Bones of Saint Ann have been collected from several places, and kept in the Shrine of St. Anne de Beaupre, in Quebec in Canada.

Bones from different places on her arm, has been collected and kept in the shrine of Saint Ann in Canada.

Who is saint Ann?

The Pope in Rome claims she is the mother of the mother of Jesus.

The problems is that there is no record in the Bible about the name of the mother of the mother of Jesus.

Absolutely nothing about her at all.

The name “Ann” do appear in the “gospel of James”, an apocalyptical book that has never been included in any cannon of the Bible.

Still, the “gospel of James” is the very foundation of Marian theology.

What does the “gospel of James” tell us?

This book explains that Mary had a miraculous birth, and remind a virgin all her life. Her children mentioned in the canonized Gospels, are explained to be the children Joseph had from an earlier marriage. He was a widower, and remarried the young Jewish virgin. This gospel written down around 150 A.D, claims Joseph never had sex with his second wife.

The problem with this message, is that nothing of this can be found in the Bible. Neither in the Old Testament, nor in the New Testament.

An Icon of the grandmother of God, with the mother of God and her gnostic baby "Jesus"

The Roman Catholic Church (RCC) follows a gnostic gospels. The RCC is not at all a Biblical Church, but has its foundation deeply routed in gnosticism.

All Catholics are called to address Catholic Mary as “The Mother of God”. To take this theme to its logical conclusion, it will obviously be correct to call saint Ann for “The Grandmother of God”. And her husband Joachim should be canonized as the “The Grandfather of God”.

Written by Ivar