 1938, when London was equally convinced that Adolf Hitler was a man of peace, that is as honest as the leaders of Hamas, Hizbullah, Syria and Iran.

One thought on “Israel boycott talks with United Kingdom because of British racism

  1. I envisage bad times ahead for British Jewry, something akin what is going on in the ‘Skanda’ countries Denmark, norway and especially Malmo in Sweden, Finland is a far better for her Jewish citizens then those other three. maybe it’s now time for the overwheming majority of the Jewish citizens of europe including the Uk to aliyah to israel before the situation becomes too fluid. I personally don’t see much of a future for the Jewish population of europe any more, especially with the daily anti-Jewish outbursts made by muslim fanatics together with their so called liberal socialist allies who are nothing but old fashioned Jew-hating slime as they always were and will remain.

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