Taliban hit “successful NATO” deep inside Pakistan

27 tankers with fuel for NATO forces in Afghanistan was set ablaze in central Pakistan Friday. Over the weekend the total of 60 tankers have been destroyed by the Taliban.

NATO feels the Islamic heat. I guess the Pakistani generals on Friday had gone to the Mosques praising "allah".

Suspected militants in southern Pakistan have destroyed at least 27 tankers carrying fuel for Nato forces in Afghanistan, officials said.

It is not clear if it is linked to a cross-border air strike by Nato that killed three Pakistani troops.

A long queue of Nato vehicles is now waiting to drive over the border at the shut Torkham border crossing in Khyber tribal agency.

The other main Nato crossing from Pakistan to Afghanistan – Chaman in Balochistan – remains open.

It is not clear whether the tanker convoy attacked on Friday was heading for Torkham or Chaman.
Nato says the trucks passing through Pakistan carry fuel, military vehicles, spare parts, clothing and other non-lethal supplies for foreign troops in Afghanistan.

The alliance and the US have other supply routes into Afghanistan, but the Pakistani ones are the cheapest and most convenient.
Source: Multiple media.

My comment:

This massive blaze of American fuel tankers inside Pakistan might be a wake up call. Three attacks in 72 hours. More than 60 tankers destroyed.

But the real powers of the Pakistani Taliban can only be understood if the Americans stops searching for the truth in Obama’s political statements.

Pakistan was branded by the Bush administration as a key ally of America on the war on terror.  As long as millions of dollars went into the pockets of Pakistani generals, the US Military convoy’s were protected by the Pakistani army.

It was not of any concern to the Pakistani establishment if dozen of Pakistani soldiers would be killed in American cross border bombings inside Pakistan.

Today, the flow of butter, chicken and US dollars have been reduced. There is simply no more cash in Washington for friendly and corrupt Pakistani politicians and generals.

The Pakistani Generals are obviously not happy with the new Obama cash less “strategy”.

The consequences is that the Pakistani Army suddenly became incapable of protecting 60 NATO tankers. What a sudden and not unexpected incapability.

You fools.

When the money is gone, Pakistani generals will be like all other Muslims.  They will all say: “Lets all switch of the light, and go home”.  Few outside the corrupt elite in Pakistan would be running away if the Taliban took control in Islamabad. Like all Muslim, the Taliban also believe that “allah is great”.

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