Norway: Former MP turns strong defender of Israel

Hallgrim Berg visited Israel in 1991. The former Norwegian MP has turned one of the strongest supporter of the Jewish state.

Former MP of the Parliament of Norway, Mr. Hallgrim Berg.

While most Israeli’s look up on Norway as one of the most hostile European nations, there are signs of a revival of Norwegian support for the Jewish state.

20 years ago, the Conservative MP Hallgrim Berg paid Israel a visit. Today, He is one of the warmest supporter of the Jewish state among Norwegian political voices.

Berg is a proof that there are still secular Norwegians who understand the difference between the truth, and Islamic propaganda sold into Western Media as “facts”.

Here is the audio link:halgrim

If you understand Norwegian, please listen to this recoded speech Berg held among friends of Israel.

The audio-file is presented by the Pentecostal Church of Norway solidarity mission to Israel.

Please visit their web-site, and support this Ministry.

If you are from Israel: Rejoice. There are many Christians who support Israel, and will stand with the Jewish people through today’s terrible trials and tribulation.

Former MP Berg is a proof that even secular Norwegians do have a heart for the Jewish homeland.

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